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Default New horror game about MKUltra

This new horror survival game is all about MKUltra, looks f'cking great

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I rarely yell out loud but I just did. Are you fucking kidding me? I sure hope so.

Do you even know what MKultra IS???? DO YOU?????

They took little children and abused them to the point of death for years, tortured them , raped them, then fractured their personalities and sent them to kill.

I PERSONALLY KNOW, like in have been to my home and stayed with me Mkultra children now grown to adults. Destroyed, hurt and harrassed adults.

Better rethink this game, it's a child abuse game.
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of course I know what mkultra was and is, project monarch etc.

you need to get hold of those knee jerk reactions,
child abuse game?
because it references mkultra?

by that logic the manchurian candidate is child abuse film.

It's a survival horror, what exactly were you expecting?
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