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Originally Posted by baron von lotsov View Post
The even bigger con is everytime someone tries to protest there are those who think they are a con. We have had it with Ron Paul, Alex Jones, NO2ID and now David Davis. What may you ask do these people have in common? Answer: they get off their arses. So why do people not like that? Answer: it reminds them of how lazy they are by comparison.
Is this directed at me? Because you have no idea what contribution I have made. In fact there are other posts on the forum pointing out that the dissent is being controlled. Now I am sure someone of your learning knows what controlled opposition is? In fact I am sure that you are well aware of what a strawman is. What is it they do. Oh yes create the enemy so that the argument can be steered in the direction you want.
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celtic isis
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David ICKE is the only truth - everything else is illusion.

totally, as i'm in france i don't get to see much of the media coverage of davis's campaign etc so i wasn't fuly aware of how things were being portrayed but yeah been listening to DI's speech here :


David ICKE on top form!!! And i didn't realise how Big Brother is only being put fourth to a certain extent while leavig out the most important parts of what Big Brother State really means.

Davis = controlled puppet, he's also got all the usual media/government manipulator stooges behind him doing the ground work for him in the back ground. So the people may think there's a "freedom" movement happening within government/parliament when actually no there isn't.

Go ICKE!!!
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