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Default Michael Tellinger: Hidden Origins, Fossils of Giants and more

WOW, that's all I'm going to say. Just WOW!
"I will place it where it will not be recognized by the foolish, nor ignored by the Sons of the Doctrine, for it is the key, the perfection and the end."
Turba Philosophorum
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All I'm going to say is "Get to the point!"

I watched 8 mins of that 3hr video .... waffling ... If anyone has the time to listen to 3 hrs of that , perhaps they can sum it all up in a few paragraphs..
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papalapap papa alpha papa P.A. system

papal bull horn

Tau R Us
Tor us
Two R us
Gem in Eye

T Wins
G men I
T ry Angle
Ma Sonic
Fa therSo n Fa ther
Whole E Hol E
Sp I writ
Mon keys drank wine
Moon cuys cys
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