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Default monster inc. real time

I think some of us know the animation movie Monster inc. For those who don't. It's a movie were monsters come true a closetdoor into a childs bedroom. scare the freaking sh*t out off theme, catch the scream. This scream is the energie for them in there dimension.

Now in the early years of my live I've had a experience like this. I woke up and saw a creature with a crocodilehead standing in the corner of my room. I know and although it's more then 40 years ago it scared the freaking sh*t out of me? was this energie for there dimension?

My daughter had a almost identical experience a few years ago at the age of
4. She was screaming like i never heard before. So I run upstairs opend her bedroomdoor and there she was really really affraid sitting on her bed telling me ther was someone standing in the room. I told her it was a dream but was it...

Anyone here had a experience like this or know people?

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Default Fear inc.

That movie should really have been called "Fear inc." cos the movie is a metaphor about how fear is used to take our power away from us (individually and collectively).
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Originally Posted by Enki1 View Post
Anyone here had a experience like this or know people?
I do personally, though won't bore anyone with the details.

If (you gotta pretend there is an 'if' so the asperger fucktards don't start slapping their foreheads) there are entities from somewhere else that can enter our dimension and manipulate us as easily as a hand dipped in a fishtank can mess with a goldfish, then it would make practical sense to target 'quiet time' i.e. sleep, to play with your prey.

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Maybe they scare you when you are sleeping or have just woken up because you will have a higher mental vibration due to being relaxed. Hence some of your fear ends up being channelled to that higher vibration...so God will feel it? or because satan is on that higher dimension?

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