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Default Reptillians Target The Psychic And Empathic Child

Hi, what I have discovered on my path of life which I wish to share.


Most people are totally unaware of how reptilians are involved in their life and how much damage they have done. They keep themselves well hidden. However, since I began to wake up I began to realise the impact the reptilians have had on me and my family. I keep meeting empathic and psychic people who tell the same childhood stories however they are completely unaware that it’s the Reptilians who are involved.

If you come across an empathic and psychic human, they generally have had a very difficult childhood. Their relationship with their main primary carer usually mother or/and father is abusive. They would have not felt loved, wanted, cherished and would have likely of been abused mentally and physically. They feel like the black sheep of the family as their siblings would have received the love and support that a child needs. I believe what happens is the mothers/father is programmed to reject an empathic/psychic child. Their spiritual cord to the child is cut by these reptilians and a reptilian is connected to the primary carer and child, which turns the mother against the empathic and psychic child. The child blocks off their heart chakra to protect itself from the pain and therefore is unable to use their natural abilities.The psychic and empathic child is also being programmed in the astral by the reptilians. The child grows up with many coping strategies, i.e. alcohol and drug use and sometimes carries on the cycle and attracts another abusive relationship and the circle continues. If the child can heal itself, break out of the programming, they will discover they are psychic and empathic and a gift to our reality. They become the healer and able to channel love/information into our reality. Unfortunately our healers are attacked right from when they are in the womb and we are being used to attack them. The human race needs to become aware of this and the attachments can easily be detached. However being conscious of this is the hardest part. Psychics and healers need to learn to keep their channels protected and not be used by the dark or light being.

Before I went to America, I started to notice normal people with reptilian eyes. These people would either be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs or depressed. I knew these people were not reptilian, but what was going on? Seeing the hybrid in America, made me realise the difference between hybrids and attachments. Reptilians attach to people they want to influence, control, destroy mainly empathic and psychic people. The people with the attachments were unaware of the attachment. They run through families and follow the empathic and psychic DNA. The psychic and empathic human can channel love into this reality and bring higher vibrations which is a massive threat to them. Their goal is to destroy that code which threatens their existence.

Totto and I help individuals who have been targeted by these beings and others to help them overcome fears and remove any attachments and implants that may still be in place. We also teach protection and through this process the individual returns back to their original self, the self that the Reptilians didn’t want you to be. Fearless and conscious!

Please follow my page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/qhhtwithrebecca/#
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yes that is basically what they do but not just "psychic kids", they actually do it to anyone who isn't a flesh robot
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Of course psychic kids would be targeted--they are potentially the most potent enemy of the truth and their gifts make them susceptible to control and they are great information vessels.

It has been said that all channeling done on planet Earth at this time is controlled and is not truth. Therefore, psychic kids have to be controlled somehow to stop any truth being revealed. Also, they can be used for disinformation purposes without their knowledge.

Not all psychic kids have the kind of childhoods you outline above. I think that new wave volunteers (Dolores Cannon) have specially chosen families and may not be prey to abuses etc. I know that is true in my case, at least, where I can see clearly how my non-abusive family really aided me without knowing they were doing it. (these people used to be called light bearers or lightworkers or starseeds from what I can see.)

I don't think it is wise to make blanket statements about the childhoods of psychic people.You might, however, be able to make such statements about people who have mpd or psychotic breaks.
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keep in mind though, that psychosis often starts with seeing things differently around you to others.
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in islam there are djiins, and they are targeting so to speak "good" people. So yes, they are interdimensional beings who are "demonising" the host, they act, and are different. in total are lost from waking up
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empathic, psychic, reptillians, target

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