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For those 'pissing on Corbyns parade' i would like to remind you to look at the trend (not the event). Would the likes of Corbyn have stood a chance a decade ago? Now that people are waking up and getting their info from alternative sources they are starting to make 'small' but significant changes.

To counter this we are seeing stronger calls from the establishment and its minions for 'thought control', censorship and civilian rights to be restricted.

People now are also less 'afraid' to question the 'official' line, I am surprised how many people I know who are in quiet moments questioning whats going on. They realise things don't add up.

Also, I've noticed that there are lots of people questioning what Corbyn will do, whether he is legit etc. To those I'd say if you don't want someone else to push for change, do it yourself. That means getting yourself out there, ready to get shot down, by people who have a similar attitude to you. We should applaud and support things that go against what the mainstream / control stucture want.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth" M Aurelius
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Another Israel firster Zionist leaves Labour.


Seems their lust for Palestinian blood is greater than their loyalty to the country that took them in!
On balance, I think the only reason our political elite haven't slaughtered us in camps is they need us to produce children for them to fuck

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