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Default Trident Juncture

Hi there, so not many people have been talking about this as far as i can see. The news doesn't cover it and no one really seems to... im talking about TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2015, its starts officially on 21st OCtober 2015 and goes on till November... type it into Google to get some info. So NATO is organizing its biggest "excersise" since 2002... apparently moving 39,000 odd troops amongst other things like aircraft and navy vessels inc nuclear subs, across Europe towards the Ukraine and middle east. This is a show of power Im sure but it seems that it has come at a very convenient time however, if one wanted to start a war due to the tensions in the middle east at the moment, i.e between, Israel -Iran, Russia- America... the last time NATO did this was in 2002... need i say more. Im not trying to fear munger i just want some closer on this issue as its doing my head in. I really do not want Britain to go to war or there to be any war for that matter between any countries. It just seems a bit strange that all this is happening at the same time and as Mr Icke often says nothing happens by chance, everything is planned. Everyone is going on about WW3...you know what i mean... It is also worrying that the US will be placing Nuclear weapons in Germany, which will be dropped (if they are dropped) by German pilots and GERMAN PLANES on American orders... NATO HQ is in Germany... its just all a little scary. I would like to know other peoples thoughts,
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Welcome to the site

Thank you for your support!
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Hi Brotherburke, welcome to the forums!
Know how you must be feeling but maybe try not to let it get to you. IMO, all the tension and anxiety a lot of us are going through, has been deliberately whipped up so that we are in a state of chaos and confusion. It's becoming more obvious to a lot more people, though - that TPTB are causing all the mayhem in ME and elsewhere. What these forums and the DI website are doing, together with other sites and researchers, is to show those pushing their Agenda that we can see straight through them. They are beginning to look ridiculous, and that is one thing they can't stand The more they try to push it, the deeper they are getting stuck in their own mire. They get their power from us, and without us they are nothing. Maybe it is an information war as much as anything, and we are definitely winning that one!
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america, europe, nato, trident juncture, war

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