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Default New Richplanet shows

It's nice to see Richard D Hall making and uploaded more great shows, more than usual so I've noticed. The last few shows have been quite interesting.

In a show he did about a month ago, during the start of the programme, he talked briefly about airport security and the sheer rigmarole people have to endure in order to on a plane, with the whole body scanner thing. He felt that they were able to ramp up to this intrusive level because of the fact that airports, to some degree, have always been a place where such measures have been used, for example checking for drugs, etc. He said that if terrorism was a real concern then we would have these measures at train stations, bus stations, cinemas, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. I get where Richard is coming from with that, but don't think for one minute they want to roll out these thiings everywhere if they could?, well actually they could as I doubt most people would kick up a fuss about it. From what I've heard we already have body scanners in some public events; wasn't it Icke that mentioned about Richie Allen having seen TSA scanners when he went to see a Neil Diamond concern, which I believe was shortly after the Vegas shooting?. I noticed that not long after the London, Manchester Arena and Vegas attacks, that some public places I visited had security checking peoples personal possessions and handbags. Prior to this, as far as I'm aware, none of this was needed. If they wanted to introduce body scanners at places like concerts, cinemas, etc, they could do at the flick of a switch, and nobody would be able to stop them - sadly.

In the recent show Richard interviewed Adrian Gilbert (I'd actually never heard of him prior to the interview, strange considering that he co-authored a book with Robert Bavual). During the middle half of the show Gilbert talked about the Diana assasination and seem to believe that it was Dodi they were actually trying to kill not Diana, and that Diana's death was a mere distraction. I don't think Hall was all that impressed and convinced by Adrian Gillbert, particularly his thoughts on Jesus.
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Lightbulb Afallach - Avalon

I found what he said about the place name Avalon being derived from the Ruler Afallach very interesting.


Supposedly the son of Beli Mawr and Anna (Joseph of Arimathea's daughter and Mary's cousin). Afallach supposedly had a "goddess" daughter, Modron, possibly the basis of the Arthurian character Morgana (Morgan Le Fay).

I wonder if the kin of Afallach were known as Afallen?
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