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halliburton crusher
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Default Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause? - Bob Carter

Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause? - Bob Carter

– Part One of Four

– Part Two of Four

– Part Three of Four

– Part Four of Four
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no. CO2 is a life gas. Methane from landfills etc is kilo for kilo 1,000 times the greenhouse effect of C02. Not mentioning any of the other elements and compounds being pumped out daily. red.

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Maybe it's alot of factors, one being CO2 and other greenhouse gases such as H2O (still a GG), and CH4 plus the solar constant could be increasing. I read somewhere that the sun goes through these cycles. The mayan calendar predicts these cycles or at least records one cycle.?

I suppose everything comes into play if the solar constant is increasing, which we should know by now. But apparently it doesn't seem to be getting any brighter. but it could be expanding, thus increasing the surface area. And obviously emitting more energy. If then this could explain ocean temperatures. Due to ice melting at the poles.

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