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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
But the EU have already said that Scotland won't be allowed to join. Spain will block it as it would mean allowing the basque region to become independant and they don't want that to happen.

Article 50 hasnt been triggered yet, and we are still in the EU. I still think they will do something to stop us leaving, like they did with the Irish, Dutch and the French.
I agree this is the rhetoric but I'm sure if between Britain and Scotland a trade deal to the EU could be achieved, those that still want Britain within the EU will allow this to take place and Britain will work behind the scenes to get Scotland within the EU for their purposes. Those who don't want U.K. to leave EU probably on the back of a "terrorist attack" we will postpone the EU situation because of greater national and also joint international importance. This issue of a backdoor Scotland for a method of EU trade with Britain will still remain should we leave first then the attack take place. A lot of confusion will obviously take place by design.

They want independence so much to appear anti-establishment to the Scots as though they're raging against the usually powers that be. It worked to get Trump elected, why not here. That's how these things work. The US is the usually testing ground. Of course many Scots see through this by seeing the U.K. masters are being traded off for the EU. It's not a good deal but all Scots will be hearing is "change" we need things to change and that hasn't happened so far. It's the same old BS everywhere when the establishment want to fool you...

Everything is being dismantled and privatised by design by these scumbags to remove any sense of association or responsiblity to the very same faceless groups and organisations, who's business are usually operating under charity groups to pull the strings of politics. All national public departments are being handed to these big business hyenas that operate globally, on the dirty money that makes their world go around and enslaves us and even their puppet politicians to their agenda. These politicians are manipulated and directed by their agenda under such organisations like "Commom Purpose" etc. Of course some of them are so corrupt there is no such excuse, they worship these people usually because they're "born into blood" and get kicks backs of large amounts of money for helping them engineer their agenda and austerity for the rest. Those being paid can be made to look official and legal when in reality it's greasing the wheels and dirty money for services rendered - unjust deeds. Take a look at the Osborne situation and you will see exactly that. He isn't doing all those jobs and it's a disgrace to our intelligence to think otherwise. They're laughing at us while they screw us over with austerity and these people hoard money away within "safe havens" like panama and are paid "legally" by corrupt institutions that these bastards help by influencing the public sector on their behalf.

The symbolism these politicians represent is being seen as the scam that's it is.
It's all an illusion. They carry out the orders and agendas of their lobbyists and they are their controllers. When the public see through them and see the sham they're, they are no longer needed. The best way to combat this is to remove the idea that those in authority are always right in the minds of many on mass, so no replacements are going to screw us over who can just can come along and do the same. People are educated or groomed into putting too much trust and faith in these people who are always corrupt.

We know this is a scam as you say article 50 hasn't even been triggered yet. They need it to look to us like the will of the people has been carried out.
What I suggest is a backdoor is being created within Scotland.
Further to that I suspect a "terrorist" attack will take place to thrust us into a "Common International Interest" that we all need to work together to remove.
This is how we will be sold this and that those behind the "terrorist attack" will be U.K. Nationalists that have been "indoctrinated into Islamic Extremism" carrying out the will of terrorists from the Middle East due to grooming over the internet, probably by means of encryption very sophisticated "terrorists". Censorship of the internet comes into place and is justified. We no longer can communicate such information and the big bad problem of "fake news" is taken care of. More than likely Iran will be this mastermind country, Iran will have been supporting terrorists within Iraq and Syria also. Undermining our joint efforts under coalition forces to "restore order".

Vault 7 - Privacy or Censorship?-Internet

CIA False Flag: Iran - China - North Korea - Russia Accused of hacking by the US?

This will be sold on two levels.

One that this is an attack on the British people and their decision to leave the EU by people's who wanted us to stay within the EU, perhaps this British "Islamic Extremist" has family within the EU and the Middle East etc.

Also that it's an act of terrorism by the likes of Iran, thrusting the majority of people within the U.K. behind a response on these people. This is a threat to our democratic rights and will of the people and all that BS. Plus all the Islamic hate and hysteria that is being created is let loose and the mainstream media beats the drums of war once again.

While at the same time the EU smoke and mirrors will be put on hold, money will be pumped into the EU/NATO army merger that Britain will then get behind and all those NATO bases surrounding China and Russia prepared for will suddenly start to make sense, as those two nations will respond should the west attack Iran. The Pivot from the Middle East to Asia.
Korea will probably disappear within a mushroom cloud, as could a few other places but Korea almost within an instant.

I suggest that such a terrorist attack to achieve a response based attack on Iran etc. will take place upon Westminster.
Of course it could be blamed on anyone Saudi Arabia then later said to have been funded by Iran, Saudi Arabia was just a cover. That's been done before then attack Saudi Arabia, move on to Iran later. Its all "Order out of Chaos" subversive tactics and propaganda is in place to confuse many.

Such an attack on Westminster would be very symbolic...

I have posted about this before here:

UK False Flag Coming Soon - Join the EU/NATO army - WWIII

UK Parliament Plot Prediction - False Flag in the Pipeline

Something is going to happen there and why not all these birds with one Zionist stone or controlled demolition. Again it's worked before within the US. That's how these things work.

Of course I have no proof of this or knowledge of such an attack otherwise I would be the first to paste it here, saying look this is true not just a conspiracy based upon actual events that may seem unrelated and difficult to make sense of. Such an attack even if you did have advance knowledge of, you have no place to report it. The establishment is behind this and will be the ones investigating and arresting patsies of a crime the establishment themselves have committed...

I'm a "Conspiracy Theorist". This is just one built upon research, current events, seeing what's unfolding, where these parasites want to go and whatever happens they will lead us within a similar structured fashion to the same ends.
One that looks like we are the good guys responding to an unjustified unprovoked attack that justifies the Irradiation of Iran and Zionist Israel will move within the Middle East expanding massively.

Thus celebrating 100 years since the Balfour Declaration.

I'm sure the Zionists will be having a party should such an "Iranian Terrorist" attack somewhere within the UK most-likely Westminster take place. The terrorists fake passport, Iranian will be found among the rubble or floating down the Thames with Stuart Little using it as a lifeboat. He was planning to evade arrest by going to Iran on a fake passport "probably from an Iranian intelligence agency" some such BS, again its so underming to peoples intelligence.

Then wait for the Iranian Nazi name game association and new Adolf Hitler's to start appearing. These people many in the west will never have even seen before because largely Iranian news is kept out of western media. It's as if by design you might be thinking. Only discredit campaigns and small soundbites of Iranians make it onto our mainstream news and a perception deception takes place.

I'm far from a supporter of Islam, extreme or not but it's important to identify who the enemy is of us all and for people to know what exactly is taking place and Islam do not gain from the actions of "Islamic Extremists" and Islam may have its problems and faults but its not the biggest problem, Islam is a victim of the problem like many other people, Jews included.

I wonder why Iran?

Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao
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