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lone star
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Originally Posted by elenita View Post

'The idea is not to be informed but simply win an argument'

Just like lawyers then. I worked out long ago that there was no justice in court cases, just the winning of an argument. And they don't care how!
god dont even get me started on lawyers. i remember once sitting in court and getting am awful feeling in my gut that the lawyer im paying $$$ to represent me, really only cares about representing the court system. they are all in it together. and together they see how much they can shear from us..
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Originally Posted by fanof2012 View Post
So should we wake up humanity by going out in public and calling people "sheeple" and calling people "stupid" for the sake of waking up humanity? Maybe, maybe not.
The widest and most deepest form of 'sleep' are by those claiming to be 'awake' among many other non informed 'sheeple'.

They separate themselves into small elitist roles and attempt to enlighten others to the so called 'truth'....not unlike door to door salesmen or bible bashers.

When we go beyond 'I'm awake and your not' we may realise that we 'know' absolutely fuck all for sure.

Or we can stay stuck in our attachments.

Either way....
How many of the ways (disciplines, exercises, practices) recommended as helpful, or even necessary, for the attainment of Satori are not in fact consequences of that state erroneously suggested as means? Wei Wu Wei
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Originally Posted by opas23 View Post
agreed opas but we're all in this together
all of us, including those who say they aren't
I am fully aware that I am speaking to my Self every time... not even a surprising answer is that surprising
all programs, except the Love vibration
I am all Alone... I'd happily dissolve now if only I could
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Awake or non-awake, we are all political prisoners. The awake and non-awake are not free because no one can get a job without a social security identity card, no one can get a place to live without a social security identity card, no one can get a credit card, a debit card, without a social security identity card. Awake or non-awake they want your papers. So does having a social security identity card make us all stupid?

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If you want to discuss an issue with a person, have a dialogue, and put forward ideas then people are much more receptive if you talk to them as equals rather than talking down to them, no matter what their beliefs or level of knowledge. When frustration takes over and you are reduced to name calling rather than just convincing someone by the strength of your argument then I think you need to reconsider what you are setting out to do because people respond better to gentle nudges rather than being fed a narrative, whether true or not.

As far as alternative figures go I much prefer Thomas Sheridan over many others as I just prefer his style much more. It feels far less preachy and more like a conversation no matter who he is talking to rather than a "I've got all the answers and anyone else is an idiot" style of rhetoric.
- Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. ~ Lord Acton.
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