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Default Descriptions of Israeli personnel in Edinburgh December 2018.

To paraphrase the comedian Vic Reeves: They wouldnt let it lie......


Quote ;

Some descriptions of Israeli personnel in sauntering about Edinburgh December 2018.

Woman ; Late 50's grey hair cut short. 5ft 8ins. Wears sunglasses to confuse the CCTV.(Even though its winter). Black coat. Wearing yellow scarf. Abrupt, and disrespectful. Wearing a (*:hidden?) bodycam. She conveys the energy of a sadist.

Man: Early 50's, bald. Wearing round glasses, 5ft 3in (ish) Heavy set (like a military/naval diver). Again abrupt and feckless.

Over the last 2-4 years Black Cube as being sending staff to Edinburgh for some purpose that is only logical to themselves. Also they have been noting the placement of CCTV cameras and response times of emergency services in Edinburgh.

And all the while MI6/MI5 is being very quiet on the issue. Mmmmmm.

Avoid central Edinburgh over the Christmas period. and avoid going anywhere near Central Edinburgh during New Year Eve.

End of quote.

I have nothing to add to this.

(the * conveys my own edit; I assume they mean a hidden bodycam on their person)

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Originally Posted by PathogenAlpha View Post
She conveys the energy of a sadist.
I did chuckle when I read that. I am not sure I fully understood all of your post, but a Scottish false flag terror attack, perpetrated in December or January, would make sense to me for various reasons. I will obviously pray otherwise.
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