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the mews
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Lightbulb Tripa To The Hollow Earth

Hey Guys see what you make of these planned trips to the north pole, hopefully will shed some light on the hollow earth, ( lets just hope there is no coverhtthttp://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/gg/[email protected]/JC007/index.htmlphttp://www.phoenixsciencefoundation.org/apex.htm://www.voyagehollowearth.com/ up )
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Rodney Cluff was advertizing a Hollow Earth expedition last year. The webpage was taken down just before it was due to sail, then it came back later advertizing a mission this year!

I don't know what happened to the last trip. either it's all a big scam or for some reason they couldn't get back. Maybe the ship was sunk by a submarine to stop the people talking or something.
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