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bj face our ego minds
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Wink Best 9/11 Truth Documentary

This is not an attempt to advertise this product for monetary gain or personal gain. I simply feel the need to spread the word and help further the Truth movement that David has helped propel into our consciousness. Thank you for understanding this.

9/11 Mysteries - Part 1: Demolitions
www.911mysteries.com is, in my opinion, the best evidence gathered in a documentary form so far. However there are MANY. But this is the "best" for the time being. They speak of the following 1st & 2nd awakenings at the end of the movie, that I am now profoundly fond of. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone in the realm of Truth seeking.

Source of quote at the end of 9/11 Mysteries - Part 1: Demolitions: www.fearorlove.com

1st Awakening
What is the First Awakening? . . . . What is really happening ~

This is the discovery of how the world truly operates. Things are not as they seem! There is an illusion held in place through the use of deception by a global elite with a dark and secret agenda for world domination. This plan is mainly referred to as the New World Order (NWO), the goal of which is tyrannical enslavement of humanity. This global elite, otherwise known as the dark Illuminati, controls 100% of our world systems and institutions: Finance, Education, Science, Media, Religion, Environment, Health, Politics. If you’re someone who wants to live free, the natural response to this discovery is anger, fear, judgment, and resistance. This is the First Awakening – and it is the threshold to the Second Awakening . . . . .where we do even more waking up.

When we can understand that EVERYTHING exists in the form of energy and vibrates on a particular frequency, then we can see that the world population is being controlled energetically.

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, grievance, and guilt, resulting in judgment and resistance, broadcast a dense, low vibration. So by keeping human beings in a climate of separation and fear, conflict and division, our human energy is actually being used by the dark Illuminati to perpetuate the NWO power grid through our unconscious cooperation with the Left/Right paradigm.

FearOrLove.com offers a host of products that can contibute to your indvidual first awakening within the greater global awakening.

The First Awakening then, crucial to the process of freeing humanity, is becoming aware of the deception perpetrated by a dark agenda. Those who choose to remain at this level of awakening, in resistance mode, will recycle history.

However, for those that choose it, there is...

2nd Awakening

What is the Second Awakening? . . . The solution for what is really happening ~

The Second Awakening threatens the NWO at the highest levels. Only in contrast to light can darkness thrive. The Left/Right paradigm is our current reality and is the vehicle for the continuation of this plan for global domination. Another term for this agreed-upon reality is Duality. Duality provides the perfect arena for extreme polarization. Examples of Duality and Left/Right thinking are: Liberal/Conservative; Us/Them; Right/Wrong; Male/Female; Good/Evil; Heaven/Hell; Victim/Victimizer. If the First Awakening is the WHO, WHAT, WHY of the deception and mind control of the negative polarity, then the Second Awakening that leads to the dismantling of the NWO power structure is the HOW that leads toward our SOLUTION.

When we can understand that EVERYTHING exists in the form of energy and vibrates on a particular frequency, then we can see that the world population is being controlled energetically.

Positive feelings of love, joy, enthusiasm and gratitude emit a lighter, higher vibration. By coming out of what amounts to our spiritual amnesia and remembering that we are actually empowered creators, not disempowered creatures, we can move out of the judgment and negative emotions that keep us enslaved. We are making the realization that “it is the cure that is killing the patient” - the “cure” being extreme polarization. Starting with ourselves, we can alter the course of human consciousness, so that the NWO will disintegrate when it cannot make the shift out of Duality into Wholeness - and we will emerge into a world based on responsibility, cooperation, accountability and respect – i.e. Freedom.

FearOrLove.com offers a host of products that can contribute to your indvidual second awakening within the greater global awakening.

The Second Awakening is becoming aware of our choice to come out of our spiritual amnesia, and step into personal empowerment, activating a new paradigm based on Love, that goes beyond trying to “fix” Duality, that by its very nature can’t be fixed. Those who choose this stage of awakening through non-judgmental forgiving love are giving rise to the liberated world we say that we really want.

Love and light as we trust the Process!!

Leah Lewis
Publisher and Editor
Liberty Rising Productions

Trusting the Process is surrendering to Spirit so that you are in the flow of Divine Love, no matter what appears to be happening around you.
Thank you David. Thank you Icke fans. Namaste all.
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Indeed it is an excellent source, I also highly recommend 9/11 Press For Truth 'The Jersey Girls', it's the ongoing story of what some relatives of victims are doing to find the truth of what happened to there loved ones on that awful day.

More info here -

The Earth needs rebels! - David Icke
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I enjoyed the quote above. I have a question that I hope someone can provide me insight on. Why is it crucial to undergo Awakening One, becoming aware of the deception?

I have found since reading David Icke that I do not fit it with anyone. Religious people do not want to hear it, many think I am crazy, most are totally uninterested, and the spiritual truth seekers say "that is negative, I only want to hear positive things". They want to change the world by love and forgiveness, by emitting light. What can I say to that? Maybe that is all we need to do; maybe we don't have to be aware, just light-filled, which would be to skip right to the 2nd Awakening. However, I still feel fascinated myself to understand the deception. But even with a crowd of spiritual truth seekers, I feel that I must watch what I say so as not to come off negative, even though I am with my own kind of people - I am also a spiritual truth seeker. I have been very confused by this. Any comments to help me understand why understanding the illusion is important?
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kha zarr
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yes I was going to say 911 mysteries - covers a lot of the issues, more complete than others. But Ive learned no single source of info is by any means complete; Davids book on 911 is excellent source on the 'whos who' bit, in certain ways, as well.

Of course more keeps coming out all the time, its great that people arent afraid as few years ago were and are telling more of their stories, more and more. This including topics on some sources of alternative media even being connected to influential brokers [in itself this claim may seem like paranoia or dividing the movement at first, but imagine if it were true then criminals could control investigations into their crimes...which would make them harder to apprehend!] - needless to say it brings up controversy but when I read about it I cant help but agree it might also be a source of the deception, even if some, including me, dont like hearing it.

Hey I like that fear or love site, thanks.

-K Z

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