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Default Chemical Mind Control

They are lying to us again and everyone seems to be buying it. They said they are spraying Lithium into the atmosphere to track air currents. That is the same lame excuse they gave us for spraying Aluminum. If there is so much Aluminum in the air that they can't track the currents with it then they should stop spraying everything until they can. Nano Aluminum is a toxin and so is Lithium. They both adversely affect the nervous system and combine them what is the total damage they can do? Lithium is a very good conductor. It is used for this Pharma that drives people crazy. They are using this for chemical mind control. there is no other use for it. The government is just another Doctor Feelgood with a bad end result. Do not let this pass. First excuse on Aluminum was shaft and the military. We had to pull some teeth to make them admit it was nano Aluminum.

Go after them!!!!!!!!

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I'm not disputing chem-trailing, but I don't think it's objective is to medicate us , this is much more effectively done through the water and food.

The sums just don't add up ,high level spraying disperses the chemical through the atmosphere , people on the ground would be subjected to an extremely small dose , much too small to have an effect.
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This medication accusation is just a way for people to absolve personal responsibility.

They are NOT medicated. That is what they are really like.

Give people free will and too many of them will choose hell.

Most people are like Hansel and Grettle, they fall for the suger coating every time. Quite frankly they deserve to be roasted by the wicked witch.
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cover up

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