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If this was a Von Neumann probe I can suggest this. During it's approach to the last planetary system it would have absorbed enough energy to replicate a series of self replicating robots which it would have quietly ejected during its approach. These would have used the energy then to do two things. One, explore and amass information about the planetary system, if promising they would then work on making a more direct approach. Second, they would also have travelled throughout the system to find and colonise space rocks to mine and use the raw materials to form more similar probes to slingshot in other directions. My guess is that we may see, in a few months and years another probe heading to us from the same direction or... We could see activity in our own asteroid belt.
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Oumuamua image here http://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1737a
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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post

The data readout of Oumuamua is probably a lot less exciting than an artistic impression.

According to astronomers apparent magnitude varies between 19.7 to > 27.5 depending whether it's energy absorption panels are catching the sunlight*

*I made that up.

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