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I take it as a given that the CIA were involved, but of course, not alone.
Israel was probably also involved and other agencies of the US government must have been involved, and Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al were all in it.

Moving on though, just say we had (by some miracle) a genuinely reforming president (as JFK is often portrayed as having been, though I wonder about that....), would he ever be able to get rid of the CIA?

Surely the first thing they would do once they got wind of his intentions would be to take him out (maybe in some subtle way like incrimination in some unspeakable crime, evidence for which they could easily manufacture)?

I sometimes think the same of Britain and MI5/MI6 who are clearly running their own agenda, and probably outside the realistic control of the elected government (not that they (the government) are anything to write home about in terms of integrity). Would it ever be possible to clean out these Augean stables?
The only way I could think that might work would be for a new reforming government to enlist the support of "honest" senior police officers (if any can be found) to help recruit a replacement service, who would operate as an above-board and above ground police service that would continue the few valid functions that the spooks currently perform.

I believe a genuine democracy has no genuine need of a "secret" service.

Sadly even the police service in the UK has become horribly secretive (and militaristic) over the last few decades and is in severe need of reform itself.

If we cut the police budget by half, I suspect that crime would probably go down by a similar amount ...
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