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Default The Transformers movies

Michael Bay's latest movie is another travesty according to everyone. The Transformers cartoon of the 80's was a wonderful cartoon, but Bay is getting hate from all corners because of his interpretation of those robots.

The robots in the movies are a shadow of the robots in the cartoon in terms of their look and their characters.

However, i think this is by design. Various channelers and psychics have confirmed there are robotic races in the universe, and i think Bay and Hollywood know enough to model the Transformers on those ET robots.

Hollywood always gives us little bit of truths in everything they are doing.

I for one, don't discount these movies, because hollywood is showing and telling us a bit about the truth.

I think the transformers might look like some robotic races in the universe.
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Like many other book/comic book characters brought to the big screen, they will first bring them out as they think the public want, then when the public inevitably say it wasn't like the books/comic books, it gives them a chance to make loads more money rehashing it again but in the style that they should have been in the first place.
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These are truly entertaining movies to say the least.
My favourite by far outstanding I thought first watching.
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pretty good films, but i think these were a test bed for how realistic they could create cgi imagery and blend it into real world. and they did a good job, i see no reason why they couldn't now use fully cgi, believable news reports.
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