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Default Bigfoot captured by a drone [video]

The videographer who shot the footage using a quadcopter has not yet given his name nor the exact location of the creature sighting, although he does say it was between Roseville, California and Grassvalley or Colfax, California, an area near Sacramento in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He claims he didn’t know what the drone was shooting and didn’t notice the creature until he reviewed the video later.
If he wasn’t aware of what he was filming, the creature seemed aware it was being filmed as it looks up at the quadcopter at one point, then continues its leisurely walk. The creature is covered in black from head to toe, which could be black fur. Or, as some suggest, it could be a black pants and hoodie. With the way things are going these days, I would find it surprising that a person walking on someone else’s property in a hoodie would continue to walk casually after being spotted by a drone.
Speaking of drones, I’m no drone expert but it seems strange that the real estate videographer claims he couldn’t see what he was filming. Wouldn’t that be important in order to make a good quality video for the client? Plus the camera does make movements. Is that preprogrammed or under the control of the operator?
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Default Weird I was just talking about a drone

Originally Posted by 1000doubts View Post
I didnt see a big foot.

I saw a cat. LOL

That video was NOT convincing.
Maybe it can be blown up.

OMG, I did SEE that black THANG walking rupright. IT doesn't look like a human.

TOO black.

Is that at a national park ? THE video needs to be blown up.

Is that in an area where no humans go??

I wanna get a drone.

Maybe he really is a big foot alien who manifested as physical
for a brief time .

Omg, he doesnt appear to be walking like a human either.
He was walking typical of a 4D entity.
I blew it up to my full screen .
He is walking all heavily like he has a heavy fur suit on.
WOW, WHO knows.

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