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Default Disinformation Tactics of the Cabal

Wrote an article on disinformation tactics of the cabal. I met considerable mental resistance to formulating thought in this article, so it is very incomplete even as per my own capability. But I thought it was worthy of being published, as I like to publish something on the 1st of the month usually on my blog

Full Article:
Disinformation Tactics of the Cabal

There are many reasons for disinformation. One main one being to obfuscate the truth. The truth is a threat to covert tyrants. When a certain truth is a focus of theirs(in that it is a threat), they formulate disinformation campaigns to do varying things to alter the perception of that information.

One tactic I have found they use is creating disinformation works based on the truth. They take derivatives of the truth, and propagate a psy op with it. I believe they found derivatives of the truth are more effective than purely fabricated concepts. Although they do those too... There is no limit to the disinformation taking place right now.

The tactics being used for disinformation(according to my ET contacts) are directly from the Dark federation of ETs in this region of the universe. This is one telepathic contact I had (paraphrasing):

"Every single intelligent illusory reality is being thrown at your kind in the form of psy ops."-Omnisense ET Contact

It made a lot of sense to me. Basically every possible line of psy op has been considered by this dark federation of ETs is what was conveyed to me, and through sinister deals with groups like the US shadow government, humans have gotten ahold of this powerful knowledge. Some could call it black magic, as it does tend to apply certain metaphorical "gravity/magnetics" to people's reality and minds. Much of the world is under the spell of this black magic in one form or another. You have old control systems such as abrahamic religions, and then you have the new age religion being propagated by it's transhuman 'prophets'.

I came up with this quote after this telepathic contact:

"The amount of intelligent realities that are false is far too many for the intellectually clumsy 21st century man"

I have gotten a lot of flack thrown my way for exposing what I view as psy ops. Any source that can discern psy ops and exposes them is under fire no doubt by the cabal(whether covertly or overtly). This blog exposes much of the cabal's technology. If you have not read much of my blog I recommend seeing this link:
Full Categorized Archive of my Articles. And closely examine all of the articles in category #1(Black Project and Extraterrestrial Technology). I have paid dearly for this knowledge. Unlike the Extraterrestrial information section, it is hard fact that I know. The best I can do is pass it on...

The full suite of Extraterrestrial inherited, reverse engineered, and RnD'd technology is key to understanding the cabal's disinformation matrix on earth, as well as the full picture. This blog provides a clear view into the technology being used to suppress mankind, and a full knowledge of my information would lead to a much more clear view of potential psy ops, disinformation, and usage of secret technology...

I have been a member of numerous forums over the years. I have come to recognize certain disinformation tactics on forums. COINTELPRO infiltration days are pretty much over. It has moved on to mind control assets. Anyone can be temporarily turned into an asset with mind control in my view... But especially certain 'contactees' and experiencers are given their experiences with an agenda to propagate disinformation. Almost every abductee/MILAB who has in reality had very little ET involvement is now an expert on the subject. And some are quite knowledgeable, however others are being used in the disinformation game.

The technology the cabal has is very capable of creating very elaborate illusions in the perceptions of people. I have covered many of them on this blog in the past, and have more information about it yet to be disclosed... On any social platform you will find sleeper agents that are much like the movie 'the matrix' when an agent takes someone over. They are people the powers that be have a very detailed psyche profile on, and if certain triggers happen in social areas, they are mind controlled to do or say certain things that align with the agenda of the cabal. The agenda is not always so simple to discern... For example sometimes they will martyr a part of the information they do not want exposed in exchange for destroying or bringing down someone they target.

Another tactic: False by Association.
There is a disinformation tactic where a shadow government source will propagate a ridiculous conspiracy theory or easily debunked UFO/Alien sighting etc, in hopes that it will have a cascading effect on people once debunked thoroughly. Once people witness something debunked they have a reaction to it. Predictive programming is being used in this case. The predictive programming is that people will eventually turn off to ET related information once enough hoaxes and debunks happen. Or alternatively making sensible conspiracy reality/fact/theory appear outlandish by propagating a conspiracy that is ridiculous to be attached as a stigma by association to the perception of "conspiriacy theorists". I call my self more a conspiracy realist than a theorist to be clear...

After being subjected to various "Government" whistleblowers I have detected that the US military may do internal disinformation and propaganda campaigns as a safeguard for whistleblowing... Of course I have no proof of this, but it is on my disinfo radar...

A major way the controllers manipulate people is through predictive programming. And I can safely say nobody is fully immune to predictive programming, although there are variances of immunity. As a mind control target of many years I have carefully examined my mind control and realized most of it is meant to make people misjudge me. From that angle of perspective I can say when it has been used acutely, predictive programming has been very effective, even if at the time I pointed it out.

Predictive Programming: Engineered actions meant to cause a specific reaction. AKA Predicting the programming that something will create. Often used by shadow governments as one of their most potent tools.

I will write an article on predictive programming in the future, and likely produce a video on it as well... The foundation of a false flag is predictive programming. One of the entire points of mainstream media is predictive programming. If you are not aware of this type of 'black magic' one is bound to be afflicted by it...
Source Link: http://omnisense.blogspot.com/2015/0...-of-cabal.html
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“An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate the opposition
into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.” ~Quote from my upcoming book
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