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Default Vulnerability

I am going to put forward a suggestion that I am sure will be deeply unpopular. All crimes need to have a scapegoat a patsy someone who takes the blame. I do not know anything except what I have been told through these forums about Ted heath. However, anyone living by themselves is subject to accusations especially when they have passed away and are not there to defend themselves. It may be that the points made about him are completely true. I am, however, inclined to think otherwise. David mentions on several occasions the instance where he met Ted heath that he was scanned which I am certain is true. This though suggests that Ted heath was "taken over" by some force. For all we know he may have been unable to resist what was controlling him perhaps the susequent prime minister who was his rival. The leadership election from what I can recall Heath lost the first ballot but in the second I think whiteley would no longer run. Then an unusual event took place. Thatcher went to meet Heath which I found odd at the time but even more odd was the fact that Heath ir I cannot remember for sure if it was him or in fact Thatcher that announced that he would not stand for the second ballot. Some of these facts may be wrong in particular about william whiteley but it is certainly true that Heath resigned prematurely. It was almost as if he knew what she was and needed to stop her.
I know very little about Cyril smith so I must accept that. As for Jimmy Saville that seems certain beyond all doubt. Nevertheless as David describes it "our post evidence post fact society" is open to misinterpretation. Many more men now are living by themselves which makes them more open to accusations. This has been brought about by third wave feminism causing a division between the sexes.
At one point I started to believe the accisations against Ted heath. Very illogical I know but as some of you have seen I follow likenesses between people. This may not be proof but it could be a path to follow. An actress in the film the vampire lovers. I will give the name if requested. She is no longer living. The central point here is that men are more vulnerable than ever to accusations. They have rights as well though in Canada all a woman has to do is accuse a man and it is never even questioned. In fact it cannot be under Canadian law
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