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Default Is global warming the onset of Earth's next ice age?

Could global warming be the first step of the Ice Age? We are overdue another ice age (technically we are in one) but we have seen no cooling thus far.

I don't pretend to be a climate expert, so anyone with some experience may be able to weigh in. Unless you are a moron, no one ought to argue against the reality that Earth is getting hotter at the moment and is it possible that this will result in a kind of temperature flip?
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The earth is far more complex, then just some maths working out how they think the weather works.

As far as i am concerned there is no such thing as what al gore claimed. There is a connection between the earth and sun, we can never understand.

So al gore, got all his predictions wrong, and was just exploiting sun cycles.

The ptb, often just exploit what nature is doing, as they know, the public have no real idea, and cannot even remember last years weather. So they are easily conned, by showing some propaganda on how some animal is suffering, like polar bears, when in reality the polar bears are doing the same as they always do.

So what ever they are forecasting about the weather, i will worry about it either way.

Humans have no idea, why ice ages happened, and they have no real idea how we impact the world we live in.

The weather is funny, you never know what may drive highs and lows, and i doubt humans will ever answer fully why.

So to answer your question on ice ages, for me personally i would not be worrying about it, and neither did i worry about what al gore claimed, and most people believed that rubbish.
"You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof. No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury."
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So true
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Between any glacial period and the next we have a warming period, that is how it works, it cannot work any other way.
Its not the fact that we warm then cool but the lie that produces money or carbon credits upon ignorance, and to keep us in ignorance is how TPTB take us to the cleaners every time.
Like the new pollution tax, this is profit driven pure and simple and millions will pay it instead of walking and riding cycles everywhere.
There is no real way to distance ourselves from these gready pigs because of how our labour is redistributed and we become helpless due to the organisation of this easy ride using easy energy.
It is going to get a lot warmer and more expensive as long as we remain devoid of real life skills, plain and simple.
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As stated already, there are many drivers to changes in the earth's climate, and none of us here (as far as I know) are meteorologists or atmospheric physicists. So let's allow those who understand the science to work on that and not let this degenerate into another climate change is a hoax/real/conspiracy thread.

The earth's orbit around the sun is not quite circular. For the past few thousand years the earth is actually a few million miles closer to the sun during the northern hemisphere's winter. But I did read that as the earth's precession changes, and the northern winter coincides with the earth being furthest from the sun, that might be a trigger for an ice age. This is the case apparently becasue the northern hemisphere has a greater land mass, and where areas where snow does not melt in summer spread further south (becasue the further distance from the sun coincides with northern winter), that's what starts it off.

There are other things to consider; possible long term solar cycles we haven't spotted, volcanism, atmospheric levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide and cosmic rays.

But I'm not a climate scientist, so if there are any on the forum, please feel free to add to the debate.



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Spreading and contracting ice caps coupled with falling and rising sea levels is a a regular event in the recent history of the Earth.

A major factor here is the effect of the great ocean currents on world climate coupled with how prodigious amounts of fresh water from melting ice at the poles may cause them to stall or stop.
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global warming, ice age

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