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Default My dreams & other experiences - how to develop them?

I have always had pretty vivid dreams. However just this past few months since i have started to be awakened i have really had some amazing dreams i wanted to share and have some questions! i have also started using oracle and PSY cards and these have been amazingly accurate
I have always had the ability to awake from a dream and if i am quick enough i can go back into the same dream again, also on a fair few occasions i know i am dreaming - normally its when i am having a nightmare and cannot wake myself up - it's like i am stuck and cannot move and eventually i manage to wake and have to turn around then the dream is gone. Its horrible, trying to open my eyes but they feel stuck!
Examples of this - i had a dream i was sat in the passenger seat in the front of a car and David Attenborough was driving, he looked at me and started laughing and as driving down a steep bank into the sea - i realised i was dreaming and said - haha go on do it i know i am dreaming anyway - WAKE UP! and i did.
Most recently i was listening to a doc on TV about space and could hear it in the background. I hd a dream i was sitting in a darkened room and opposite me was a reptile, i could hear the tv in the background, it was weird. it was really scary and horrible even though the rep didn't say anything, i knew i was dreaming and managed to wake myself up.
I often have dreams where i am told things too - not predictions. Last year i was going through a really bad run of luck - everything was going wrong and we had a crow that was hanging around the house - it was really destructive and kept pecking the windows and doors of the house and even the car!! it dive bombed me when i went outside and it used to look in from outside all the time, it was very odd. I normally like all animals but this one was odd.
I had a dream where i met a palm reader - she looked at my palm and said you have a negative energy around you and now i have removed it. About a week later things started to pick up and the crow left.
I few months ago i was told to get some certain crystal - i didnt really know much about crystals (i still dont but learning!!) and managed to find it online through description, it was angel quartz.
Then in another dream i met a young man/older teen and he told me he was my son that "went to the stars" he then hugged me and whispered in my ear - "get yourself a water filter the water is poisonous" weird hey (i had a miscarriage about 19 years ago and always had the feeling it was a boy) never ever have i used the expression went to the stars. I pulled my PSY card the next day and pulled the stars card this was actually a really lovely dream.
I will often dream of people i have not seen in years and years or thought about then next day would have a friend request from them via FB!
Lately i have been dreaming about crystals and was told Bloodstone - i did buy a tumbles bloodstone and it feels amazing and buzzy! never really shown much of an interest in crystals but all of a sudden they are in my dreams and cards.
I keep waking at night too - i was half asleep and sat up in bed and could see a massive black dark figure/shadow in my room, i even closed my eyes and looed again and it was still there - weird thing is i wasnt scared or nothing, just went back to sleep. When i think of it now its a bit scary and don't wish to start seeing black shadows in my bedroom!!
Just the other night i had another dream where i met a palm reader again (not sure why a palm reader again as not had anything to do with palm readings or had one done!) and she said i don't need to read yours as you do your own readings!!
A few months back i kept seeing *Liver* come up - well it was the Horse card and Liver chestnut (which is a horse colouring) i kept thinking of, i have horses myself so was thinking the chestnut part maybe to do with them. However a month or so ago my daughter was diagnosed with liver disease - i have used my cards whilst going through a really tough time and they have been bang on accurate, (she's doing better now) as soon as i ask the cards re my daughter i get what i call her *liver cards*
I could go on with all the synchronicity that has started happening, its really amazing. - i was doing my PSY cards a week or so ago and heard a familiar TAP on the window - and a crow noise - i said out loud *not bloody you again* and instantly pulled a card with the raven on it!! funny enough it only did it that once and its not been back since - but i really think it was a sign of protection. I don;t know why thats my feeling!!
I also keep seeing 333 or 33 everywhere! not for the first time either.

Does anyone else have crazy dreams like this? i really want to develop them but don't know where to start. The dreaming and being aware of it only happens sometimes and it just does it - it doesn't always happen when i dream.
Also why do you think the crystals have suddenly come to mind? i have a collection now as really drawn to them!
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A recent dream. I said something stupid. Suddenly my cat said in perfect English: "Keep quiet"
'If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.'
– William Blake
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Does anyone else have crazy dreams like this?
No. Mine are very mundane. Last night I dreamt of being robbed at knife point. That's what woke me up. The robber put his arm around my neck while his other arm grabbed my hand - he threatened to cut my fore-finger off if I didn't give him what he wanted- which I knew was money. I was trying to find my way around a very poor town-- he saw me walking around with a purse on my shoulder and so took advantage of the situation. I was so frightened I didn't know what to do next, so I woke up from the dream.

Losing my keys, losing my wallet, being robbed... that's the theme of most of my dreams.

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Meditation and shamanic drumming can really open things up. Also practice Yoga Nidra, where you can keep your mind awake whilst the body is asleep. Check out Tibetan Dream Yoga too
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I assume that you mean dreams and not lucid experiences?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. And again. And again.

Journal. Journal. Journal. So good I named it thrice.

J.W. Dunne. Probably the most underrated explorator of dreamscapes this planet has ever known ( though he's virtually unknown to this day).

An aeronautics engineer by trade, who applied scientific principles to that one third of our unwaking lives which makes no sense whatsoever to most of us, yet which was to have such an impactive influence on J.B. Priestley, Jung & Einstein in examining the collective consciousness and the nature of time itself.

"An Experiment With Time" (Faber & Faber 1922) Dunne's book on dream analysis is the only book on dreams which ever made any sense to me, in which he presents some very plausible theories on the nature of dreaming , on the mind and of time itself.

Interesting fact: J.B. Priestley invited Dunne backstage to talk to the cast of one of his time plays in the hope of enlightening his actors as to what they were actually playing and why they were playing it... Priestley observed they just charmingly laughed and nodded in all the right places, pretending to know what Dunne was actually going on about.

Now, it is thanks to Dunne I am now the proud possessor of several scrawled journals of my own dreamscapes which read something like Salvador Dali talking to Eugene Ionesco. I may even have them posthumously published. As having any validity as per Aboriginal, Innuit and Neanderthal mindsets which acknowledge dreamscapes as part and parcel of everyday waking reality no less valid than hunting, fishing or building in the waking life. One argument presented is that cats have this innate desire to sleep for this very reason. They equally exist on other planes.

Suggest you try it sometime. It may, in time, make sense.

Your dreams may well, make no sense whatsoever in the now, but in the future they could well be the explanation of everything ( as Dunne discovered). He determined that dreams were a composite of past , present and future events. The mind operating outside of time.

If you haven't read "An Experiment With Time " by J.W. Dunne , free PDF download here. His post Victoriana narrative style is a bit stodgy, but bear with it and you'll see what he is getting at. This stuff is as valid as Euclid or Pythagoras and affects absolutely everybody. Link below:


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