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Default Carbon Taxes

For those not watching check out the new California laws meant to take you all off the road. The internal combustion engine is under serious assault.

Now let me tell you about laws that are tailored to hurt common people and not touch the rich. They create these laws every day. They want to create a new market to make the rich richer. They want to drag you through hell if you live paycheck to paycheck. They want to keep you in economic slavery with a world tax.

Now let's go after the prime polluters in this country. The military industrial complex and the nuclear industry. Before you vehicle has to meet these stringent guide lines make sure these fore mentioned draconian outfits pass the same tests you have to at the same testing sites. Make sure to have in place oversight because they will lie to you. You don't stop at cars. You want to see eco friendly jets and rockets and ships and the outputs of all their burn piles and nuclear pollution. That's right people, they have burn piles that make car pollution look beyond mild.

Government before you jump the people, clean up your own act. We know what kind of crap come out of the exhaust pipe of your gas guzzlers. Wait till the people get a load of the exhaust from your rockets. It is way past time you disclose hidden tech, free energy and modern travel. The people are tired of your lawlessness. They are tired of dealing with crumbling infrastructure that is obsolete and should not be needed.
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