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Originally Posted by leviathanstaar View Post
If they are real, I really hope they have a way out.

Because if they dont and they are found, it is either the end of them, or the end of freedom.

Question: Are there mountains in the area?

Hey Leviathan...not so much mountains,but very rugged hills,yes.Some faces,unclimbable as well.I notice this particulary with a smalltown called
Glouster.Same chain of hills and rugged thick bush.It's part of the Great Dividing Range.Beautiful area of the state,but lacks the facilities for those of the night-life,thank God.Unspoilt Australia at it's best.When it rains around
here,you should see the creeks and rivers flow,Take the XPT train from Maitland to Taree on a rainy week,provides a natural backdrop to pass the three hour journey.
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Originally Posted by mrindigo View Post
I once got sucked out by a riptide when I was roughly 10 years old, and battered against an outcrop of rocks. I can relate with you there.

There really is a lot to explore here on Earth. I'm more about exploring this planet than I am distant ones. There's so little that's known about this one, so it seems silly to me that so many are ready to just up and leave.

typically, yeah salt water does hold more oxygen. I think the case of Lake Baikal, the creatures were landlocked when the ice age hit.
You see,that's the spiritual aspect I love about you.Not only do I agree,but will add,we don't deserve to explore other planets,until we look after this one first.Just management and the release of with-held technolgies could fix this planet and atmosphere,in a month.

...not like this idiot...

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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post
You see,that's the spiritual aspect I love about you.Not only do I agree,but will add,we don't deserve to explore other planets,until we look after this one first.Just management and the release of with-held technolgies could fix this planet and atmosphere,in a month.

...not like this idiot...

Hahaha, poor Bush.

Thank you, the feeling is mutual.
I agree with you that we need to look after this planet first, and ourselves as well. We're constantly killing each other through war, it's no wonder creatures hide from us. If a Bigfoot or Yowie were to stroll into a human town, they would more than likely be hunted down and shot. If we treat the creatures like that here, imagine what ambassadors of Earth might do to alien species.
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Originally Posted by mrindigo View Post
Hahaha, poor Bush.

Thank you, the feeling is mutual.
I agree with you that we need to look after this planet first, and ourselves as well. We're constantly killing each other through war, it's no wonder creatures hide from us. If a Bigfoot or Yowie were to stroll into a human town, they would more than likely be hunted down and shot. If we treat the creatures like that here, imagine what ambassadors of Earth might do to alien species.
...we only hunt and kill endangered species for the purpose of scientific research...funny old race at times.

...it's very important to preserve places like the Australian outback,Siberian
Forest and the South Americas.The pristine areas of the Earth,will hopefully hide some of it's natural treasues,until a more spiritual view is adopted by science.Maybe reach a time where we can communicate with the animal species.Get that reconnection back to the Earth.Remember SOL writing about being bare-footed and connecting with the spirit of Earth,that's what we are supposed to do.We are part of it's biosphere.

...but to consider the possibilities of undiscovered species on land,consider the potential for life in the Oceanic Abyss's,I've heard and seen what was
described as Pleisiosaurs carcass's being netted by New Zealander fisherman.
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Originally Posted by cheeney1 View Post
Do you have any links on the, Yowie with Red Eyes
...there you go sir,first story come up on google,kept my word to you now
and they are indeed the variety connected with UFO's.Maybe this is the case with all things that we percieve alien,you have to sort out what is really from another part of the universe,or just out of phase on Earth...that has often been the arguement with the reptoids.Earth or Galactic.Both,so are we.
Not completely indiginous anyone really,somewhere in that DNA of ours hide
clues.That we are unaware to see.
...But other seemingly primitive species maybe know the secrets to dimensional portals and natural harmonics than we have at the moment.This is certainly proven with animals and birds for epochs,concerning avoiding death and injury by vacating well in advance a potentially disasterous situation like Volcanoes,
Earthquakes and Tsunami like events

Anyway,here's a news article.

PA UFO-Bigfoot reports alarmingly high
An incredible wave of both UFO and Bigfoot reports hit mainly southwestern Pennsylvania in 1973 and 1974, leaving local authorities and Ufologist Stan Gordon unsure of how to deal with the situation.
Paranormal Pennsylvania: part 3

If you have not yet read part 1 and part 2 to this series, you may want to start from the beginning.
Ground Zero for Gordon, of Greensburg, PA, was August 7, 1973. Amid an alarming number of UFO reports coming into his UFO Call Center, this telephone call would change everything.
From his upcoming book - Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO and Bigfoot Casebook - Gordon recalls, "I could never imagine what an impact that phone call would have on my life. I also had no idea that this call would start me on an investigative journey into a bizarre series of strange events that still defies explanation years later."
The caller was not passing details about sighting a UFO. The story seemed far stranger.
The event occurred in a rural area of Greensburg near what was then Greengate Mall. The witness was in his bathroom the evening of July 31, 1973, when he smelled a foul odor.
With the bathroom window open as he was trying to locate the source of the odor, he looked up and saw two shiny glowing red eyes peering into the bathroom from outside. The window was eight feet off of the ground.
Other family members also noticed the foul smell, and the next day the man was taken to a local hospital by ambulance for medical treatment after he had trouble breathing.
Image: Bathroom window where Bigfoot creature peered in. Copyright © 2009, Stan Gordon Productions.

More witnesses come forward
During the interview, a story emerged that a local teenaged boy and some friends had been walking through a nearby wooded area back in May or June, and encountered a strange creature. The teenager was interviewed by Gordon that same day, telling him that it was nearly dark when he and the other boys heard a snorting sound. Thinking it was a deer, they began throwing rocks in the direction of the noise. But then an 8 to 9-foot-tall creature suddenly emerged from the trees.
From the book: "The bipedal hairy humanoid was walking fast across the road and it continued through the field and was apparently heading up the hill behind the house. The boys described the creature as walking upright like a man, with pointy ears and long arms that did not swing as it walked. The beast was very tall and the boys estimated that it stood between 8 and 9 feet tall. The torso was relatively thin and the body was black and furry. The witnesses estimated that the creature weighed between 200-300 pounds."
The boys ran off - afraid of what they had seen.
Site investigation turns up footprint
Gordon decided to take a look at the area where these boys had their encounter - and several of the children went with him to show him the way. In the area where the encounter took place - an area Gordon said where ground conditions "were not conductive for good tracks." But he discovered one good footprint - measuring 13 inches long and 8 inches wide - with only three toes. (See photo at top of page.)
Photo: A reduced version of the larger image above - the actual plaster of paris mold taken from the scene. Copyright © 2009, Stan Gordon Productions.
While at the scene, Gordon received a radio alert - Another of his investigator's was on the scene in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, investigating a Bigfoot sighting that had just occurred that day at 1:40 p.m. A man was reporting that he had been frightened by a tall, hairy creature with glowing red eyes looking into his mobile home window.
The coincidence of the two reports seemed very odd.
Reports begin to pour in
News of the creature sightings began to spread in the area, and now people were coming forward with similar accounts that had already occurred earlier in the year.
A June case involved two 8-year-old boys in Monongahela, PA, Washington County, who witnessed what they described as a large creature, black, hairy, and "digging on some coal" - with red eyes and a bad smell.
A man in the Mon Valley area, not far from the Monongahela case, called to report a dark, hair-covered creature about 10 feet tall near a creek. During a follow-up interview, the man said he talked to state police, who were skeptical, but who told him they were receiving other similar reports in the area.
An August report involved a police officer. From the book:
"August 14, 1973, near New Stanton, 4:30 a.m. Police officer observes glowing eyes
"It was about 4:30 a.m. on August 14 when a police officer on patrol in a wooded area near New Stanton noticed what he thought at first were reflector lights on a trailer. When the officer stopped for a better look, he soon realized that these were not reflectors at all, but appeared to be two glowing eyes, each about the size of a 50-cent piece. The eyes were connected to a tall, dark shape which the officer estimated was about eight feet tall. I talked with the officer, who was quite reluctant to discuss his experience, but he was sure that he had seen something quite out of the ordinary."
The cases were coming in so rapidly, Gordon had to expand his team - including having someone answering calls at his Radio Center 24 hours-a-day.
From the book:
"August 14, 1973, Greensburg, 1 p.m. Creature seen near fishing pond
"A man was fishing about 1 p.m. just a short distance down the road at a lake near the Greengate Mall, outside of Greensburg. The fisherman reported seeing a hairy bipedal creature walking in the nearby woods. This is the same lake that the UFO was reported hovering over at low level on May 11."
Also on August 14 - from the book:
"August 14, 1973, Greensburg, 1:45 p.m. Another daylight creature observation near Radebaugh
"A short time later that same day, two men were walking along the railroad tracks near Radebaugh Road, over the hill from the Greengate Mall. It was a nice afternoon, and it was about 1:45 p.m., when the men heard some noise in the dense brush. They assumed that a deer was approaching. What they saw was no deer, as they were suddenly startled when a tall hairy ape-like creature ran quickly out of the brush and continued across the tracks.
"One of the witnesses, Philip Maline, age 22, was later interviewed by Vic Ketchman Jr., a reporter for the Irwin, PA Standard-Observer newspaper in the August 17, 1973 edition. The article headline was, “Eyewitnesses Sight Creature In District.”
"Maline in his submitted report indicated that he and his friend heard the sound of something running in the weeds, and expected to see a deer, not an eight to eight and-a-half feet tall ape-like creature covered from head to toe with hair. The bi-pedal creature walked in a somewhat stooped manner, and swung its arms as it moved off. The creature was about 50 yards ahead of them, and they could see that it was sort of hunched back as it moved ahead.
"Also at the time of the observation, they detected a rotten smell in the air. At one point the creature dropped down on all fours after it crossed the tracks. The men cautiously moved ahead still trying to observe the creature.
"When I interviewed Maline, the witness indicated that the creature, which never looked at the two men, moved very quickly into the woods.
Reports were frequently coming from mobile home parks - with common accounts of the Bigfoot creature banging on metal.
From the book:
"August 24, 1973, Superior, 11:30 p.m. Bigfoot pulls out electrical line from mobile home
"While we were searching for evidence down in Herminie, a radio alert from the 911 dispatch center came across the VHF radio monitor in my car. I called in for my message to learn that another creature incident had just occurred near Superior, a location in Derry Township. The police were on the scene investigating, and they requested that we send an investigation team to that location, which was in the Superior Mobile Home Court. I obtained directions and contact information, then led the investigating team on our next adventure.
"When we arrived at the mobile home community, we were told that the police had just left the scene. The incident that we were investigating had occurred at about 11:30 p.m. and began when Beverly Burns (not her real name) heard a sound like something scratching on the back end of her mobile home. She called her son, who also heard the odd noise. They walked into the back bedroom, and from there they could hear a sound coming from outside of the home, that sounded like a baby crying. They verified that their cat was inside the trailer in another room.
"Suddenly, the electricity began to go on and off in the trailer. Mrs. Burns opened up the back door of the residence. It was dark. The woman’s eyes quickly focused on a huge dark form which stood only a few feet away. The woman was overwhelmed with fear, and only took a quick glimpse at her uninvited visitor. The creature, according to the witness, was gigantic. It stood way over six feet tall, appeared black in color, and was sort of husky.
"The creature, upon seeing Mrs. Burns, twisted around, then ran off between some of the other mobile homes. Mrs. Burns screamed. At the same time there was a very odd strong smell in the air that several people noticed. One neighbor stated that it was like sulfur. Once the creature ran off, the smell dissipated. Mrs. Burns called the police. Her son grabbed his gun and went outside to look around.
"Mrs. Burns had her dog tied outside behind the dwelling and close to where the creature was observed. The witness found her dog whimpering. The dog just whined, did not bark. Mrs. Burns said it was like someone was covering the dog’s mouth. When the police arrived they checked the property and searched for evidence. Some odd looking footprints were found. A police officer put a box over the tracks to protect them until our team arrived. The officer also noticed that the electrical line that ran from the outside meter box to the mobile home had been displaced.
"When our team arrived at the Superior Mobile Home Court, we talked to Mrs. Burns, her son, and some neighbors. A next door neighbor, after hearing Mrs. Burn’s scream, looked outside and saw the creature running down through the court. The woman’s son wanted to know if these creatures were dangerous. He was told that we did not have any cases where a creature had hurt anyone. Her son wondered why none of our investigators were armed.
"We first searched the area behind the residence. Initially, the scratching sound gave the impression that the creature was near the mobile home. There had been some large blocks stacked in that area. Those blocks had been knocked down, apparently by the creature. A team member was examining the electrical meter box. The lead seal on the box had been broken. The electric line from the box to the trailer had been pulled right out of the ground. We advised Mrs. Burns to contact West Penn Power to come out and examine the damage to the electrical meter.
"There were some unusual footprints around the mobile home as well. There were some possible scratch marks on the house as well. Some other residents of the mobile home court mentioned that about a week before, they had heard strange crying sounds, and the sound of something heavy walking. More strange events were soon to be reported from this same mobile home community.

Case similarities
As the sighting reports increased, Gordon noticed similarities between them. Most people were reporting what at first they thought was a gorilla, a hairy creature usually reported between about 6 and 10 feet tall, walking upright, with glowing eyes, usually red, a foul smell often described as sulfur, the sound of what many described as a baby crying - and a large number of people reporting that just prior to and during their experience, the family pets or farm animals appeared to look frightened.
Stop back for Part 4 soon. Gordon's book - with my assistance - is written in a field investigator's casebook style - and is expected to be released in June 2009.

PS http://www.examiner.com/x-2764-Paran...larmingly-high

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Sorry For the cut and paste...but I can't cover every angle...this will cover other aspects of red-eye.


Science tells us that nocturnal animals don’t have self-luminous eyes. They often have eyes that are reflective, in order to help them see in the dark, but they don’t glow. So the premise of this article is that seeing glowing red eyes on an out-of-place, or highly weird animal, or entity, is most likely a sign of it being something paranormal. Some researchers also marry up sightings of such creatures with UFO events, but I’m not totally convinced about that idea - yet!
What I’m going to do in this article is to give some examples of the various types of sightings that have been catalogued, and then take a look at what might lie behind them.
Black Dogs, Shuck, Shug-Monkey
One of the most well known creatures to have been reported as having glowing red eyes occurs in the Black Dog tales. So I’ll start with those.
These Black Dogs have appeared right across the UK, in much of Europe, and in the USA and Canada. It is, naturally, known by different names in different parts of the UK, and so a list of some of those names might be helpful:
East Anglia Black Shuck, Old Shock, Shucky Dog, Shug Monkey, Shug Monster
Isle of Man “Moddey Dhoo,” meaning Black Dog - pronounced as “Mauther Thoo” in Manx
Jersey Le Tchan de Bouôlé
Lancashire Guytrash, Skriker, Trash
Leicestershire Shag Dog
Lincolnshire Hairy Jack
Midlands Hooter
Norfolk Black Shuck, Old Shuck, or just Shuck
Scotland In Gaelic it is known as “Choin Dubh,” “Cu Sith,” or fairy dog. The last name is more common, and its colour is normally green, although sometimes it can be white. Another local name is the Muckle Black Tyke
Somerset Gurt Dog or Great Dog
Staffordshire Padfoot
Suffolk Gallytrot, Galley Trot, Moddey Dhoe, Scarfe
Wales Gwyllgi, meaning dog of darkness
Warwickshire Hooter
Yorkshire Barghaist, Barghest, Barguest, Barn-ghaist, Skriker
Their description is said to be that of a very large dog, far larger than any normal dog, which is usually black in colour, although they have been seen as grey, white, and yellow. The coat is normally shaggy, but sometimes said to be smooth, bristly, and gleaming, the mouth to be slavering, with fetid breath and fangs for teeth. Sometimes a grinning expression has been noted, and the sound of growling, barking, or even speaking, laughing or screaming. There are also a few rare sightings of two-headed, or even totally headless, dogs. And, naturally, they mostly have glowing red eyes. Usually they vanish into thin air, sink into the ground, or disappear with a flash or an explosion, and there have also been some reports of them shape-shifting.
Mostly these Black Dogs are seen on roads, lanes, footpaths, at crossroads, in fields, hedges, gateways, corridors, staircases, churchyards, barrows, ancient track-ways and prehistoric earthworks, graves, gallows, and bridges. They seem to be particularly seen near bridges over rivers and streams, wells, trees next to water, ponds, and even near the sea.
Some believe that they may follow Ley Lines, Corpse Ways, and Spirit Paths, thus giving them the ability to appear and disappear at will along their various points, for example where these lines are thought to cross. Others believe that they may materialize and dematerialise due to environmental factors, such as electromagnetic and/or geomagnetic points along Ley Lines.
During the middle ages, in a church at Bungay, Essex, a Black Dog with red glowing eyes was said to have appeared during a service. It then proceeded to kill two people. This event is said to have happened during a severe thunderstorm. And having taken place in East Anglia many local people would call such an entity the Shug Monkey.
In Tring, Hertfordshire, back in the 19th Century there is a report in which two men passing a gibbet on their way home one dark night saw a Black Dog. Whilst riding past the gibbet they saw what looked like a flame of fire, and on stopping their horses a massive Black Dog appeared. It looked emaciated, with a shaggy coat, long ears, and glowing red eyes. They said that it displayed a grinning expression, and within a few minutes it sank back into the ground.
This next beast has often been seen in Rendlesham Forest, in the same place that the famous UFO event happened. But it was also seen many years, even centuries, earlier, and it is still being seen up to present day. Most of the Black Dog descriptions from this area tell of it being very large, up to ten feet long, and looking like a cross between a mastiff and a great ape. Some accounts say that it has a large neck, broad nostrils, massive jaws, and four legs with large claws protruding from its paws. The fur is black and sleek, and it has a long powerful tail. It reminded one observer of a “large male silverback gorilla” – a combination of ape, dog, lion, and rhinoceros. Another couple who encountered it said that, while they thought it was a dog, its body was far more feline in nature. During their encounter it vanished instantaneously, but a few seconds later reappeared and then flickered on and off a few times before finally disappearing; after which the air was filled with the strange smell of what they said reminded them of “burning metal.” This region of the UK is also home to a whole plethora of phantom big cats and ape-like creatures.
On Exmoor, in Somerset, there has long been a tale of what the locals call a Devil Dog. This beast disappears very slowly, leaving just a pair of glowing red eyes.
Meanwhile in Lothian, Scotland, there is a story of a Black Dog that appeared and disappeared. It was said to have been accompanied by a high-pitched screeching sound and, as we’ve come to expect, it had glowing red eyes.
Over on the Isle of Mann a legendary Black Dog is said to roam around the lonely roads. The animal is considered to be a herald of misfortune and death, and its appearance is often linked to electrical storms, and even to the lights of UFOs. Naturally, this one too has glowing red eyes.
And, from Ireland comes a report of an event that occurs around Halloween. It is a tale about a wooded hollow, in the county of Munster, that changes into a thick forest. After which it becomes populated with demonic creatures, some of whom are dogs with glowing red eyes. However, this may be just a Halloween story.
As well as Black Dogs, large cats are sometimes seen. For example, in 1985 a large cat was believed to be roaming the forest around Thetford, Norfolk. Now, that might not be unusual as many large cats are thought to be on the loose in the UK, but this one had glowing red eyes.
Giant Birds
Other famous sighting reports are those that concern giant birds, such as the famous USA Mothman, so here are a few examples of what’s reported to have been seen.
If you’re a regular reader of my intermittent articles you’ll already know that I’ve written about the Cornish Owlman of Mawnan Smith. And if not, then you can read it here:
But, of course, the UK doesn’t seem to have very many “Winged Weirdies” so the ones I’m going to mention come from much further away.
The first two cases are celebrated reports from the USA. The Mothman event is very well documented on the Internet, and in many books. The best of which, in my opinion, is John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies – although I wasn’t that impressed with the film version of the book.
John Keel also mentions The Mothman in another of his books: The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings. Keel himself investigated many of these curious sightings, and tells us that in nearly all of them the “most outstanding feature seemed to be its glowing red eyes.” He goes on to state that: “Self-luminous eyes usually suggest a paraphysical entity rather than a real animal. About half of the witnesses appeared to be people with latent or active psychic abilities, prone to having accurate premonitions, prophetic dreams, extra-sensory perception (ESP), etc.” And he notes that, although few of the witnesses could describe what The Mothman’s face looked like, they were all far more frightened of those glowing red eyes than by the size of the entity itself.
Keel goes on to tell us that a similar creature was also occasionally seen during 1968/69 when there was a greatly under reported UFO flap in both the northeast of the USA and in Canada. In some of the Canadian reports UFOs were said to have actually landed, and “little men” had been seen. Interestingly, back in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, on the same night that one of those UFO flap events happened, there were over 500 reports of weird sightings. Most of those were of UFOs, and one teenager said that he’d also seen a creature in the TNT Area that was around six feet tall, and that it had red eyes. Other people also reported seeing similar beings in the same locale.
Another red-eyed monster can also be found in West Virginia, this time in Flatwoods. Again the story is very well known, and can be found all over the Internet. The Flatwoods Monster event happened in the latter part of 1952 when a burning UFO reportedly crashed. The sighting of a monster with glowing red eyes followed this.
Elsewhere in the USA a strange creature that some call Batsquatch comes from Mount St. Helens. Apparently is has leathery wings, purple skin, and blood-red eyes, with a head that resembles a cross between an ape and a bat.
And from Ohio comes a report of a two-legged entity with a very large head. This one was described as being about seven feet tall, with the head larger than the body, a fetid smell and, once again, very large red eyes. This is another tale in which the creature is said to have emitted a strident scream.
Of course, we can’t leave the USA without mentioning Thunderbird. There have been numerous sightings of these birds from around the country, so here are just a few of them.
Back in 1673 a missionary was exploring the Mississippi River, in Illinois, when he came across what he believed to be the Devil. What he found were such lifelike petroglyphs that they truly frightened him. The drawings were of a creature with deer-like horns, a hideous expression, a man-like face, a scaly body with a very long posterior appendage that ended in a fish’s tail, and red eyes. The local Native American Indians called it Piasa – meaning the bird that devours men. Their legend is very ancient, and it tells of what is now called a Thunderbird. The bird swoops down with a thundering sound, and a rush of wind, and carries people away. Many tribes have these Thunderbird myths, and numerous petroglyphs of them were found along the Mississippi.
At the beginning of January 1976 a bird was seen in the Rio Grande Valley that was described as being five feet tall, with a gorilla like face. It was black, hairless, had a six-inch long beak, and big red eyes. It seems that its wing-beats sounded like those of a bat, and it made a noisy, piercing, sound. Witnesses say that its face looked quite horrific, the eyes having an evil look to them, and also that other animals behaved oddly when the creature was in the area.
At the other end of the country there is a legend, from New England, about a huge bird-like creature, with glowing red eyes, that would carry off animals and people. The Native American Indian tribes of that area also tell the same tale. In many of these instances it was said that the bird was documented without flapping its wings. And that happened only when the glowing red eyes were seen.
Bringing the legend up to date, back in Illinois during 1977, there was a story of a ten-year old boy being taken by a giant bird while he was outside playing. Apparently he was carried for a distance of 35 feet, and a second bird also joined the fray when his mother ran out to help him. There were six witnesses to this event, and they described the birds as being very similar to giant condors. So perhaps, in that instance, it was a case of mistaken identity.
Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Man-Monkey
There are reports of what in the US are called Bigfoot, although it has other names in other countries. So here are some of those accounts.
In John Keel’s book The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings he also lists some of these strange beings.
One of the mentions he makes is about two reports from West Virginia, both taking place in 1960. In the first story some young men were out camping in local woods, and when one of them went to cut firewood he encountered what he described as a “horrible monster.” He said that it was at least eight feet tall, with a body covered by shaggy long hair. Its eyes were set far apart, very large, and shining like balls of fire even though there was no light from anywhere else at the time.
In the second tale, he notes that a man claimed to have encountered a hairy humanoid that wrecked the electrics in his car. It was eight feet tall, covered with shaggy hair, and had two big eyes that “shone like big balls of fire.” When the entity disappeared his car started normally and he continued his journey. However, a little way down the road the car malfunctioned again, and once more he became aware of the same being standing by the side of the road.
Keel also notes three further reports where the creature had red eyes. The first is from Indiana, in 1962, where a group of young people were in a graveyard when they saw a seven-foot tall creature. Apparently it was ape-like in appearance, covered in white/silver hair, stood on two feet but ran using all four feet, and it had red eyes.
The second is from Mississippi, in 1966, where people reported seeing a seven foot tall monster prowling around. One report said that it had very broad shoulders and a slender waist. It was said to be the size of a bear, covered in hair, and had bright red eyes.
And the third is from Pennsylvania where there was a sighting from 1990 of a four-foot high creature covered with hair. It gave out several piercing screams, and had glowing red eyes.
John Keel’s list of Bigfoot sightings also contains stories of creatures that had green glowing eyes. But in this article I’m concentrating only on those with glowing red eyes.
Of course, there are other reports apart from those mentioned by John Keel. For example, in Detroit there is a legend about the Nain Rouge. This entity is said to be a goblin that haunts the town. It is small, with red hair, rotten teeth, and glowing red eyes. It is also supposed to be a foreteller of doom for the city. It has been seen since at least 1710, and there have been numerous witnesses, right up to the present day.
There is a very strange report from Colorado that comes from 1973, about something called The Wazooey Man. It seems that two young men were out shooting one night when they suddenly saw two large red eyes. Unfortunately, one of them took a shot at it. Upon which both became aware that they had been picked up and thrown into a nearby ravine by some invisible energy. A timber stake then came out of the ground and hit one of them on the head. Making their way out of the area they attempted to go west, but an object that they described as being akin to a “mobile haystack,” with great red eyes, kept trying to stop them. This may well be a true report, but personally I’d treat it with caution.
In South America there are also reports of strange creatures. And, of course, this is one of the places that is famous for creatures that are now known as the Chupacabras, or Goatsuckers. There have been reports of these since the 1990s, and if you look on the Internet you will find more information about them than you can probably read in a lifetime. Basically they were first reported from Varginha, in Brazil, and then they terrified Puerto Rico and it’s neighbouring islands. More recently they have been seen in Mexico, and the most southerly states of the USA. Their description is said to be of a small reddish creature that occasionally has horns on its head, and glowing red eyes. Apparently they often exude a reek of ammonia and, as in cattle mutilations, they drain their victims of blood. Reports suggest that they are capable of great leaps and bounds, and on occasion have been seen to actually fly. Some believe they might be the result of secret biological experimentation being undertaken by the US government.
One such tale comes from Argentina, in 2002. While walking home with her dogs and animals a shepherdess encountered an entity that frightened her and her beasts. She described it as being around five and a half feet tall, half human and half animal, with pointed ears, sharp fangs, and sharp-clawed feet. Naturally, it had red eyes, and moved using rapid jumps from its powerful back legs. Some men who heard the lady shouting ran to help, they also saw the creature. All the time it was in sight the dogs refused to move, and made piteous howling sounds. The following day footprints were found in the area. The story doesn’t actually state that it was a Chupacabra, but I expect that, if true, it probably was.
A second story comes from Chile, again from 2002. In this one an entity was seen on a housing estate. It was reported as being ape-like, and jumping all over the roof making many strange noises. Here too the local dogs behaved as though they were very frightened and started to howl. Witnesses said that the being was around five feet tall, thickset, and had red eyes. Again, I would suspect that this was yet another Chupacabra.
On the other side of the world, in East Delhi, India, during 2001 there were reports of villages being terrified by a being that became known as the Monkey Man. Apparently it was four feet tall, had a face like a monkey, and was very nimble. It also had sharp claws, similar to metal, and glowing red eyes. One report said that there were green lights glowing on its upper body. Other reports said it was cat-like, had a helmet-type object on its head, and that it could jump extremely high. Quite a few of the people that it attacked displayed real bite marks, and some even died. Several researchers believe that rudiments of the Hindu legend of the monkey god, Hanuman, have crept into these tales. You can read a very good analysis of the case here:
In Australia they have a being that they call The Yowie. This is very similar to Bigfoot, and some researchers think it might be a shape-shifting phantom. The Yowie is portrayed as being yet another creature that can show phenomenal turns of speed, and then simply disappear into thin air. Those who see it say that it conjures up a terrible nameless sense of fear in them. And, as we would suspect, it too has glowing red eyes.
Back here at home the UK doesn’t have as many Bigfoot, Man-Monkey, sightings, as other parts of the world, but it does have a few from time to time.
One of the most famous Man-Monkeys from the UK is that written about by Nick Redfern in his book Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot. This details an encounter near Ranton, Shropshire, in 1879, during which a man, whilst driving a horse and cart, was attacked by a strange black creature as he travelled beside the Grand Union Canal. This time the creature had large white eyes, and it jumped onto the horse’s back. The man attempted to push it away by using his whip, but the whip simply passed straight through the entity. The horse tried to canter off but it was almost a mile before the being vanished.
Another famous UK case is that known as Spring Heeled Jack, and it took place back in 1838. In this incident a man encountered a being that he took to be the Devil. It was described as being a tall, slender, figure with pointed ears, and a big curved nose. It also seemed to be wearing a huge black cloak that covered its head and, from what could be seen, it was said to have a hideous face and glowing red eyes. On being cornered in front of a hedge, by a group of local people, the being displayed what looked like silvery claws. And when somebody tried to shoot it the entity apparently emitted blinding balls of blue fire from its mouth. It then turned, easily jumped over the fifteen-foot high hedge, and ran off laughing.
Over in Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood, there is legend that says a tall hairy man, with glowing red eyes, haunts the forest.
While up in Scotland, in 1994, a lady reported having seen a tall man, about ten feet tall, covered in long grey hair, and with glowing red eyes.
Back in England, at Bolam Lake, in Northumberland, comes a tale from 2002. In this report a group of fishermen said they had seen an eight-foot tall creature with glowing red eyes. The Centre for Fortean Zoology investigated the sighting, and you can read their preliminary report here:
Sea Serpents & River Beasts
Of course, we mustn’t forget the sighting reports that come from the water, so here are a few cases of what people claim to have encountered.
For as long as man has been sailing the seas there have been reports of giant sea serpents, and some of these strange beasts have also been seen in rivers and lakes. Many of these may be of what are as yet unknown creatures, such as the Coelacanths once were. That fish was considered extinct for millions of years until it was rediscovered, alive and well, in the 1930s. However, some of the reports pertaining to sea serpent sightings mention those glowing red eyes again, so here are a few examples:
There is an old story from Norway about a serpent that lives in the sea-caves of Bergen. This monster is said to be two hundred feet long, and around twenty feet thick, with very long hair that hangs from its neck, and has razor-sharp black scales. Here again we are told that it has flaming red eyes. The creature is said, during the long light summer nights, to devour calves, pigs, and lambs, and to fish the ocean for seafood, such as crabs. However, the monster is also believed to attack ships and boats and, by raising itself from the water, to eat the people aboard those vessels.
A river creature named Howie, again having red eyes, is said to live under the waterfalls of the Umgeni River, in the Kazulu-Natal province of South Africa. It is described as being around twenty-four feet long, and looking like a plesiosaur with crocodile skin. In Zulu legend this entity is sacred, respected, and greatly feared. There are also images of a serpent like creature carved into the petroglyphs found in the caves of the Drakensburg Mountain. These date back at least 2,000 years, and the name of the mountain itself is synonymous with Dragons.
In the Pacific Northwest there is a story, from November 1969, about a creature seen just off Discovery Island Lighthouse. The two fishermen who reported it said that it was moving very fast and then suddenly submerged as though it had been pulled under, causing a great deal of turbulence in the water. Soon afterwards it re-emerged more than a hundred yards away, when the fishermen could see that it had short ears, and huge red eyes.
Meanwhile, back in the UK, a sea monster was reported off the coast of Filey, Yorkshire, in 1934. The report came from a coastguard who said that the animal had large glowing eyes, a body around thirty-three feet long, and a neck that stretched eight feet out of the water. Coincidentally there is also a legend about a dragon having been killed very close to this location.
Also in the UK, but this time in the River Towy, Wales, there is a tale of a water horse that used to linger on the bank of the river. It supposedly breathed fire, and had orbs of fire for its eyes. Perhaps it was a dragon, or even a Kelpie.
Finally there is, of course, our very own Morgawr here in Cornwall. But that has never been said to have glowing red eyes. If you want to know more about it you can find my article here:
We should also not forget that on the maps of ancient times images of sea serpents meeting ships were very often seen, with the epitaph of "Here Be Dragons!"
Other Strange Entities
There are also some cases that really defy categorization. So here are a few examples of those. Some of them may be related to UFOs, but the ones I’ve noted really only have the humanoid and/or missing time elements to them.

One report comes from Russia, in January 2000. A lady travelling by train in St. Petersburg related that all the other passengers abruptly became immobile, frozen in abnormal positions, the lights became more muted, and all noise died away. Looking around she saw an enormous humanoid with a violet face and glowing red eyes. As the train stopped at a station the humanoid simply vanished, and everything became ordinary again.
Another report, from October 2000, happened in the Ukraine. A man walking home down a dark alleyway observed a previously unrecognised long fence down both sides of it, and he became fearful at finding himself in total darkness and silence. After walking for some hours he turned a bend and came upon a small, totally stationary, being, with brilliant red eyes, which looked like a dwarf. This entity had small legs and hands, but an extended body, aged skin, big ears, a bent nose, and wet-looking teeth. The man started to run away and swore he could hear footsteps following him. Eventually he reached the end of the alleyway and emerged onto the street, where everything became normal again.
During the same year, but on the other side of the world, there were also reports coming in.
From Argentina, in April 2000, there is an account of a police officer who encountered a small humanoid that he initially thought was a child. However, on getting closer to it he became aware of its flaming red eyes. Apparently other local people had also seen the entity.
Also from Argentina, in July 2000, comes a story about an elderly lady who said she met a weird dwarf-like entity hiding in some bushes. Again she mentioned its glowing red eyes, plus the fact that it wore filthy clothes and a big hat.
Another story is from a local police officer in Argentina, and happened back in March 2006. The officer suffered quite a prolonged period of missing time, around twenty hours, and after a search he was finally found around twelve and a half miles away. Apparently he had come across two small men with large heads and glowing red eyes. They communicated with him telepathically as they chased him across some fields. He added that they appeared to levitate, and that they were rather transparent.
While still in South America, but this time in Chile during 2000, there was a report from several people of a very strange creature being seen. It was described as being brown and feathered, but had brilliant red eyes. It made lizard-like movements, was very agile and swift, but it was much larger than a condor. And, even more strangely, the witnesses said that it was heard each night for two weeks making a sound like that of duck quacking.
In the USA there is a report from Maryland that comes from October 2000. Two friends were driving along a street one evening when they saw a pair of glowing red eyes gazing from a hollow tree trunk. As they drove closer the creature started to hop away like a kangaroo. However, their description belied it being such a creature as they said that it had hind legs similar to those of a kangaroo, but small front legs, the snout of an anteater, hair like a rat, and was around three feet tall.
Probably due to its immense size the USA has many very well known cases of weird entities, many with glowing red eyes, and Googling the Internet will give you lots of sites that report them.
One of the better known such entities is the New Jersey Devil. This creature is supposed to have a horse-like head and tail, wings, hooves, and a long neck. It can be anything from three to seven feet tall. It gives out a high, human-like shriek and, as you’d expect, has glowing red eyes.
Another well-known tale is that of the Dover Demon. Apparently seen by numerous witnesses in 1977 it is described as being hairless, with a big melon shaped head, a thin skinny body, long slim fingers and toes, and two red eyes.
In 1965, during a large UFO flap in Mexico, as well as other parts of the world, three women in Mexico City said they had seen a group of ten-foot tall entities, dressed in glossy grey clothes and boots, but without visible mouths or noses. All had glowing red eyes.
Back in London, at Highgate Cemetery, during 1969 and the early 1970s, David Farrant was arrested for conducting a séance. However, when taken to court he was acquitted. The media called him a vampire hunter because he was trying to investigate sightings of a tall, dark being, that had glowing red eyes.
In 2003, four people in the local churchyard at Witchling, Kent, alleged to have seen a small being with glowing red eyes. They also heard a bizarre whistling noise, and saw that cloud cover quickly swathed the area. Apparently this was not the first time that little beings had been seen by the churchyard woods
It seems that entities with glowing red eyes don’t only occur in real life but also in the myths surrounding some of our legendary figures.
In the mythology surrounding King Arthur it was said that when he finally died the ghost of a knight in black armour, and with glowing red eyes, began to haunt Glastonbury Abbey. His mission was to destroy all evidence of King Arthur’s life and death.
And, at Robin Hood’s Grave the ghost of the Prioress who is supposed to have allowed him to bleed to death, is said to haunt the site. She appears to have the qualities of a vampire, with a banshee howl and intense red eyes.
Ireland and Scotland also have similar stories of banshee-like entities. One is known as the Washer of the Ford, who appears as either a hag or a young woman, and is said to signify death. In her guise as a banshee she is said to have glowing red eyes.
Another very strange tale comes from Somerset. In this one, probably from sometime in the 1600s, a man reported seeing a very large bear with glowing red eyes. Even stranger still was that he said the bear was rotating inside an object that today we would label as a plastic ball.
In a similar vein there are many legends of what are known as Wraiths. These apparitions are said to portend misfortune, or even to foretell death. They are apt to materialize as beings wearing a hooded cloak, and very often have glowing red eyes.
Coming into the 20th Century there are a few more tales. It was reported that in 1977 a house in Shipley, Yorkshire, was haunted by a cloak-wearing figure that hid in cupboards and underneath beds. The apparition only appeared during the times of a Full Moon, but it also had red eyes.
From my own county of Cornwall, during 1990, comes a tale that took place at a traveller’s site. The person who witnessed it said they felt a weird, but benign, energy overshadowing their caravan. On going outside to tell friends, they discovered that this had also happened to other people who had parked their van on that same spot. Elsewhere on the site people reported having seen red, animal-type, eyes looking in at them through their windows. One had even seen a group of ghostly figures in a local lane.
Shadow People/Skinwalkers
And finally, two other forms of entity that also have glowing red eyes can be found in the paranormal literature. They are called Shadow People, and Skinwalkers, the latter mainly appearing in Native American Indian legends.
There are reports of Shadow People having been seen for thousands of years. And the Native American Indians, and the Aboriginal Australians, are just some of those who have legends about them.
These entities are described as taking the shape of black humanoid silhouettes, but they differ from the descriptions of ghosts. They are mostly reported as shapeless, with no eyes, mouth, nose, or facial expression being visible. And they can vary from being a two-dimensional shadow to just a mass of vapour, although some have been reported as being seen in a deformed three-dimensional shape. It seems that they are able to move as though they were dancing, but most often they simply appear as being quick and lacking in consistency. They can be either solid or transparent, with one type being seen as black in colour. Once noticed, they either fade away, or move quickly out of sight. Many people report a feeling of dread on seeing one of these Shadow People.
Another way in which they differ from ghost sightings is that they don’t appear to have any rationale for their visits. They appear to be aware of the person who is seeing them, but they seldom try to communicate, so it seems that they merely want to frighten people.
This site has a list of the six most common types of Shadow People that have reportedly been seen:
And this site has a very interesting article about what might lie behind the sightings:
The other entity, with glowing red eyes, is as a Skinwalker. These are also sometimes called a Shape-Shifter, and are a belief shared by many Native American Indian tribes. In the Navajo tribe, for example, they wear animal skins and can change themselves into certain animals. They are thought to be evil, and that is how they are perceived in most tribes.
There is a very good article by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp, entitled: Skinwalkers – What Are They? at this link:
Naturally, I can’t leave this article at just a list of descriptions of these strange entity sightings. Therefore I thought I’d take a look at what might, in some measure, be the science behind it all.
Many of these strange events start with just a light being seen, which then morphs into an actual entity. These entities are also often reported to change colour from red to indigo, or to completely vanish into thin air. This might be a sign that they are “transiting through, and then leaving, our visible-light spectrum,” as John Keel suggests. Or, as John Michell concludes, they follow Aimé Michel’s straight lines theory. He suggests that the Ley Lines may be due to them being engendered by geomagnetic origins.
Plus, there is Liminality, from the word liminal, meaning to be in a state of being neither one thing nor the other. In some ways it may be similar to the Oz Factor, and it relates to change and transition. So it may be said to have a bearing on cases where strange events take place, or weird cryptids, or ghosts, are seen. These creatures have a huge sense of ambiguity, and may be classed as being supernatural because they are fleeting, and often chaotic. It is also true that liminal events have a propensity to blur together.
John Keel, in his book entitled: The Complete Guide to Mysterious Being states that, as many monster events happen during electrical storms, some people have suggested that they can only appear during such an event because they use its energy to materialize. He also states that: “In occult lore there is considerable literature on “water elementals,” bizarre life forms which manifest themselves temporarily in and around water. The stories of “water elementals” are endless, and the theories to explain them are weird and complex. But we cannot exclude the possibility that some of our Swamp Slobs and lake creatures might be temporary psychic projections; mindless manifestations of energy. Such projections could take almost any form when viewed by limited human perception. They could appear as “little men,” as in flying saucer lore, or gruesome beasts as in the 1965 episodes around Sister Lakes in Michigan. The “reflective” factor, discussed in Chapter Fifteen, could even play a part and the entity might construct itself from images in the witnesses’ minds. Thus, when the proper witness (percipient) is in the right place (“window”) at the right time (“flap period”) almost anything could take place. If this is the case, then the percipient actually sees what he later describes. It was very real to him. But it did not really exist at all and all the bloodhounds, helicopters and sheriff’s posses in the world would not be able to find the creature.”
During these mysterious events many electromagnetic effects have been reported. For example, during a Bigfoot or UFO sighting a vehicle may suddenly loose all power. And some witnesses have said they suffered from what is known as “eyeburn” – caused by high-frequency ultra-violet (UV) radiation. In ghostly sightings it is similarly often related that electronic equipment has malfunctioned, and even compass needles have been known to fluctuate violently. Science has found that Very Low Frequency (VLF) waves can interfere with electronic instruments, and these waves are recognised as being highly dangerous by the military; for example as in the case of such waves produced by a thermonuclear detonation. However, some research has now proposed that electromagnetic effects may also produce changes in visual and auditory perception, disorientation, paralysis, and other disturbances. Electromagnetic stimulation of the temporal lobe can produce hallucinations, and various other scientists have had similar results when experimenting.
Thus, scientific research into the effects of low frequency noise on the brain has concluded that, within a specific frequency range, it can cause sensory disruption. One such study was done on a young woman with epilepsy. As a result of that test those neuroscientists who undertook it now think that they have found the cause as to why some people either say they can feel a ghostly presence, or they develop paranoia or persecution complexes. You can read all about it here:
A previous study, undertaken by British psychologists, found very similar results when they experimented with hundreds of volunteers. It also suggested a link between magnetic fields and ghost sightings. You can read about that one here:
However, on the opposite side of the coin, other scientists dispute the idea that magnetism can cause feelings of having a paranormal experience when the temporal lobe is exposed to very weak magnetic fields. And that report can be found here:
Throughout history people have believed in the power of the eyes, for example giving someone the evil eye, or the fear of being watched by something unseen.
It has been suggested that paranormal activities, such as those that I have been giving illustrations of in this article are, for the most part, tuned into the frequencies that we are unable to normally perceive.
Human eyes are only able to detect a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They can only perceive the middle part of it, the waves known as visible light. Therefore, anything that is above or below the frequency that human eyes can see is not visible to us. That is one of the reasons that we invented equipment like radar – to enable us to see these things.
The electromagnetic spectrum is only visible to the human eye in the range of extreme red, 760.6 nanometres, to extreme violet, 393.4 nanometres. And electromagnetic radiation falls within this range, being called visible light. There are no precise limits to what can be seen, with wavelengths in air being seen from 400 to 700 nanometres - normal visibility, while others may be able to see from 380 to 780 nanometres. However, in water these limits are lessened to a frequency of 450 to 750 terahertz. Typically, the eyes have a maximum sensitivity of 555 nanometres, which falls in the green part of the spectrum. But, the spectrum does not encompass all the colours that we can differentiate. For example, magenta, pink, and brown don’t exist. They are actually a mix of different wavelengths, preferably the red hues.
The wavelengths that the eye can see actually go through what is called the optical window. This is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that, without weakening, travels through the Earth’s atmosphere, and it is one of the reasons that we see the sky as being blue. These windows are defined by physical measurement, and the optical window is so named because it overlaps the visible spectrum. This means that the Near-Infrared (NIR) window is positioned just beyond the human ability to see it; the Medium Wavelength IR (MWIR) and Long Wavelength, (or Far Infrared) (LWIR or FIR), are completely beyond being visible to us.
For those with normal colour vision the colour you see depends on the wavelength of the light falling on an object, the reflection characteristics of that object, and the circumstances in which it is seen. It is these individual wavelengths that create the colours being perceived. For example, white is a mixture of all the wavelengths that we can see; whereas any main colour that we see occurs when one part of the spectrum wavelength is predominant. Basically, it is the mix of colours that gives the one we actually see, as in green and red making blue, and blue and green showing up as red. But it is down to personal perception as to what shade of any particular colour is being seen.
So, perhaps the fact that glowing red eyes are seen during these paranormal encounters is due to the way we are able to perceive colours. And, maybe, the manipulation that those entities might be able to wield over our perceptions of them. Or, perchance, it’s something quite different.
In 1982 a French physicist discovered that, under certain conditions, subatomic particles could communicate with each other on an instantaneous basis, regardless of the distance between them. That discovery, of course, discredited Einstein’s theory that nothing could move faster than the speed of light. Furthermore, a physicist at the University of London believes that it might imply that objective reality does not really exist, and that the Universe is actually a Hologram. That idea would also imply that, deep down, reality means that everything that exists in the Universe is infinitely connected.
There is also the theory of Parallel Universes. These are Universes said to be able to exist in the same space that our own Universe inhabits, but ones that do not actually touch us. It seems that this idea is all to do with waves, in that the sub-atomic particles of atoms are, at their minutest level, known as quarks. These have the characteristics of waves in that they all have diverse qualities. It is these waves that make up what we call Matter, and Matter compiled from the same characteristics create universes. However, it might be possible that when Matter from a separate Universe is in a state very similar to that of our own we are able to see the creatures of that other Universe.
In quantum mechanics there is also the idea of a Multiverse, another name for Parallel Universes. It seems that physicists are seriously considering this idea. Again, it is all related to wave functions and the inflationary idea of the cosmos. It would certainly explain the dilemma behind Schrodinger’s Cat. In this hypothesis there are many universes that all came into existence from the original Big Bang – assuming, of course, that the Big Bang really was what happened. The premise states that there are many bubbles all existing side-by side with ours, but they never interact. The proposition also includes the idea, according to some physicists, that time is not as we understand it, and that space is warped. They think that perhaps wormholes might tunnel outside normal space-time and connect black, and white, holes; and that black holes might lead to other universes. Some even posit the idea that there really are more than the Four Dimensions we are aware of, i.e. length, breadth, width, and time. In fact these known dimensions may be part of an Eleven Dimensional Universe, and that those we can’t see actually exist at the subatomic level, or even somewhere else that we can prove using mathematics.
For those who adhere to the Multiverse theory it could also mean that we live in a Matrix type simulation. And it might imply that the laws of physics, that we believe to be fundamental throughout the Universe, may not actually be so. The Universe is a vast place, and we can only see so far with our current telescopes. Personally, I’ve long been asking the question as to how we can be so sure that these laws are the same everywhere.
This Simulation theory also states that some worlds, containing intelligent people, could use computers to simulate yet more virtual worlds. And those virtual worlds could keep creating others ad infinitum. You can read much more about this idea here, in an article from 2003 entitled: Reality in the melting pot:
Another person who believes we might be living in a Computer Simulation is Nick Bostrom. In an Abstract from a paper that he wrote he states that: “This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor-simulations is false, unless we are currently living in a simulation. A number of other consequences of this result are also discussed.”
In this paper he also says the following: “The basic idea of this paper can be expressed roughly as follows: If there were a substantial chance that our civilization will ever get to the posthuman stage and run many ancestor simulations, then how come you are not living in such a simulation? We shall develop this idea into a rigorous argument.” You can read his paper, entitled: Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? here:
And, while reading it, the thought occurred to me to wonder if, just perhaps, the Grey Aliens that we keep hearing about might be Posthumans.
Or, perhaps it’s all down to the use of an invisibility cloak. According to a report in October 2007 physicists have invented a device that can hide an object within the visible spectrum. Apparently it’s all done using gold rings and, of course, so far only on a very tiny scale, but it might be an important breakthrough. You can read about the discovery here:
Hmm! That experiment reminds me of what Zechariah Sitchin said about the Niburu aliens, the Anunnaki, altering human DNA, and then using humans to mine for gold.
Is it possible that the inhabitants of other worlds occasionally break through into ours, and are seen as the weird creatures that I’ve been discussing? And, should that be the case, do they deliberately materialize in such a way that makes us fail to believe in what we’re seeing because it’s all just too odd? On the other hand, do all of these beings simply come from our own mind? Or, is it all far more sinister than that? Perhaps there really are other beings – either “out there,” or closer to home – whose true purpose is to create such fear in us that they can feed on that emotion. I don’t have the answer, and I suspect that nobody has the real answer. But those of us who follow these events certainly have a lot of fun doing so.
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State by State Sightings

1830s Bridgewater Man picking berries Small Bigfoot ran off when chased.
Summer 1838 Silver Lake Township 16-year-old boy Frightened by seeing small black-haired Bigfoot.
July 1901 Pensbury Township Milton Brint, Taylor Brint, Tom Lukens 3 coon hunters one rainy night saw creature with man's head and neck, wild beast's body and legs, jump from tree. Dogs terrified. Same beast seen by Lewis Brooks and Jack Murphy in same woods not long after, walking on all fours Seen to pass through fence; bullets did it no harm. (Not clear if this was a Bigfoot-type creature.)
21 Jan. 1932 5 miles N of Downingtown John McCandless 'Half-man, half-beast' seen in brush.
Late 1950s Cambridge Springs Group of young people 8-10-ft Bigfoot approached farmhouse one night while people were sitting waiting for it as it had been reported banging on house at nights; ran off when shot at.
Sept. 1964 or 1965 Garrison Glen Varner Saw Bigfoot peering in window of his mother's home at dusk.
Jan. 1970 Route 45, Centre County Teenage girl Witness saw from her house, Bigfoot watching her for more than 2 mins.
May 1970 Footedale Parents & three children Driving home from church, saw reddish-brown Bigfoot walking slumped.
July 1973 New Sewickly Township Man Saw 8-ft Bigfoot with glowing red eyes staring at him through window; 18-in footprint found.
July 1973 Greensburg Doctor Fired several shots at a Bigfoot after it had tried to enter his trailer home, but it walked away.
July 1973 Greensburg Man Saw Bigfoot's head pass his bedroom window, 9 ft off the ground, several times. When he looked out he saw Bigfoot running towards woods.
Early Aug. 1973 Greensburg Four adults, one child Witnesses were on golf course when they saw two Bigfeet, one 4 ft tall, the other 6 ft tall. Witnesses went closer, but ran when they saw a third Bigfoot, over 9 ft tall and with glowing red eyes, heading their way.
14 Aug. 1973 Greensburg Two men Saw huge Bigfoot run across railway tracks 40 ft away; also noted strong smell.
21 Aug. 1973 Nr Derry Woman Awoke to see Bigfoot staring through bedroom window which was 9 ft above ground level.
24 Aug. 1973 Herminie Man Saw 7-ft Bigfoot 30 ft away in his garden, it smelled like 'rotten eggs.' He went to get a gun but it had gone when he returned.
26 Aug. 1973 Lurer - Bigfoot with human-like face seen.
Aug. 1973 Beech Hills nr Jeannette - Bigfoot with protruding fangs seen.
1 Sept. 1973 Youngstown Cemetery Woman & baby, woman's brother & sister Woman saw Bigfoot walking out of wood towards baby; later Bigfoot seen near house to which she had gone.
2 or 3 Sept. 1973 Whitney Mr. & Mrs. Chester Yothers Saw 8-ft Bigfoot standing outside their trailer home; phoned police who came and found tracks.
21 Sept. 1973 Greensburg Ten boys Told police they had seen tancolored Bigfoot in woods; hair samples and footprints found, and the boys saw creature again during the search.
24 Sept. 1973 Greensburg Two boys Found Bigfoot asleep on pile of grass clippings; when they returned with adults the creature had gone.
24 Sept. 1973 Greensburg Boy Boy delivering papers saw tall, tancolored Bigfoot walking with stooped posture 'like it was drunk'.
27 Sept. 1973 Beaver County Two teenage girls Saw 7-8-ft white Bigfoot with red eyes run into woods. It held a luminous sphere in its hand.
Sept. 1973 Nr Latrobe Woman Woke at 2 am and saw dog attacking Bigfoot, which then broke clear and ran away with tremendous leaps.
25 Oct. 1973 Nr Uniontown Young man & twin boys Witnesses were in field watching glowing sphere when they saw two Bigfeet walking by fence.
Autumn 1973 Nr Midland Several Woman saw Bigfoot with glowing green eyes; other reports of 'strange animal'; UFO seen and possible landing site found with 3-toed footprints nearby.
Nov. 1973 Nr Uniontown Man Saw Bigfoot at night and fired at it with revolver, whereupon it disappeared. Later shot at it again with rifle and it screamed.
1973 Lancaster Two brothers While bringing in load of hay, saw gray Bigfoot with white mane, 'tigerlike fangs, curved horns and 'long grizzly claws'; their horses bolted.
1973 Lancaster Farmer Evening after previous sighting, witness was scything when a similar Bigfoot charged him and tore the scythe from his hands as he fled. Next day the scythe was found with all the wood eaten away.
1973 Lancaster Woman Witness was feeding hens when Bigfoot came and made off with a goose in each hand. She chased it and the Bigfoot threw a goose at her which knocked her down.
6 Feb. 1974 Uniontown Woman & son-in-law Bigfoot disappeared when shot at; others seen close by, plus a UFO.
1974 Jamonville Summit Thirteen Chased Bigfoot in car; it looked in at them, then hid behind a large stone. It seemed to move almost instantaneously from one side of them to the other.
19 May 1975 Nr Jeanette Male driver At dusk saw ape-like creature running on all fours. It stood on 2 legs and ran into woods. It was 7-8 ft tall with thick black hair. UFO seen previous evening not far away.
29 Feb. 1976 Nr The Settlers Park area, Oakdale Two people Saw tall, dark Bigfoot in area where UFO seen the night before.
1976 Nr Claysville Man While hunting, saw huge figure moving in shadows of wood. It was 7-7½-ft tall. On calling out, it stopped and then slipped away into the fog.
May 1977 German Township Couple & three children Saw back of 6-ft Bigfoot, with shaggy reddish-brown hair, walking slumped over, beside rural road.
14 & 15 June 1977 Uniontown Student (20) Saw Bigfoot near his home.
July 1977 Shaler John Tiskus Saw Bigfoot about 7½ ft tall drinking water from his swimming pool at 2 am.
2 March 1978 Nr Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant, nr Delta Norval Thomas Driver saw Bigfoot over 7 ft tall in truck headlights; large prints found later and squealing noise heard.
Early March 1978 Spring Grove Woman motorist Saw Bigfoot on the road; police found tracks in snow.
18 July 1980 Scotch Run Valley, nr Mainville Rick Knovich Saw Bigfoot with long black hair in railroad bed by road; it walked towards him and Knovich grabbed gun, forgetting about his camera; creature went into bush as Knovich got out of car.
18 Aug. 1980 Jonestown Mountain nr Berwick Bill & Tom Talanca Driving down mountain, saw husky black hairy creature standing in road.

Data from "Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings (1818-1980)"
(The Bigfoot Casebook, Janet & Colin Bord, 1982, New York: Granada Publishing)

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...maybe these events may start to rise in the next three years without remarking to much about what is to take place on a certain day in December
,and of course much theoried ad nauseum,but like the Aurora Borealis,you
great Northerners of the world may experience in the atmosphere,where the magnetic field shrinks at times trapping solar particles at a deeper level in the atmosphere than normal,giving off spectacular night light shows,if a collapse
or thinning,indeed warping of the dimensions occurring.
...will we all percieve beyond the veil within years to come,where at the moment,the magnetic field of the Earth is starting to edge towards a more
southern pattern,as happened many times in Earth's history before,finally
"Flipping" polarities.
...The Apocalypse only means,to be revealed.

BTW..see the Ood with redeye,better run and run........

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Originally Posted by helloperator View Post
I'm pretty sure the military are making an army of Yowies
made me chuckle
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Default The Manning Times Yowie Story.

The Manning Times Yowie Story.

Yowie sighting near Mount George
7/08/2009 9:24:00 AM
LAST Friday night, Faye Burke and her cousin Alana Garnett left their homes in Wingham with a trailer attached to the car.
They were driving towards Cundle Flat to load the trailer with fresh pumpkins from Faye's brother's home.
"It was half moonlight, the stars were out and it was a beautiful night," Faye said.
But oddly enough there was not a car on the Nowendoc Road. "I have been driving that road all my life and that's unusual," she said.
Driving steadily the pair were approaching Connelly's Creek Gap "just on the other side of Mt George".
"We were about 200 metres from the top of the hill when I clearly remember looking down at the car clock and it was exactly 7.30pm," Faye said.
"I looked back up at the road and I saw ahead in the headlights this big hairy animal thing on the side of the winding road.
"It was about eight foot tall and four foot wide."
Alana said they yelled out "holy hell" along with a list of other unmentionable words. "We panicked," they said.
"I couldn't turn the car around because I had the trailer and the road was too narrow," Faye said.
"I was s**t-scared and thought I better not mess with this thing in case it lifts the trailer up and tips us over the bank edge."
Keeping her foot on the accelerator and speeding past the thing, Faye said she turned to Alana and said: "Did you see that? She said in a scared voice: 'Do you mean that thing that looked like a Big Foot?' I said: No it was a Yowie."
And Alana screamed back: "Same thing!".
"After we reached the top of the hill I wanted to turn around and get a photo with my mobile phone," Faye said.
But Alana was too scared to go back. She said if the passenger window had been wound down she could have reached out and touched it.
Faye and Alana said the hairy thing stood perfectly still "like it was at attention".
"Its back was facing us and it was looking into the embankment next to the road and it had dark chocolate brown hair which was all matted," Alana said.

"The breeze of the car made the hair around its neck flick up as we drove past."
Neither Alana or Faye believe it was a person dressed up or a ghost. "It was real," they said.
"And I am absolutely convinced it was a yowie."
Faye just wishes she had gone back and taken a photo.
"I knew people wouldn't believe us and I didn't phone the police because I thought they would think we were loopy."
Faye said: "I am not a drinker and I hadn't been drinking but I did have a beer when I got to my brother's house that night.
"When we arrived at my brother's house we almost fell out of the car," she said. "He told us we both had white faces and we were both trying to tell our story at the same time."
They returned to the exact location the next morning to attempt to find hair samples and footprints and take photos.
"We didn't find any hair but we found an indentation in the ground resembling a giant footprint and a big spot of urine."
She said the urine had stripped part of the bark near a tree and looked like oily spots - "and it stunk".
"I will never forget what we saw," Faye said.
And it is an image neither can take out of their mind.
"I can't sleep at night because I can't stop thinking about it," Faye said.
And Alana said she still sees it when she closes her eyes and tries to go to sleep.
Miraculously when Faye was printing out her photos of the footprint at Big W in Taree, with her daughter, a woman next to her heard her conversation and said she saw a Yowie in Grafton.
"The goose bumps came all over me, up from my heel right up to my head, and I thought thank God for the confirmation that there are other people who have seen one too," Faye said
"I will never stop looking for it." But Alana believes "it is something they will never see again".
Yowie expert, Mr Rex Gilroy has spent more than 20 years gathering reported sightings and other evidence of the Yowie.
According to Mr Gilroy the characteristics of a Yowie are identical to those reported of America's "Bigfoot" and also the Himalayan "Abominable
He is quoted on the web for saying the Aborigines have known of the Yowie for thousands of years.
Mr Gilroy saw a Yowie in 1970 in Katoomba and since then has returned to the area, led Yowie searches and asked for people to share their information and sightings.
He said generally, most people are reluctant to come forward with personal experiences of this nature for fear of ridicule.
However he ensures if these people contact him he will treat their information with the utmost discretion.
He has written books on the paranormal and is the author of the book Mysterious Australia.
For further information or to contact Rex Gilroy visit www.mysteriousaustralia.com
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More Sightings Taree Area:
From Rex Gilroy Site

Wingham April 1993: Further down the coast from Kempsey lies Taree, and inland, the wild mountainous country of the Barrington and Woko National Parks. In April 1993 a farmer found a number of giant-sized, man/ape-like footprints on his Manning River-bank property at Wingham, inland from Taree. Measuring 40 cm long by 17 cm wide, they were spaced about 1.5 metre's apart. The man-beast who made them would have easily have stood 2.6 m tall.
Coopernook 1990-1992: In February 1992 at Coopernook to the north of Taree, campers reported seeing a 1.6 metre-tall hairy female creature; while earlier, in May 1990, bushwalkers claimed to have seen, a two-metre-tall, hairy male yowie in dense scrub outside nearby Lansdowne.
I am interested in the Wingham footprints for they match others found in March 1990 in the Numinbah Valley, inland from the Queensland Gold Coast and close to the New South Wales border. These in turn match others found in the Kanangra Boyd National Park and also others found some years ago in the Cooma district of the Snowy Mountains.
Wingham 1842: The Taree area has been the scene of yowie sightings and footprint discoveries since pioneering in the 1800's. For example, in 1842, a Wingham area settler was rounding up cows on his farm oneday when a "naked nine-toot-tall, manlike hairy beast" approached him from out of bushland.
Harrington 1850: In 1850 a family was said to have been surprised by a seven-foot-tall female creature with long pendulous breasts and a "monkey-like face" as they travelled along a bush track in a cart near Harrington.

From Paranormal And Psychic Australia
Yowies {Taree,Oxley**
Saying goodbye to George Gray we headed southward to Taree, there to investigate another report, that of Mrs.Betty Gee of Oxley island several kilometers east of the town, and close to the mouth of the Manning river. Arriving at the Gee's property on 5th May 1977, we proceeded to interview the Gees family and to inspect and photograph respective sites that figured in Mrs. Gee's story. The Gee Yowies report goes as follows.
About 11 am one morning in early February 1977 while alone on the property was standing on her back door looking south toward the nearby Manning river a good 300 yards away and in direction of the family wharf, which was situated over a rise 5 ft high. Suddenly a large black manlike shape appeared half visible over the rise.As the rise of earth half obscured the figure, Mrs. Gee estimated the full height of the beast to be about 10 ft. At this point the telephone rang and Mr. Gee went to answer it. Shortly afterwards she returned to find the mysterious beast gone.A search of the wharf area later revealed large apelike footprints in the surrounding mudflats.
Mr. Gee recalled for me how three night before her sighting, the family dogs barked each night, perhaps aware that someone {or "something"**was on the property. One week after Mrs. Gee had seen the strange figure, neighbours on a nearby farm had heard high-pitched screeching sounds some time after 11 pm. When they went to investigate they detected a very foul-smelling odour about the back yard. One week later, the Gee family awoke that morning to find an old 1500 gallon water tank and its stand had been pushed over during the night. leading up to the tank they discovered numbers of large footprints.
A search for more soon resulted the alarming discovery that the seemingly enormous beast who had made them had come up from the river, crossed a newly dug cornfield into a shed, through which they passed until they reached the water tank. Around the whole area Mr Geoff Gee and his son Geoff junior smelt the same foul odour that their neighbours found a week before. Geoff Gee junior found he had smelt the same smell further up Oxley Island on the same night the screeching sounds were heard on their neighbours property. Mr Gee himself later smelt the same odour on a dirt road nearby his farm. It remained there for three days, when it could still be smelt about the cornfield.
Ape-Like Beast {Harrington**
About the same time that these incident were transpiring a woman tennis player reported seeing a tall apelike beast in roadside scrub as she was driving home from a game at nearby Harrington. Also residents on Mitchell Island which is just across from Oxley Island, reported seeing what could have been the same beast seen by Mr. Gee. Was is possible that the creature seen by Mr. Gee had been able to cross the Manning River to emerge at the Gee property, and if so had it crossed the full extent of Oxley Island to yet another river barrier to reach the Harrington area?
The Manning River at its mouth is very deep except at low tide, where it could be possible for a creature of 10 ft stature to wade across in certain places. It might have found it easier to cross the next river barrier to reach Harrington from where it could have, by crossing farming land, vanished back into the coastal mountain belt from which it originated. This seemed to bee the only possible solution to the Gee Yowie puzzle. The investigation of the Gee's Yowie ended our north coast search, but the results were enough to convince us that that somewhere up there on the Carrai Plateau 80 kilometers west of Kempsey, Yowies still live hidden from man in impenetrable jungle that too this day still remain largely unexplored by white man.
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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
My theory is that they're a flesh and blood native species, but they know where the natural portals are on earth, and have eluded capture for so long by sticking close to them and slipping out of sight at the first sign of trouble like a rabbit down a hole.

Maybe a hunted Bigfoot steps through a portal in the Montana wilderness and re-emerges in isolated safety somewhere in the Australian bush.
wow what an idea!! i never even thought of them relocating geographically like that, i just figure they slip into another dimension, but I don't see why this can't be true! didn't you mention that the bigfoot and yowie have identical descriptions? or are there some differences?
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Default The Genuine Deal

...at least these guys had more luck,I invested $50 worth of petrol finding this Yowie,and all I got was mosquito bites...anyway,enjoy this video,it's for
reeelz man...

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Default Not on the Manning River

...another genuine encounter

Big foot,down by the river...

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...after considering the data replicated and supplied originally by Rex Gilroy's,
it appears the Manning River and surrounding areas have a unique edge to them,when compared to sightings around the world.That is,not only are there
massive amount of sightings,but the reports claim both Male and female examples,something I have'nt heard of,if a baby Yowie appears,it will confirm my suspicions,the pristine quality in land and nature reserves,provide a safe-haven,for indigenous colonies,to survive and thrive.They probably are inbred,due to the lack of genetic variations,and will adopt a very cautious
approach,if confronted with one in my search and travels.
...I'm carrying various fruits and foods,as an enticer,but will admit,have
become frightened once,with the sound of heavu rustlings,in the bush,but persist.Carrying a digital camera,but more concerned about the various poisonous snakes coming out of hibernation this time of year,as have no anti-venene,and mobile phone reception is non existant,and a local hospital,is more than an hour away,so the risks are high,until following winter.
...Will provide a photo update of various terrains,after Monday next week,but
considered,not to share a "Yowie" photo,if one is gained.Developed a bit of an affinity with them,and rather see them protected,than to seek personal glory or notoriety.I have done a deal,with one forum member,that that person can see the photo,if I get it,just to confirm,authenticity,but that's is far it will go.One must understand,this is primarily a country/dairy/reserve type land,and some mentalities,would not be conducive to the Yowies health.
...But to tell you the truth,it's so pristine and untouched,virginal,the land here,one,after researching,could come to the same conclusion,there is indeed
a possible colony of them locally here...great place to be after all.Regards.
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Good updates Jason.

Keep us posted.

I get the earnest feeling that if anyone is going to make contact with one of these fellas it's more than likely gonna be you.

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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Good updates Jason.

Keep us posted.

I get the earnest feeling that if anyone is going to make contact with one of these fellas it's more than likely gonna be you.

...thankyou very much sir,I made you an offer before,if you want me to put you up for two weeks holiday,I'll do it and take you cruising with me if you like.Bring your swimmers though,this place has alot to offer.You can see the pristine quality of the landscapes,take a ride to East Maitland,to get some supplies,get chased by occultist,it'll be good for you,but you're staying sober on the bush-treks,like I said,you got to have your wits about you,at this time of year,Hahahahahaha,I seen black-snakes,14 foot long,
as round as my calf/lower legs,and I'm well-built,solid.
...It's you I picked to verify the photo,one being a great mate,you're Aussie too,so you understand,also,I believe,there's sightings down your way in Victoria,and I have some,not so crazy ideas,about these portals,but not for now,later,if I can prove it.I'm like that,if I talk,I like to deliver proof,I might expose an occult underground society,corrupt drug-dealing cops,who protect child-molesters,but no way,do I feel people are mature enough,to let a clan of Yowies co-exist,unscathed and unhindered.It might sound hippocritical,that
I'm on its trail,but would respect it's privacy.I want to sit down with it,share an apple or banana,and just enjoy the scene,like I said,it's pristine.And have more respect for it,than most humans,seems sad to say this,but Yowie,isn't going to pin my head,stuffed and preserved,over the fireplace mantle.
...After Monday,I'll post some photos,of the areas,I'm searching.If I find foot-prints,or fecal matter as well,I will post photos of these,and try and conceal the terrain.There's great hills and waterways here,SOL,I feel ther would be a network of caves,in the Georgetown areas,and hills,and have'nt gone to E-lands yet,which is populated by hippy squatters....Hmmm,I hope it's not feral dirty hippies,running about....that's just not cool.I avoided E-lands,the road is shot,and the car is in a state,where standard suspension,is not very wise.
The HR,gets re-regoed,in February,and once she's back,we go anywhere.
...But the station-wagon now is appropriate,one can sleep in it,and wait,it's black,and easy to hide.
...Thanks for your patronage SOL,appreciate it alot,and by the way,you're on off-peak at the moment,check out the funny videos I supplied,they're a scream,take care mate,Love Jase.
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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post

...at least these guys had more luck,I invested $50 worth of petrol finding this Yowie,and all I got was mosquito bites...anyway,enjoy this video,it's for
reeelz man...

that was so great
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Originally Posted by biblegirl View Post
that was so great

Hahahahaha...Glad for you BG,I wanted to put the whole series of them here,there's one with Bigfoot drink-driving,and giving "the flip" as
Americans say,before abandoning his car and scampering off,there's about 10
or more in the series,absolutely hilarious.
>>I still owe you a massive post about the organite too,and have had mixed results,but mostly good,it communicated once,and I was shocked,not scared,it was amazing,plus poor old Lisa has been using it,and my partner reckons,it blocks psychic dreams,although,the way she moaned last night,I suspect,she was dreaming of that Nicolas Cage dude...
...but it can block back-pain,and was amazed,by that,you know what type I'm referring to,the scaley kind.
...But this is a new chapter for me,getting rid of my occult leeches and trading off for big hairy Yowies,is a good trade indeed.I was so down on this area,until this happened.I enjoyed the old Maitland Wars in a way,cause there
was no-one else prepared to do it,but this is different,and must be approached differently.
...I will keep Yowie's incognito,but will provide in time,some proof.Well I hope.
I know Rex would appreciate it,and was fascinated by his revelations,of what
apppears to be ancient egyptian heiroglyphics,in Gosford NSW.There's an abandoned cutting,on the freeway,that's close to Wondabyne and a quarry.I used to fix powerlines in the bush there.I seen natural water springs,with Yabbies the size of footballs,I just sat with it for hours,sharing my lunch,and concealing it,most of the guys on the gang,would eat it...I entertained no such thoughts.I'm like that,and leave things in their place,unmolested.Thanks for the laughs,and I will,post more of those video series...they're a crack-up,much love to you,you know that,and cherish the gate-fold card you sent me,it sits on my tower,with crystals and statues,thnaks Biblegirl,Love Jase
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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post

...at least these guys had more luck,I invested $50 worth of petrol finding this Yowie,and all I got was mosquito bites...anyway,enjoy this video,it's for
reeelz man...

Oh wow! I loved that!
Man is a tool created by the Universe to mark time.
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