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Default Jupiter

I was watching some you tube videos and apparently the red spot is decreasing in size dramatically! I think it's about half the size it was around 1980 so what you may ask! Why should it affect us? Good question for which I haveno answer. Nevertheless the gravity of Jupiter unless I am mistaken has a dramatic affect on the rest of the planets. What is happening in saturn perhaps building the rings somehow is affecting Jupiter and perhaps in turn us here on earth. I am no cosmologists but there is a certain logic to it. And what are these machines doing fuelling from the sun? Are they trying to destabilise the solar system?
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When you think, some planets are found by looking for minor deviations in the motions of stars, showing that planets can even affect stars in some way.

Occultists would say the planets are centres of force, so perhaps its easier for them to see the spheres as having an effects rather than the 'scientific' viewpoint which would denounce this. Scientists would say that the moon doesnt affect people but it causes tides and most or our body is made of water too, so it must have an effect.
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