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Arrow Documentary film ROOT CAUSE- Are Your Teeth Killing You?

This will be an eye opener for alot of folk.

Frazer Bailey

Director of Root Cause

There are 25 Million root canals performed in the United States each year. Root Canals are dead, dangerous, (peer reviewed studies), and disrupt the immune system by distributing very harmful bacteria as well as their by products all over the body.
Root Canals have been proven links to all sorts of human “diseases” the most easily proven is breast cancer
Listen to this show…buy the Documentary (Links below) and share this with all the you care about. Critical Stuff Indeed
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Root Cause is an explosive documentary set to unravel one of the biggest cover-ups in the dental industry. After seeing this documentary no one will ever see Root Canals in the same way again.

Despite what some dentists will claim, root canals actually began as cosmetic procedures, and are now one of the root causes of cancer, heart disease and chronic illness. The American Dental Association has known for years that root canals are detrimental and dangerous procedures, yet dentists still perform over 25 million a year in the US alone.
“Root Cause” clearly and effectively explains the cause and effect relationship between root canals and chronic disease, exposing a truth the ADA have kept secret for decades.

“Root Cause” is based on one man’s incredible true story – a 10 year long journey to find the root cause of his chronic fatigue syndrome, with symptoms including panic attacks, anxiety, agitation, insomnia and fatigue.

The interviews provide astonishing insight into how an infected root canal can affect so many other health functions of the body, while the narrative story that runs parallel is as action-packed as it is heart wrenching.
Featuring some of the worlds most cutting edge Doctors including Dr. Mercola, Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr Minkoff, Dr Thomas Levy, Dr. Dawn Ewing and Dr. Jerry Tennant and also starring established Australian actor Ben Purser in the lead role, the round the world search for answers is one moment tear jerking, and laugh out loud funny the next.

Directed by Frazer Bailey and produced by Justin Lyons “Root Cause” is an extraordinary and intimate journey of self-discovery, set to send ripples through the dental and medical professions, exposing perhaps one of the world’s greatest medical industry cover-ups.

Justin Lyons has produced television series and documentaries for NBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and the Travel Channel, including “The Crocodile Hunter” phenomenom starring Steve Irwin. Frazer Bailey is a highly awarded film director with entries in some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
After months of evidence based research for “Root Cause” Lyons determined, “Every root canal is infected, and if dentist’s think they can get away with an infected, toxic tooth and not have a systemic consequence in the body, they’re deluding themselves.

This is something the world needs to know.” Driven by interviews with world leading health professionals including doctors, cardiologists, chronic disease specialists, toxicologists and dentists; “Root Cause” will change how we teach our future doctors and dentists to treat people forever. This film is destined to change the way humanity thinks about their health and wellbeing forever.

“Root Cause” is available for pre-order via stream or download from iTunes Stores worldwide: https://apple.co/2B1sjKk
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