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does anyone know where to get the paperwork/diagramms etc that are discussed in the video?
trying to google for them, but no luck!
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Originally Posted by glacidtek View Post
does anyone know where to get the paperwork/diagramms etc that are discussed in the video?
trying to google for them, but no luck!


Hi There i have been hiv for over 4 years m8 was on Kivexa and sustiva 1 tablet a day i was on these 4 3 years they made my life hell the shits puking up all kinds of stuff then one day i woke up and said no more meds not told my doctors a thing they say i look so good. my last cd4 is 230 in fact last week 20 05 09 vl through the roof if its so bad why the hell do i feel so damm great put on weight skins good nails not all split and broken check the sites ESP http://www.helpforhiv.com/ http://www.helpforhiv.com/videos.htm please watch this vid it will open ya eyes m8 aidsmythexposed.com
http://www.heallondon.org/ http://aras.ab.ca/index.php chemo is bad shit and loads of people die from it and there only on it short term. get ya m8 off the meds m8 it took me over 3 attempts to stop taking the meds cos they instill fear into you they tell ya not to miss even one dose just in case the meds get resistant to ya get ya mate of the shit at first he will go through all kind of shit but you must keep him off the shit it actually unbinds the very dna of ya body how bad is that but what a great way of getting rid of half the population of the planet and making billions as well if you or ya m8 need any help just give us a shout i know how hard it is to come off this medication good luck ps it will be the meds that will kill him soon er or later and give him aids like symptoms the bob beck plans are all over the place i to was going to build one but buy the time i bought the parts from maplins petrol etc it was costng £60 then ya not sure if it going to work i am think of buying mine from here http://www.goodvitality.com/ at £100.50.... i am not on ANY kind of health stuff at all sorry i am holland & barrett radiance thats it love all me junk food started making mms for people on here taking and selling it glacidtek pm me any time m8 if i can help i will or get ya m8 on here i will have a chat with him........ mms is here http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47801

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Check out: http://www.selfarise.com/mmsadvisor/

Look down the links on the right hand side.
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glacidteck. bob deck electrifier, Hulda clark zapper, whoever else's invention it is the same thing and it is based on royal riffes early century findings

i recommend you to join aidsmythexposed.com group for a lot of info on aids, that will blow your brain out, and yes - it does not exist- no such things as viruses exist
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alternative therapy, hiv

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