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Apparentely a note pledging aliegence to ISIS was found near the attackers body.

I smell false flag!!

No not hoax, but I'm open to debate.
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Originally Posted by jaybigjay View Post
Apparentely a note pledging aliegence to ISIS was found near the attackers body.

I smell false flag!!

No not hoax, but I'm open to debate.
Of course I'm not being politically correct by saying hoax until proven truth.

This time it's an A K and 47 reasons to be a false flag without a living perpetrator, which might have a body switch involved.

But a note is quite the traditional message when a phone call would be far easier to carry out.
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French Muslim man has to be held back by security as he lunges at the mayor of Paris and accuses her of pandering to Islamic extremists in the wake of the terror attacks in the city

A French Muslim man had to be held back by security staff after he attempted to lunge at the mayor of Paris.

The man, who has been identified as former regional councillor Farod Smahi, had to be hauled away from Anne Hidalgo yesterday as she left the Marks & Spencer store where terrorist Karim Cheurfi was gunned down by police on Thursday night.

...Mr Smahi claimed that terrorism had not been discussed during debates for the upcoming Presidential election until Thursday's attack, and accused Ms Hidalgo of only coming to the Champs Elysee as a publicity stunt.

In particular, he vocally slammed France's controversial 'S-Card' system, which is designed to flag up individuals who pose a potential terror threat but has been widely criticised for its ineffectiveness.

He said, 'Not one candidate spoke about the dead in Nice, the Bataclan, and still it continues.

'But now, yesterday, they all opened their big mouths. It's because they're pandering to the Muslims of France.

'I was a Muslim, I'm not anymore. I'm ashamed.'

Mr Smahi labelled Ms Hidalgo - who has been mayor since 2014 - and other politicians as 'criminals' for pandering to Muslims and cosying up to countries that impose Sharia Law.

He added: They come here showing off, on the blood of a policeman who had his life taken, leaving a wife and a child.

'I accuse the governments, they are all responsible for all of these Muslims - and I'm a Muslim - who get their wives turbaned and then stare at our wives.

'These governments, these presidents who shake the hands of the Saudis, even though their women aren't allowed to drive.

'But now they can say, "I was at the Elysee". I'm ashamed, I'm ashamed.'
Former National Front politician Farid Smahi was intercepted by police officers whilst shouting at and attempting to approach Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo following her visit to the Champs-Elysees in Paris, Friday.


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Already under investigation.
Left papers in car.
Linked to ISIS by Rita Katz SITE Intelligence Group.

Move along.... nothing to see...

Are You Listening...?
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