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Default Cure for cancer and many other diseases exists...

It's been known since 1974 that cannabinoids, the active ingredients in cannabis can kill tumors; however, being as cannabis was illegal, no further experiments were done, and the study was hidden until the early 1990's when someone leaked the study to aids.org.

Continually, in 1976, the Ford Administration declared that no further research could be done on cannabis.

Though, other countries have been studying cannabinoids, and even some universities lately in the US. Startiling discoveries were made.. Turned out, cannabinoids can be used to treat auto-immune diseases, inflammatory diseases, cancer, and even neurotoxin disorders. Such as those effected by nerve gass. (Turns out, if they smoked some marijuana, it would have relieved much of the damage if used within 5-10 minutes after.)

In case your wondering, medicinal marijuana should be used most efficiently on most diseases by making into a hash/hemp oil using alcohol. Then, eat a tiny amount of that multiple times a day for a few months. There usually wont be an intoxicating effect unless you eat too much. But, even then, it will help you sleep. Which is good if you are sick. This is a miracle plant.. Rick Simpson explains how to use the oil correctly. Though, not all of Rick Simpson's claims are backed by scientific evidence, so, don't get your hopes up about curing type 1 diabetes, but, it could be possible. I've never seen someone use it for that cause personally.

I've been wanting to get out this information, so I also gave a speech, and, I will let you all read it, and determine what you will from it. Sorry, my source links are mixed up at this time, but, everything should be there. I've been busy as of late, and havn't finished that portion yet.


Marajuana, mind control and government conspiracy.

Marijuana and other drugs are nothing more than a government conspiracy to keep "free thinkers" in the dark and under their control.

Everyone is always telling you that marijuana is bad for you, and while that is true, there is definitely more to it than that. If drugs like marijuana are illegal just because they are bad for you, wouldn’t alcohol, caffeine, junk food and cigarettes be illegal too? It is my theory that the government wants you to get high for their own gain and is using reverse psychology to get you to do it.
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Default Have you tried this?

I haven’t seen much about a product that appears to be getting a certain acclaim regarding its ability to deal with many pathogenic stressors, as well as its ability to actively treat cancer within the human body.

Statistically many people who are stricken with cancer of any form require a detoxification before true and long lasting health is reclaimed.

My experience as a health care professional is always to first and foremost establish how acidic an individual is, and then look at possible ways to remedy this condition. Cancer has been found to thrive in acidic environments, and finds it challenging if not impossible to remain established within an alkaline environment.

New research is also coming out that suggests that certain cancers are driven by parasites - strange but true.

A product that I have come across two years ago and have used allot since then is MMS - in which the active ingredient is chlorine dioxide. I would strongly suggest visiting the following link www.mmshealthyforlife.com in which many testimonials are provided by individuals suffering from cancer, and also those that have been apparently cured of cancer.

I myself purchase from the site www.mmshealthy4life.com

I hope this helps...

Kind regards...

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Best book Ive read on the subject:

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There is hundreds cures for cancer - cancer is excess of propyl alcohol and other solvents in the body V bacteria combo

you cure it by getting rid of toxins and bacterias

using herbs, oxygen, electric pulse (fastest combo)

chemotherapy is the quickes way to die from this 'uncurable desease' as fucks your cels up together with the cancer cells, normally people die straight after this


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When I was in High School I was very shy and reserved. My grades were not good even tho I took all the top level college prep classes, and my reasoning skills sucked. A year after joining the military I had a roomate who was a heavy pot smoker. I had never touched the stuff before, but one day I decided to try it. Long story short, I liked it and began to get high a couple of times a week. I am convinced that marijuana made me a changed person. I came out of my shell, and I swear I got smarter. I even went to college after my 6 years was up and I aced Chemistry, which I almost failed in HS.

If it wasn't illegal I'd prolly have a few tokes everyday. I truly believe pot is one of God's gifts, and I have seen it heal other people of conditions much worse than mine.

"Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it ... It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same." -- Thomas Paine
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