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Default Whenever you doubt any of this stuff is real

Lately I have been taking the blue pill regularly and choosing to doubt that any of the things I read on this site are actually real. And then I think about 9-11 and I instantly take the red pill. 9-11 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a conspiracy exists. Any of you who have studied 9-11 know this. I know I am not alone in my waverings between the blue pill and the red pill. I just want to state for the record that although I am guilty of pretending many of things I read here are fantasy, I have no illusions about 9-11. 9-11 is the red pill anyone can take if they start having doubts about all of this.
Lies are weapons that they use against us. Belief in those lies are the chains they use to bind us. This includes Fear. Knowledge is the key to unlocking those chains and is also a shield that makes their weapons useless.

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It's quite normal to question oneself now and again, I think we all do it once in a while, I wouldn't worry too much about wavering over things, it's just the Human way we all have to try to make sense of things
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Signal to Noise ratios at times.
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