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Default Mucky secrets at the former Stasi HQ in Leipzig

Mucky secrets at the former Stasi Headquarters in Leipzig

The Stasi HQ in Leipzig

A section of the Berlin Wall in 1979 that divided people living in a totalitarian society in East Berlin, and people living as free citizens in West Berlin. People living in the free West have the luxury of privacy and do not have to live in fear of a surveillance police state.

Thank goodness people in East Germany are no longer spied upon by the secret police.

Thank goodness no one is intercepting private letters and eavesdropping on private telephone conversations.

As the presenter in this short video says, "thank goodness we are free now".

It must have been terrible living in East Germany before the Iron Curtain came down with the Berlin Wall in 1989.


"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil (TROUBLE FOR THE WICKED): I the Lord do all these things." - Isaiah 45:7
God is pure and does not approve of evil. The word "rah" (evil) in Hebrew does not mean evil in the moral sense. Contextually, when God speaks of creating evil, he is speaking of the calamities that he brings upon the enemies of his purpose.
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hayed joe
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Imagine if the net was more widely available when West and East Germany was still around?!
Whatever you feel how the DIf is now (Not got a problem with it!) things could have been much different!
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language

"But here they were, as the punch in the face to science and the stolen impassioned kiss to the laws of Time. And the oedipal charge against the stern order of reality."

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Originally Posted by hayed joe View Post
Imagine if the net was more widely available when West and East Germany was still around?!
Whatever you feel how the DIf is now (Not got a problem with it!) things could have been much different!
BBS were around in the 70s and 80s. Some of the best ones were in West Germany as well. Node chat was available on all BBS I think as well.

If you ever get the chance to go to Berlin go and see what's left of the wall and do a few tours of it and the underground train systems and see what lengths the communists tried to stop people getting from east to west Berlin. Well worth the time and money.

The main reason the east knew so many people were escaping to the west was because the west german newspapers were publishing it all!

Back on topic, we are all being spied on now, just like in East Germany. This time though it's not the neighbours or children, it's our phones, tvs and computers and tablets.
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and yet here they are in 2017 operating with impunity in the UK


and countless people in the UK are all for it

how quickly we forget
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Funny that, the wall came down and the west went extreme left in social politics and surveillance.

Never a mention in the media of the dangers of communism.


I's & EIIR's watching, listening 24/7, the panopticon made real.
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