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Default Secret to happiness is cast out the demon

The secret to happiness is casting out the demon.

The power divine word to cast out the demon.

Speak with raised but calm voice.

Here is what to say: I cast you out you demon spirit of anger and evil in the name of God Jesus Christ and I command you to lose hold on me, to lose hold on my health and power, to lose hold on my happiness and economic situation in God name and authority, his love and grace, aymen.

First, the demon gets weaker, but he would not leave completely, because he thinks you do this one time and then you stop. So, cast him out at least once a day and little by little you retrieve your happiness mind from the bully(the demon).

If you ask your mind to make you happy or happier, your mind would not do it, because your mind does not take instructions from you. But when you stand up to the demon and cast him out then you become the new authority and your mind starts obeying you and release happiness intantly and contineuosly.

You don't have to use the name God or Jesus Christ, use the name you prefer for higher and or divine power, because we unite over the name of the problem(the enemy).

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Happiness is winning the lottery. lol

1:20 "Happiness was not always a target worth striving for. The root of the word happiness in most Indo-European languages is luck or fate, implying that happiness was originally viewed as something to be given and taken away by the gods or by chance. It was not thought to be attainable through human effort alone."
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Lightbulb Understanding demonic possession

We Are One !!
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