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Originally Posted by stealth_0073 View Post
the woman photo is fake but the damage is real

this was from a documentary wich is real if i do a frame by frame
the woman object changes shape almost like a hologram

the nist photo team have simply added the woman who is not edna
photo, and overlayed it into the NIST stills

another part of the psyop
the rabbit hole goes deeper than you can imagine.
I think you have no expertise to make these claims, that's what I think. What experts in video and editing software credentialed are reliable sources to your claims? You're incorrect that is a living person and you are repugnant for belittling this person's death.
I can no longer have fair and intelligent conversation with people here, without them resorting to the use of personal attacks. I have been targeted as a scapegoat for my defensive actions. I cannot discuss new topics and stop the rampant amounts of misinformation when it happens, where it applies. If it can happen to me it can happen to you.
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Originally Posted by narcolepticwatchman View Post
i think i have done enough research of my own to make my own mind up without you repeating stuff I have heard a million times and telling me what to think dude. Get off your high horse.

Seems like you are just wanting to shove your opinions down my throat without talking cognisance of my questions to you as well mate.....answer the shanksville and pentagon questions in my previous post.
I am not on a high horse - apologies if my posting style comes across that way - I am willing to admit that it is *possible* that no planes hit the towers, tho the evidence available makes that scenario astronomically unlikely.

I am not telling you what to think - just pointing out there is mountains of evidence that suggests otherwise.

There is very little evidence in the public domain that *proves* anything.

I believe that yes a plane (tho it's not proven that plane was flight 77) most likely a 757 or at the very least something with a wingspan thats very close to that of a 757 with engines in about the same places (because of lightpole damage and the generator damage - as well as all of the 90odd eye witnesses) hit the pentagon.

And I believe that flight 93 was most likely shot down over shanksville - the powers that be realised shortly afterwards that the passengers had tried to take back the plane and immediately spun the story of "good old American Heroes fight back" and neglected to mention how the plane came down.

I don't think it matters what I believe happened - or what you believe happened. We are both entitled to our opinons and beliefs.
We can both argue over what we believe until hell freezes over it won't change much.

What matters I think is getting a new proper investigation convened so that what actually happened is brought to light and supported with irrefutable evidence - so that the people who did this can be brought to justice and most of the questions, especially those questions the families of the victims have can be put to rest.

Can we agree on that much?

We do have stuff in common - we both believe 9/11 was an inside job and the official story is a pack of lies. If we allow differences in the how we believe stuff happened we end up still arguing the toss on the internet and thats exactly where the powers that be would rather we stayed imo.
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