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Default Small cameras on traffic lights

Has anyone noticed an increase of what look like small cameras on traffic lights?

Over the past year I've noticed more and more appearing across the West Midlands. They're small black ball-shaped, about twice the size of a golf ball, and appear to be fixed, pointing at on-coming traffic, rather than ones that can turn around.

I've searched online and I can find no mention of them, but I did come across this

Not saying it is the same device, but they are the same shape and are on similar narrow metal poles raised above the lights. I tend to notice them as I drive past so not had a chance to stop and have a closer look. Though so far they've typically been on roads where you can't easily (or legally) stop anyway.

There's too many of them to be CCTV, as in that you'd have to employ a small army to watch them full time, so I suspect some automated system? ANPR is mentioned on the above site, it also has "Data Acquisition" in large letters, which I guess says it all.

Anyone else seeing an increase in these devices?
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Up North not seen them lately but I find lamp posts suss too.......
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Seen them everywhere. They just put cameras and antennae in every possible place now. They can't help themselves with the data-gathering, surveillance, EMR-emitting and general oppressive, anti-freedom gagdets
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4 mins 50 secs

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cameras, spying

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