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Lightbulb Separation of Light From Darkness Has Begun!

shatter the new age mind control paradigm
expose the deception of "all is one" enslavement

Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun


Amitakh Stanford
8th June 2008

The reality of what lies ahead for the world is unacceptable to many. The ones with no understanding of the situation will be gravely disadvantaged, as will those with some understanding who have been indoctrinated to believe that everything is beautiful when it is not – they deny truth whenever it conflicts with their comfort zone.

Truth can be painful and daunting. Nonetheless, truth is positive, no matter what spin others may put on it. There are those who mislead others with the mistaken doctrines that all is love, all is one, everything is beautiful, there is no evil, the harmonic convergence will make everything wonderful, and one can create one’s own reality. Often they insist that only positive things should be discussed. These people are in serious denial of what is happening in the world.

There are those who do not wish to discuss wars, diseases, crimes etc. because they say these are negative things and should not be spoken of. This is ignorantly absurd. The world is a vile place and there are wicked things that occur here. Whilst the topics are troubling, they should often still be addressed. For example, children and young people should be informed about the dangers of drug usage. It is a positive move to prepare children for the world they live in. However, there is a fine line, and the way issues are presented is critical to how the message impacts the audience.

This is a virtual reality that will corrupt any truth that is brought down to it. This is why truth is so easily distorted the moment it is dispersed in the Virtual Reality, from the physical to the astral to all levels in the cosmic realms. How true it is that truth will become fable, then myth, and finally absurdity as it is repeated by those without any understanding of it. Indeed, it is a well-worn path known to many researchers. Corruption of truth is an imposition by Darkness in the Virtual Reality designed to keep inhabitants ignorant. That is why there is no way that truth of all things can be understood or revealed here. One can only hope that he or she receives sufficient truth to sustain him or her until the Rescue Mission is completed.

The New Age movement is headed by many self-appointed “gurus” who spread whatever “new” thing they re-discover and modify. Whilst there are exceptions, these “gurus” usually have little or no academic training in theology/philosophy/science and other relevant disciplines. It is generally believed by many in the movement that those with academic or scientific backgrounds cannot grasp the deeper aspects of spiritual matters. This becomes the focus of the “gurus”. That is, they indoctrinate others with whatever beliefs they choose.

When a “guru” presents an ancient thought, they often give it a new twist. Since the “gurus” have limited relevant academic/research backgrounds, often they can only present a veneer of a concept, whether it is re-incarnation, astral travelling, channelling, enlightenment, past-life experiences etc. The New Agers are generally inclined not to accept information expounded by those who have done in-depth studies of the relevant subjects, because they believe that such people cannot really understand spiritual things. Likewise, those who are trained academically are restricted by their own academic indoctrination that metaphysical matters are primarily based upon superstitions and ignorance.

There is a huge amount of supposedly channelled material floating about New Age circles. Some of the material was never channelled, but was assembled by charlatans. Other material is channelled, but the sources of the material are mostly questionable, even though much of it is sugar-coated with echoes of love, altruism, self-giving, warriorship and the like.

Some channellers have been generally accepted as “clear” channels who bring down only truth. The concept that there could be such “clear” channels is based upon the same fallacy that is behind the Catholic doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope. It is extremely dangerous to readily accept channelled material as absolute truth.

Whilst there is some genuine channelled material on Earth from reliable sources, this sort of situation is rare. Once genuine material filters through the evil system, it is immediately pounced upon by the “natural laws” in place in the realm. That is, the agents of Darkness in all forms begin corrupting the truth. This corrupting process is ever so subtle, gradual and deceptive that it appears natural, thus keeping people unaware of the process and the unseen intention behind it.

Many of the channellers have very limited knowledge and background regarding the material they are channelling. Hence, they do not even have the physical-mind knowledge to critically question or assess the material they are presenting. They can even behave as robots that are presenting programmed material. The beings capable of sending out the channelled messages to the channellers could be discarnate beings, astral beings, alien beings or even physical, living beings. All of these can have their own agendas. Most of the people who dabble in channelling cannot discern energies, even though they think they can.

The materials channelled from evil aliens are the most dangerous of all the channelled materials for many reasons. Firstly, the evil aliens are at war with humans, regardless of the nonsense that has been presented about their compassion and love for humanity. Further, the evil aliens can disguise themselves as angels, ascended masters or even gods. They or their messages might appear harmless or even helpful and spiritual, but that is not the case. They can make their followers feel that they are on the right spiritual path, and make things around them appear to be good, spiritual and uplifting. However, the followers are unaware that they are weakening themselves through the process of connecting to certain channelled material.

Prolonged exposure and involvement with the benign-appearing channelled material can weaken their Will, which the victims are not even aware of on the physical level. On the contrary, they may even feel spiritually connected and fulfilled, and be deceiving themselves into thinking they are progressing spiritually. Since many are taught about spiritual progression and advancement, they accept the doctrine of evolution of the soul. They can be quick to attack anyone who questions this spiritual evolutionary theory. In fact, evolutionary theories of all types are generally protected by Darkness and people are programmed to accept them.

People associate psychic activities with the New Age movement, but there were many genuine healers, psychics, seers, prophets and soothsayers in antiquity. The New Age movement has purposely or unwittingly attracted shameless rogues who have dabbled in psychic readings, healings, exorcisms and other things to con the unsuspecting public who seek help from them. In recent months, the media in various countries are exposing these charlatans. This exposure is not so much to protect the public, but mainly intended to ridicule and persecute the genuine psychics. Many of the charlatans who are being exposed by the ruling elite media are working with the ruling elite. This is another example of a single force running both sides of a situation and making it appear as a conflict. This is a variation of the “good cop, bad cop” scenario. It is a set up to disadvantage genuine psychic workers.

Many of the “gurus” pinch bits of truth or information from here and there and pretend it is their own material, to which they apply their own spin to totally corrupt what little truth there was originally. Some of these post other people’s work on their own websites and spend volumes of space critiquing the material. They try to elevate themselves by pretending to have in-depth knowledge to fool the casual readers of the sites. The types of critiques in most of these websites show that the writers have very limited or no inner understanding or experience of what they are writing about. This is irresponsible at best! Worse than their egoistical puffing is the amount of misguiding they do to people who are sincerely searching for truth.

Among these sites are many that are operated by people who serve the ruling elite. Many of these websites are assisted by the ruling elite, which have control of the internet. The ruling elites’ agents decide which websites are blocked and which are promoted. Website hit counters, availability, speed, convenience and access are all controlled and manipulated by the ruling elite. Search engines will often place the ruling elites’ chosen sites at or near the top of many searches. However, there are times when it suits the ruling elite to put valid websites at or near the top of searches to satisfy their own ulterior motives.

Apart from the widespread spying on the internet, individual liberties are being compromised by the ruling elite. There has been a proliferation of sophisticated tracking devices that can track the movements of almost anyone who has possession of certain laptop computers, cell phones, passports, driving licences or satellite maps. The wireless networks allow easier tracking, even when people do not think they are connected to the internet or other relevant network. There is also such a bombardment of radio broadcast noise in the atmosphere now that many people have heard bits of physical broadcasts or conversations in their own homes. These are not ghost activities, but physical broadcasts that occasionally can be heard with human ears. One can just imagine how this impacts animals with more sensitive hearing.

Tracking of sites visited on the internet is done for the ruling elite. The ruling elite bulletin-board and critique-type websites that post bits of truth and volumes of critiques are especially used in tracking people. “Gurus” who serve the ruling elite often have little spiritual understanding, but pretend to educate others and wear a façade of altruism. Some of these appear openly and notoriously, whilst others retain a form of anonymity.
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Amazing.. never expected something like this to be posted on this forum, or
on most forums. I agree with more or less everything that is said in this post.
Most of it directly corresponds with what I learned and experienced.

You should post this on the Lightworkers.org website, they really need an
eye opener like this in that place.

I'd add to this, but everything has already been said.

It is a lot of text, but I recommend people read it, it is important.

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new age movement my arse.

People associate psychic activities with the New Age movement, but there were many genuine healers, psychics, seers, prophets and soothsayers in antiquity.

so uh, where did the general acknowledgement of human psychic ability come into a new paradigm dimensional understanding?

shortly after being admonished for previous charlatanry in regards to maintaining ignorance for the masses on a double negative blindside logic.

this article seems a little 20'th century.

people need to not be so possessive with their supposed "divine powers" and realize that this is Given and age old human ability.

not taking this sort of thing literally is what "new-agers" do.

A lack of literal applied understanding can fail to comprehend adequately the logic behind interpersonal reactions, and the general logical/physical basis that underpins and facilitates all general human spiritual comprehension also.

Anythings possible, Salt all round, Don't take things for granted or just hope for the best. Do something.
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If I wasn't an emotionally jaded son of a bitch, I'd cry at how true this is. The world is a fucking piss bowl, and people are just smiling like the stepford wives... their lives are ruled by work, heirachy, and they're all fat, self-hating, zombies. Living in pain and death. What the fuck do they have to be happy about?

People wonder why I can be so depressed, so nihilistic, and yet preseviore. What choice do I have? I've never once known what it's fealt like to have options, to have power, to have confidence that things will always be okay. All I have is survival mode. To do it because I know there isn't any other options for me. To roll the dice and just hope for a better end case scenario.

It's always the rulers and the emperors who have to set precedance for destruction. They have everything to lose. Their perfect little world becomes harder and harder to maintain, and when it all collapses, they're going to be a fucking laughing stock and have to accept the fact they were not special nor geniuses...

I am lucky enough to have met one person who really understands me. Who I do not have to believe cares about me, but knows cares about me. I know she doesn't always understand, or agrees with, but I know if I needed her to do something, she'd do it. She'd lie for me, she'd kill for me, she may just have too.

All this hendoist crap of what love is supposed to be. Everyone wants to "feel good". Whether on some abstract level of companionship and feeling sexy, or on primitive biological scales of fucking a hot bitch. It's disgusting really. Makes me just want to burn all the aids ridden vermin alive... Love is loyalty. That's it. Just motherfucking loyalty. You know who's most unloyal? The soothsayers, the pseduo-intillectuals, the liberals, and "the open minded". They all got something to say, but never someone to say it too. Never someone they want to listen too, care about, and help them through their problems.

Love isn't easy because love is not in our nature. We are extremely evil creatures... Nature is not good. Nature is fucking terrible. It's a darwinistic hellhole of conflict and competitition, onstantly! Everyone's always killing eachother, eating ther babies, shitting and humping. It's a fucking mess. Why would you act lik that's some beautiful and majestic thing? Fucking pagans...

I can't even pray for world destruction. Because it's short sighted. The universe is so damn big, there has to be more evil out there that needs to be eradicated. But I can't even handle the evil in my own life. Sometimes I wonder if letting love into my life was such a good idea. I feel like it holds me back. If I didn't have to worry about someone else, I could be a real sociopath. A serial killer or something. Do alot of good by taking out alot of bad people. But it doesn't change the fact there's still more evil out there, beyond my sight, beyond my understanding...

People wonder whats with all the fucking music. When I was a kid I was never much into music. Didn't like it much at all really. But as I got older, I saw how music befits every feeling, every scenario, every event. Music math for the soul and the ears.
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I'm glad this was helpful to someone! Amitakh's material is DEFINITELY UNIQUE and you're probably right, its not posted on enough forums... usually because once people read it, they get REAL TIRED of looking at forums.
Thanks for reading, share it with others if you can.
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channeling, implants, law of attraction, mkultra, ritual abuse

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