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Default Bluetooth radiation

I don't know if this is related to my anxiety and depression and panic disorder or it's Bluetooth radiation but I've been feeling panic, light headedness, dizziness, a weird falling feeling, tension in my neck and jaws.

I have suffered those symptoms for months in 2015 after a bad panic attack but since last year I've been feeling better until a few weeks ago I bought myself Bluetooth in-ear earphones and I wore them a couple of days ago when going for a walk.

While walking I felt a bit stressed out and felt tense around my neck and jaws. With this feeling I started feeling a bit dizzy and light headed. I then went into a kind of trance and zoned into my walking movements and freaked out a bit when the familiar scenery when walking became unfamiliar and strange as if I was in a strange town when suddenly I got this terrible falling feeling that lasted a second as if I was going to collapse or have a panic attack.

In panic I quickly took out my Bluetooth in-ear earphones and took a deep breath and I felt slightly better but still felt a bit spaced out.

The next day I went back out and walked into town to get lunch. This time I just wore ordinary wired headphones. When a I got to the supermarket I started feeling tense and a bit dizzy again and thought I was going to have a panic attack so I ran out and went back home.

While walking home the patterns and shapes on the pavements were making me feel even more spaced out and dizzy. I finally got home and started to feel restless, feeling sick, light headed, dizzy, feeling hot with excessive sweating and a feeling of hopelessness as I felt a panic attack coming on.

I then went to the bathroom where I was dry heaving and gagging but felt a little better after gagging. Just now I am still feeling on edge, spaced out and tired.

This has got me wondering if those symptoms have reappeared due to emotional stress or could it be related to the Bluetooth in-ear earphones I bought.
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Don't forget that all headphones (even wired ones) contain neodymium or ferrite magnets. Then there's the magnetic/electric field around those magnets oscillating at between 30Hz and 25kHz. No doubt someone's going to claim all that activity makes them feel ill or is dangerous or something...

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