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Default Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Warns USA about the NWO

Pres. Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines

Please watch the speech here.


His speech starts at around 9:30.


"On behalf of the 50 million people of the Philippines, Mrs. Marcos and I express our gratitude for your warm welcome to Washington and to the United States of America.

This great and beautiful city that is one of the few cities that was built as a capital for a great nation is, indeed, as has been written, the key to knowing the secret of America, and this house of the American people, an American frontier that never vanishes. Your beautiful city with its grand memorials, its monuments, its walks, is indeed a city that memorializes the great achievements of your people for the past two centuries. But more than that, it keeps offering to the enterprising and the talented, the courageous and the strong, the rewards of effort and of initiative.

At the same time as I stand here on American soil, I realize that I stand on what may be the center of the Government of the United States of America -- here, where, as I have often stated, the future is being born. The future is being born depending upon the man who is in the White House. And the man who is in the White House today certainly is creating a new future for our world.

For, Mr. President, I come from that part of the world wherein the poorest of the world's population live. I come from that part of the world that cherishes an image of America with its ideals, its dreams, its illusions. I come from the Philippines, a part of Asia which has been molded along the principles of American democracy. We learned to love these ideals and principles, and we lost a million of our people fighting for them in the last war."

"I did not come to burden you further with additional problems, Mr. President, for I know that, as I have said in many a speech before my own people and before the world, fate and destiny has decreed that the United States of America be the trustee of modern civilization against the threat of a possible second Dark Ages. And America cannot fail. And therefore, we, the Filipino people, come and bring to you a prayer that God, in His divine providence, may grant you guidance, strengthen both your heart and hand, so that that hand may be strong on the lever of power and save our humanity.

If America fails, then the world is lost. And thus, Mr. President, I can assure you that throughout all of Asia, there is nothing but a reservoir of good will for you, the American people, and the United States of America.

Once again, may I say thank you for your warm welcome and your hospitality, which I know we will never be able to reciprocate. Thank you."

Then after a few short years, he was replaced by a puppet housewife President through the "People Power Revolution" which was greatly hyped by the media. There were 50,000,000 Filipinos at that time and only around 500,000 were part of the revolution that ousted him. The Philippine Peso was close to the USD at that time then it was all downhill from there.

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