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Part 21
IPPR's 2016 Commission on Economic Justice included Frances O'Grady and the RHODES TRUST trustee DOMINIC BARTON who also got a Rhodes Trust scholarship at Oxford University. Barton worked for N.M. ROTHSCHILD bank; MCKINSEY and Co (Global Managing Partner and Managing Director); BROOKINGS INSTITUTION (trustee). Barton represented McKinsey as a founder of the not-for-profit think tank FCLT GLOBAL (Focusing Capital on the Long Term), alongside LARRY FINK representing BLACKROCK (the world's largest asset manager). Fink said in 2018 that BlackRock would only support companies that are 'green' and that make positive, long term, contributions to society.

UBI was discussed in 2018 by the aforementioned BBC Radio presenter Laurie Taylor (father of Matthew) in his "Thinking Allowed" (May 2nd 2018). His guests included UBI promoter STEWART LANSLEY who wants a CITIZENS WEALTH FUND and who said that UBI needs to be adopted gradually, not in one go, e.g. modest payments to 18-25 year olds. Lansley belonged to the pro-UBI pressure group COMPASS who published Lansley's co-authored 2016 report on UBI with backing from the JOSEPH ROWNTREE FOUNDATION. "Thinking Allowed" in the following week discussed the internet and democracy. Amongst the guests was the DEMOS research centre Director JAMIE BARTLETT who wasn't a fan of full UBI, but did suggest a modified UBI in the form of a UTI (UNIVERSAL TRAINING INCOME), because continuous education and training are particularly important in his view. Bartlett proposed his UTI and a Robot tax in his 2018 book "The People Vs Tech".

Bartlett presented a BBC2 documentary in 2017: "Secrets of Silicon Valley"; author of "The Dark Net" (on the dark side of the internet); LSE and Oxford university education; numerous articles in the British mainstream media (e.g. "The Telegraph"). Part 22 below.
Part 22 below.
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Part 22
The New Age futurist HAZEL HENDERSON (Club of Rome; Club of Budapest) championed UBI. She joined forces with her fellow Club of Budapest member and prominent New Ager BARBARA MARX HUBBARD to co-author the feminist/New age tome "The Power of Yin: Celebrating Female Consciousness" (2007), also written by New Age leading light JEAN HOUSTON.

JEREMY RIFKIN, the renowned American economic/social theorist, endorsed BIG/UBI. Rifkin was an adviser to several Presidents of the European Commission and to other European Parliament senior figures and to numerous European heads of State (e.g. ANGELA MERKEL). He advised China's leaders; delivered a keynote address at the GLOBAL GREEN SUMMIT (2012), which was supported by the UNEP and the OECD. Rifkin predicted a reduced role for traditional capitalism but the rise of CULTURAL CAPITALISM complemented by increased cooperation and the sharing of resources. He wrote about a SOCIAL WAGE in his "The End Of Work" (1995). To pay for the Social Wage he advocated taxing consumption, not income.

CHARLES MURRAY, the controversial Right Wing American political scientist, proposed UBI in his 2006 book "In Our Hands: A Plan To Replace the Welfare State". Murray belonged to the liberal, free enterprise think tank, the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE. He co-wrote the controversial bestseller on intelligence and class: "The Bell Curve". Later, Murray wrote that Jewish people were disproportionately high achievers because of their higher-than-average intelligence, concluding that "The Jews are God's chosen people" (article "Jewish Genius" in "Commentary" magazine, April 1st 2007). Murray wasn't Jewish, but his co-author of "The Bell Curve" - RICHARD HERRNSTEIN – was Jewish.

JOSEPH V. KENNEDY – chief economist of the US Dept. of Commerce under President George W. Bush; recommended a BIG in his "Ending Poverty" (2008).

THOMAS PIKETTY- French economist; author of a bestselling book on economic inequality: "Capital In The Twenty-First Century" (2013); educated in France and at the LSE in London. In 2015 he started working alongside the British UBI fan and Labour Party 'shadow' Chancellor John McDonnell (see above) as a member of the Labour Party's ECONOMIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE, but resigned after just 9 months. Piketty returned to the LSE in 2015 as a Professor and researcher. Piketty has not been an out-and-out UBI fan, but seemed in favour of a modified UBI. Part 23 below.
Part 23 below.

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From today's Evening Standard...
Wow, look at this South, North divide.
...and we are talking about basic income.

Exodus 34:19 "All that openeth the matrix is mine;"
Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create EVIL: I the Lord do all these things. (I'm not a Christian!!)

Mark 11:12-25 - Jesus Curses a Fig Tree because he was hungry.

A Town Cursed by Jesus
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