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Default Zionism-Nazi connection-Satanism-Ashkenazi Jews

So the Nazi's never left,formed all the major corporations that run the world now(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)remember the meeting the German industrialist had before the war ended,also Navy seal headquarters ,could someone suggest a good book that connects the two.Ashkenazi Jews.http://novalight.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/do-tall-white-nazi-space-aliens-worship-jesus-in-addition-to-controlling-america-washington-post/[/URL]
Texe Marrs has
Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star
& then there is
The Matrix of Gog
all a bit too biblical
Maybe I should go back there?
Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom

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I have given this some thought. I think its all family. One family of interrelated terrestrials but from another age on the earth. These, a sub species we didn't know about are not fully understood but the pieces are falling together. See my latest cone head post on my blog. I do not have the means to post a picture here but the old cone heads are the rulers of the last age. I think they called them 'Snake Priests' due to the serpentine look of both how they dressed much like the Pope and all but the original garb was lizard skins, scales left on and stuff like this so it added to the look you know? This is quite simply what led to both dragon slaying and giant slaying myths since most of these cone heads appeared quite tall even by NBA standards.

It is probably true that these cone heads ruled much like the vile ones depicted in the movies. I think there is probably some truth there in the way they lick their lips for the vile and disgusting deaths in that scene off world in the Cone Heads Movie too. Color me strange if you like but the point is these cone heads abused humanity for a long time. Its quite possible they ran a prison planet of make work. Making humanity built worthless piles of rock into pyramids for some religion they gave them. From one end of the earth to the other as Courtney Brown points out is evidence of this prison planet run originally by the ancient long lived Pharaohs recorded for us to read about.

These were as stated by scholars of the time non mortal beings. It is also said to be responsible for introducing negative blood into the human line. Once introduced those "blue bloods' with partial cone heads referred to now as hybrids? Well, they took over. King Tut and those before him were all his descendants. This hybridizing written about in great detail in the next paper by Mauro Biglino may have been instigated by the cone heads.

It is theoretically possible they did this because we were defeating them and in order to go about their vile lives they mutated themselves but in certain family lines only. Other more pure families were kept exempt from this hybrid creating to dilute their kind. It appears either purposely or not the line was diluted because history shows these ones could not keep their dicks in their pants around human woman and began producing babies with them. What used to be just the act not producing children was now producing them due to genetic mixes taking place in other species. While Homo Sapien could not reproduce and have children with these ones apparently other Denisovan and other peoples could and did and then mingled that into the Homo Sapien line this way. We were hunting them down and killing them, sacrificing them and they were dwindling in numbers anyway due to the coast line changes. Since they lived on the coasts this depleted their genetic diversity quite a lot and ours too.

Eventually their own hybrids from not being able to keep their lust in their pants is what brought them down, then they went about disguising themselves while they ruled with the mantra of shock and awe rule by fear as their motto. The pure ones hide behind the scenes living on Islands and isolated territories all protected and using their big brains they call the shots to the less pure royals out in the trenches acting as governors to the one leader. This is how its happening. They are all related, every president, every king, every queen, every governor in the US has blood or family ties with each other through out congress and senate. Think about it, its ingenious to simply create a hybrid family of your relatives to run the world for you, completely loyal and linked to you by blood and fear it was the perfect marriage.

Where our bible picks up is about where the story takes off for human kind and how the new rulers who just got the new age underway. About now in our history actually for time frame but many eons back in the past.

The new rulers did not see any reason to tell the populace the truth so they set about on a campaign to eliminate the memory and induce a mass amnesia of the past. Natural events contributed to this and made it that much easier and in few short generations much of the ancient past knowledge was reduced to myth and fairy tale. The mass amnesia we have as a species is also no accident. These hybrid cone heads all did that.

That is until the human genome project came along and started doing mass DNA studies world wide. What was discovered is quite revealing. The royals are indeed a separate sub species of human that existed in the last cycle before the cataclysm. There are official government papers on this that I have been privy to reading. I've posted other info on blood here just look around at the Haplogroups. Much is known now of what occurred. Noah or the figure of this hero to jump start the new amnesiac public was a cone head hybrid. He had a skull like this here shown in an exact replica of King Tut. Note the skull! This is the same shape as the Queens skull did you know that? Its also the same shape as Eric Clapton's skull and any other royal or blue blood. In fact it is likely you know someone that has a remnant cone head skull and negative blood and they do not even realize or know they are a separate distinct sub species of human not the same as those of us with positive blood.

These differences go farther than the shape of our head and the shape of the head when seen such as below and such as pictures below this can show you quite clearly cone head remnants on each of the skulls of those below that has negative blood type! I perhaps see it easier being educated in dentistry and quite familiar from the neck up but look closely. Really look at the skulls shown here. Tut looks as he does and has the same negative blood type as a royal not by accident. I guarantee you each and every person on this planet with negative blood type is related to one of the cone heads of ancient times.

Please note that in the 1st Century Egyptian priests wrote that the earliest Pharaohs were non human beings! These were the immortals. The mortals have ruled for little over 5000 years according to Diodorus writing at that time in history. The reason the royals are as Bill Mahr puts it, "cousin fuckers" is because quite frankly they know they are diluted down and to remain pure, to keep the edge, to keep the ruthlessness they were born with as their creators were, they just breed only from within. So long as they stay within they remain under the umbrella of protection. Go outside that umbrella tho, and you get the Diana treatment. As they get diluted down the blue bloods mix with those of us with positive blood. The children come out mixed and will express recessive negative characteristics but still display cone head appearance at times. I have some pics up on my blog of this.
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Default Cones

Thanks for your lengthy post.
It would be nice to have the DNA of some leaders,obtained somehow,I have thought,through waiters serving them and compare....
Didn't know Claptons skull was cone?
I think Israhell has been given too much rope this time and the world is now going to be focus on Zionism and not on the jews and I do hope some "good guys"would show up and help us out of this prison planet!
Not to mention this new warmongering with Russia,seems the time has come for something to put a stop to this madness?
I read your blog and will be following it-cheers
They say all roads lead to Rome??....how about the Rothschilds (only vatican banksters?

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