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Angry I was a victim of the matrix

So I get a note from my local bank today telling me that they intend to terminate my checking account because I was making people feel uncomfortable in the bank. What was I doing? Well, whenever I took out money I wrote "infowars.com" on all the bills and a teller thought that was unethical, even though I explained to her it has never been against any law to write on money. Second, as part of my mission to wake up humanity, I say things often that go against what those in the matrix often believe, and I was doing that at the bank. It seems they considered me a fear-mongerer and decided to expel me from banking business.

What's kinda ironic about this is that I joined this local bank after terminating my Wells Fargo account (no way I want to be part of that "too big to fail" megabank that wants global domination) and I would talk about that stuff while banking at Wells Fargo and the tellers never had a problem with it. I even told the tellers at Wells Fargo they were compartmentalized pawns in a global takeover conspiracy and they were quite interested. But this local bank that was not in on any conspiracy couldn't stand me there and expelled me. C'MON MAN, GIMME A BREAK!!!

It just goes to show you that we are in an age where those who don't care about their reputation and try to expose disturbing truths get shunned and banned from things for doing those who are lost in the matrix a favor.
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Great stuff.

I think it is better just to write on those bits of paper when using them generally, because the bank just marks them as defaced and they get binned, that is if you were handing the notes over to the teller.

Its so frustrating though isn't it, great to see you doing something, made me smile this morning

Man everywhere seem to be caught in the denial of reality. They fear the awful truth and are turning a blind eye… .Therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness.

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I concur with Ex-sheep.

Workers in banks and government agencies are trained to be snitches and view everyone as a potential enemy of the state.

Good work.You are making a statement each time.That is--wake up.Read alternative news.

The blank faces are a given when dealing with most folks.But you plant a seed and never know if it will take at some point in the future for them.

Maybe so...perhaps not.But the worse things get,the more even the most mondbombed patsies raise their collective eyebrows.

The mass mind control runs so deep that there is a self-herding process that goes on in the masses.They squirm at the word conspiracy because the propaganda in the msm is geared towards making a mockery of them.

Of course,when it is convenient for conspiracies to be revealed,then it is those same gatekeepers of officialdom that prattle on about being on top of the conspirators in govenment or banking.

All part of the Revelation of the Method and Making Manifest of all that is hidden.

The more flattery heaped on the masses by the gatekeepers the more dumbed down they become."Tune into the next show and you will know the inside scoop."..they say.When in reality it is all theater.

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You've obviously just been banned because they think you're causing a nuisance in their shop.
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Forget about waking up tellers. They have long queues to serve and not enough time hence atm's and online banking. I always hate the people in front of me however unjustified but writing on bank notes is good advertising if you do it away from the bank and I'm guessing you never put that much in your account.

*oh hang on this is a small American bank and you guys use cheques lots. Their overhead must be huge relative to large Canadian banks.

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