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Originally Posted by let it shine View Post
the bad guys from the megaman videogame series make this hand sign
Not just the bad guys

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let it shine
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not the blue bomber too!!!
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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
It's the polite way of doing this:

That is exactly what it is, though.

The ring and middle finger come together in the 'devil horn' sign because it is part of a mudra also depicted in the 'wheel of life' in Tibetan mandalas.

This mudra or hand sign denotes attachment to the physical realm and to the 'master' of this dimension .... It is a sign of allegiance to lucifer. Hence the obvious connection to Freemasonry.

I've discussed it in this thread.

Although the handsign shown in the OP is not exactly a devil horn sign, it doesn't matter.

The middle finger and ring finger come together to create a spiritual energy circuit (known as a mudra).
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Is this why he's called the Holy See? Or is it C...?

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