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Exclamation BBC News Editors Blitz on Nano-Thermite

Active remains of the most unique nano-technology thermite have been found in the 911 World Trade Center dusts.

This is not conspiracy theory, it is hard evidence from disinterested scientists.
The sustained, ongoing attack on this evidence by the counter-intelligence community is breathtaking.

Whatever your views are on the nature of these particles, they at least merit a full journalistic investigation given the immense gravity of the implications of this discovery.

Yet our media has not even hinted at this story.

Here is the link to the scientists report:


Here below is the link to the BBC feedback page to contact the General news editors of the BBC News. Post to them, use the information above in your own words and ask WHY the BBC has not covered this story. There is no sound reason for them not to at least mention this discovery. After that, PLEASE post to as many tv, radio and newspaper journalists and editors as you can find. All it will take is finding email addresses or feedback forms and a cut&paste, hardly much effort.

If this is all you ever do as your bit for the Truth movement, then let this be it.

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... And in other news, researchers aligned with the self-styled "9/11 Truth Movement" put a paper in a pay-to-publish rag proving that paint can burn. And now, let's check the weekend weather with our Chief Meteorologist ...
De mortuis nil nisi bonum; of the living speak nothing but evil.

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