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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Pi, you are doing the right thing any enquiring person should do - follow up from basic answers to find more detail.

If your research leads you to making a working everlasting battery or some other free-energy device, let us know. There are some on the DI forum who think this is possible. For example, look up "Hope Girl" and "Keshe" who have (had?) supporters here. Unfortunately you still can't buy their devices on Amazon!
Cheers Thermion.
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According to someone on you tube called the angry photographer an electron does not exist. Apparently Tesla, heavy side and others said it too
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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
An electron walks into a bar.

'Oh, hi, again.' She says.

The Neutron had never heard that one before - 'oh really,' he thought
Yeah you killed it...
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