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Default The Story Behind Operation Spanner and the Puritans

Operation Spanner involved over 640 raids with search warrants; caused 100 early deaths of those raided including over 60 alleged suicides, in addition to the 16 Spannermen charged;between £4.5million and £6.5million in costs by the time the court appearances were under way. Here I will put together some of the lesser-known facts surrounding the case in order that people might view the operation on the whole, rather than just focus on the legal consequences. I think Operation Spanner desperately needs to be viewed in this context, rather than simply how it might subsequently affect any individual.

The Spanner Case background:
In 1983/84 the Obscene Publications Squad with the assistance of Manchester Police were believed to have either operated or monitored (or both) a gay contact magazine, “Gay Galaxy”as a dragnet sting operation;(a "honeytrap" as it were). This was the preliminary intelligence-gathering ground for the Spanner Operation, and was already underway in early 1983 (and perhaps before then).
The magazine carried adverts that were much more extreme than other gay magazines. These were adverts from those who were into or seeking witchcraft/extreme/ water-sports/ S/M/slavery/incontinence/ab/bdsm/cp/age play/scat/body modifications/knife play/pugilism/mutilation etc.,and many more, and any such adverts that would normally be refused by the “straight” best-selling gay contact magazines. Obviously it did attract many advertisers and responders,as to the best of my knowledge;in the UK at least; whilst not requiring any membership,such contacts had never before appeared publicly available in a gay booklet prior to this in the UK. The magazine claimed to have been raided by the police several times, but still continued to publish adverts relating to all types of behaviour.
A lot of adverts were either unlawful or requesting unlawful acts.
It is believed that the OPB (via an anonymous Gay Galaxy box number) were offering cash rewards for people to forward ( in other words - soliciting) unlawful and obscene material by post depicting unlawful and obscene acts, in addition to monitoring advertisers and responders.

The Obscene Publications squad at the time were carrying out raids on gay men claiming to be looking for snuff movies or child porn.
Two such adverts that regularly either appeared in each or most editions of Gay Galaxy were similar to:
1) “Snuff movies wanted. Unlimited top cash price paid for extreme and underage movies”
2) “Extreme and bondage SM movies wanted – top cash prices paid for movies showing bizarre or underage extreme acts”
(or words to that effect). There may have been others.
Gay Galaxy only ran throughout 1983, and I believe folded around 1984. Gay Galaxy was just a cheap typeset A5 size booklet with blue card cover front and back and carried no photos or images, only adverts, (printed in Manchester area).

During the same period, Bryn Alyn Children's Homes in Wales (run by John Allen) were heavily involved with the Westminster paedophile ring, forced prostitution of children "in care",and MI5, and were believed to have been offered the return of movies for cash from former residents (who believed they should have been paid for their forced prostitution). There had already been, and would be, many hitherto unexplained "suicides" of former residents. It is firmly believed that these movies, possibly involving multiple copies, (and depicting recognisable VIP's, and/or missing or recognisable children - in other words, extreme or "snuff" child porn) were the unmentioned targets of the searches and advertisements by the OPB.

The landing strip directly opposite the main entrance to Bryn Alyn Hall.
https:[email protected]../data=!3m1!1e3
Top people, MI5 linked to North Wales Childrens' homes.
International links to Nicholas van Hoogstraten and CIA:

The focus on the Spannermen occurred when an address of a whistleblower tallied with an advertiser on Gay Galaxy, in 1983.
What had commenced as a targeting of visitors to a Bryn Alyn whistleblower’s residence ( following a threat from a senior officer of Manchester Children’s Services in November 1983, [whom it transpired had been acting as a "pimp" for the child prostitution racket]), together with trespassing by at least one member of John Allen's security (it was a very secluded house) and co-ordinated raids by Manchester police within their own area, culminated 4 years later with charges being brought in 1987. All of the spannermen had at one or more times been visitors to this address and had taken part in sessions with some videotaped records.It had been a fishing expedition right from the start, and targeted contacts of visitors, their contacts of contacts, etc. A leading QC on the case informed me that over 6.5 million pounds had been spent on the investigation, with over 640 raids with warrants/ over 100 early deaths including over 60 suicides. There had been one of the group who was underage several years earlier, and that fact was played upon.
There was no connection to the earlier (over 600) raids. It is believed that millions were spent on the searches to no avail, and that these costs had to be justified with arrests.
Hames was, after all Margaret Thatcher’s proposed candidate for the role of head of OPB from the General Synod members who were considered. Thus he was appointed at Thatcher’s request from the Church of England General Synod and tasked with enforcing “Christian family values” upon the nation.

I can also say for certainty that one of the men became the leading expert on body modifications in the UK.
There was no justification for the jailings as none of the men were a danger, and there was certainly no justification for over 6.5 million of public funds being splashed out in such a manner.

Following the trashing of the whistleblower's report on Bryn Alyn,( which at the time had been forwarded to the relevant authorities), the corruption at Bryn Alyn and Manchester was eventually brought to the notice of the Prime Minister and the House of Commons in May 1985, (and five years later was more widely detailed and exposed in Scallywag magazine), but was never in fact investigated. ; although Operation Pallial had in 2014 investigated 2 selected items of child abuse from the original 1983 report. It should be noted here that 2014 was the first time any of the child abuse reported in 1983 had actually been investigated.

Obviously what the police did already have from Gay Galaxy was a very full list of nationwide advertisers and their responders names,addresses,innermost sexual deviances and preferences which alone would have been in the hundreds, coupled with any videotapes they may have confiscated in raids or been sent by post.
What is most definitely known is that the raids from 1983 to 1987 purported to be seeking snuff movies, but carried on with charging the spannermen knowing full well there were no connections of this sort.
The spannermen raids, arrests and charges were carried out by Michael Hames and his teams.

Michael Hames was Margaret Thatcher’s personal choice for the position historically known as the Witchfinder General ( at the time, known as Head of Obscene Publications, - and in previous decades, the Blasphemy Unit of the Met ; and before then, the Heresy Unit).
The Office of the Witchfinder General is (was) a unique and historical appointment where a voted member of the Church of England General Synod is appointed to a senior position within the Met. with his own squad of officers to undertake work on behalf of the Church, and is the only appointment the Church is allowed to make to the Met. Common Law is their jurisdiction in this respect.
In Hames’s case, he was already a serving policeman when appointed, so the appointment would have appeared as a promotion within the Met. at the time
Many lies and smears were circulated (including links to child abuse) by the OPB and the media, resulting in the men, particularly during the trial, being beaten, kicked, shoved to the ground, and as I recall, one broken arm and a broken nose from having to walk a daily gauntlet surrounded by hostile crowds, whilst the police encouraged such behaviour by looking the other way. There was one link to an underage photo which was charged against many of the men for having a copy, and related to a photo of one of the group 5 years earlier, when he was 17 and before the raids started. He was, however, old enough at the time to engage in war for the government, or to be of age of consent for heterosexual photos or sexual contact (at the time the photo was taken). There were no such charges or witnesses related to those smears.

The linking of false claims, smears and accusations of child abuse
also served a two-fold purpose;
A) To ensure bias against the men both before and during the trial. (There had actually been a successful smearing against the men prior to the trial involving most national newspapers printing false information that had been released to them by Hames).
B) To ensure that the real reason for the operation from 1983 until 1987,(when the 16 men were raided and charged) was well camouflaged from exposure,(60+ alleged suicides were never mentioned in the press).
There had been over 640 raids carried out (by 1987),the majority of which had no connections whatsoever to these men; and,
The bulk of charges related to “Conspiring to cause actual bodily harm upon themselves” related to the individuals concerned, and not their interactions with others.

Front page archives do not seem to be available for December 1990, but a typical headline throughout the hearing (lasting many days) would have been front page in big letters “Satanic Paedophile Sex Ring and Snuff Movies!"
(scroll up slightly)
“Spanner case was an early example of media manipulation”

It had been a four year long operation 1983 to 1987 ending in epic failure, which grasped at straws and the spannermen both in desperation and to some degree retaliation in order to try and justify both it’s existence and massive expenditure which finally ended in December 1990 with the incarcerations of the men.

Naturally the final charges and sentences brought would Have appeased Hames's masters-the Church of England General Synod-whom had always sought to make examples of sex both outside marriage and in a gay context. (see [below] : 1987 Church of England General Synod "Higton Motion" which had called for expulsion of homosexuals from the church together with the re-criminalisation of homosexuality, prior to being watered down by the Synod), and also for Margaret Thatcher’s “Christian Family Values” campaign; his homophobic and Christian extremist nature stood him in good stead, and also perhaps had a large part to play in the reported suicides from his Spanner raids (claimed by a leading QC to be in excess of 60).

This is a little more enlightening on the Church intervention on the spanner case:
“(The General Synod) is the only body with powers delegated from parliament to pass so-called “measures” which are incorporated into English law. They have the full force and effect of an act of parliament and can apply to any Church-related matter.”
Common Law:
(Common law is the body of law developed from the thirteenth century to the present day, as case law or precedent, by judges, courts, and tribunals. … In cases where the parties disagree on what the law is, a common law court looks to past precedential decisions of relevant courts.)
” law contributed significantly in the development of the English mediaeval realm towards what may be called a ‘state’. Firstly, political thinking was greatly stimulated by clashes between kings and Church over their relative authority. These frequently were conducted through polemic resting heavily upon law and legal argument, and were a vital stimulus to the ideological thinking which underlay the development of abstract notions of the state.”

The vast majority of those raided would have been single gay men, so the fact that they had been raided would not have been so much of a problem. However, many would have been successful businessmen, and some very well known freemasons within their communities, and the threat of charges being brought, and all their sexual perversions exposed in the local press may well have been too much to contemplate. So it stands to reason that they would have been either arrested or threatened with charges. Since they had not been yet charged (i.e: their name had not been released) they would have been potential defendants. However, if the figure 0f 82 potential defendants is correct, then that means that virtually 100% of all those threatened with charges by 1986 had committed suicide.
Now that is strange!. Wizardry had always been intensely feared by puritans.

I am not for one minute implying that the suicides involved were not so, nor indeed am I implying that they might be related to the occult, though if the numbers are correct, then the statistics have an eerie resemblance to the original puritan witch hunts (from Wiki) insofar as “the punishment (often with death, sometimes with incarceration) of individuals” does however fit the bill, whether intended or not.
The Witch-Hunt (from Wiki):
“The resurgence of witch-hunts at the end of the medieval period, taking place with at least partial support or at least tolerance on the part of the Church, was accompanied with a number of developments in Christian doctrine, for example the recognition of the existence of witchcraft as a form of Satanic influence and its classification as a heresy.”
“In England and Scotland between 1542 and 1735, a series of Witchcraft Acts enshrined into law the punishment (often with death, sometimes with incarceration) of individuals practising or claiming to practice witchcraft and magic.[63] The last executions for witchcraft in England had taken place in 1682”
“The 1735 Act continued to be used until the 1940s to prosecute individuals such as spiritualists and Gypsies. The act was finally repealed in 1951.[63]”

Of course, the Church and clergy in general do often clash over the direction or course of action, and Thatcher was no exception, as the House of Laity (lay members/not clergy) has often been filled with extreme viewpoints:
Nevertheless, if the problem was witchcraft/occult/wizardry, then under common law, only the Archbishop as Ordinary by convocation may decide punishment, or if by other ordinary in three months after arrest:
(scroll down)
Although it does seem perfectly acceptable to those who see only the work of the devil, to engage him for their own purpose – (a prime example being Margaret Thatcher and necromancer Jimmy Savile); and therefore if employed in the work of God, then presumably all is well (and obviously this would seem to apply where freemasonry is concerned). However, wizardry has always been much feared as the devil’s work, especially divination, as when the future is revealed, then God cannot exist as creation itself is proven to be untrue. Only evolution, not creation may explain such an occurrence, and therefore to a Puritan mind, only the Devil would wish to disprove God’s existence:
It does seem to me that more information is certainly required, even if just to put minds at rest after all these years, particularly over the deaths of over 60 believed "potential Defendants".
The number of potential defendants that were not charged, is revealed in Hames's book.

Considering the connections with Bryn Alyn/ snuff films/ the occult/ Church of England Synod/ “Christian family values”/ 60+ dead potential defendants/ a four-year long intelligence gathering exercise/ disguised as child protection/- is this case possibly much more sinister than people may have realised?
Could it possibly be that the backlash, outrage and public furore over such an obvious affront to S/M gays in this operation may also have served a very important purpose in the successful camouflage of the possibly intended underlying nature of the operation – one which momentarily signified a return to traditional Christian fundamentalist values; and one believing that those who should have been outcast (by the Church) and yet were versed in witchcraft, may pose a formidable threat: – supported in part by an unopposed Church, and assisted by a willing establishment keen to revalidate their supreme power?
Mrs. Thatcher’s Return to Victorian Values (by Raphael Samuel, University of Oxford, 1990)
(includes on page 19):
“Mrs. Thatcher’s values, as many commentators have pointed out, were Puritan values. A literal belief in the devil may help to account for her readiness to discover ‘enemies within’,”

Questions raised over Ian Donaldson (one time Head of OPB):
The Obscene Publications Squad wished to be pro-active with paedophiles, but their requests were rejected:
“Three years later, Iain Donaldson, who ran the Obscene Publications Squad from 1985 to 1989, mounted exactly the same argument in a formal proposal, entitled “The Investigation of Multiple Offences of Child Exploitation Outside the Family”. That report, too, was rejected.
In 1994, Michael Hames, who took over the Obscene Publications Squad, submitted a confidential report to the Commissioner arguing the same line. “We need a pro-active national squad to go out and gather information and to target these people – like they do for burglars and robbers,” he told me then. However, his report was rejected.”
[I]However, not only does there seem to be discrepancies with both the dates of Hames’s and Donaldson's reign as Head of OPB in this report[/I], but they had actually used such a system with Operation Spanner in the four-year run up to the arrests and charges being brought in 1987 (although it may have been running prior to 1983; that is not known). It seems, however,that Hames did gain promotion in 1990 to Det.Chief Supt. of the Met. in that year.

. The spannermen were kept in the dark about the operation until raided in 1987.
The figure of 640+ would be possibly about right also for advertisers+responders+spannermen+friends, etc at a very rough guess.
I do not know who was in charge for this episode, but Hames personally carried out the 1987 raids.
It is also quite ironic that what had, in previous decades, been a Pornography Unit of the Met. should then turn to an Obscenities Unit using exactly such a booklet as they would have previously been seizing as unlawful in past decades. Though it did not signify a change of heart, but rather a change of tactics – and a change of target.

Suspicious deaths of Bryn Alyn victims in 1992 and 1995 possibly linked to search for videos:

82 potential defendants (from Hames's book) minus 16 charged equals 66 possibly alleged potential defendants committed suicide.
That tallies with my figures.
All of these suicides had occurred prior to the raids on the 16 defendants charged in 1987. The first known to me as occurring around Christmas 1983, although there may have been earlier cases. By the charges being brought in 1987, all raids were completed, with a bill in excess of £4.5millions and rising.It might also indicate 82 potential defendants plus 16 charged

That the scope and purpose of the whole exercise was to deliberately target gay people and their perceived (by Church of England) “abhorrent” practices as a primary deciding factor in the operations(s) is firmly proven through the use of a gay contact magazine “honeytrap” through which they (raided persons) were all unfairly ensnared, and the Church of England police unit involvement, (restricted to the use of Common Law)
As secondary deciding factor, (perceived extreme practices), the first and foremost (gay) had to be first proven. So the exercise was a muscle-flexing of the Church of England powers, to which the state were required to acquiesce to, as a direct attack on gay people primarily, and covertly on gay people with extreme practices, disguised as a matter of morality. This is undeniable.

Although at all times, the target group were claimed to be the possible recipients of missing or stolen snuff and underage extreme videos – nevertheless this assumption was proven to be completely wrong, and no such evidence had been found, or charges would certainly have followed and would have been heralded in the media, as were the fake news stories about the spannermen. This part of the operation therefore failed.

The following questions must also be asked:
1) If this operation was a gay witch hunt? – (Yes- most certainly)
2) If this operation was coupled with a gay masonic or gay paedophile witch hunt? – (Not known)
3) Would this fact be used as a tool ( a SPANNER, as it were) against her own Cabinet Minister as a threat, (lest they meet the same fate) should they not acquiesce to her wishes? – (Yes – most certainly)
Was this operation called Spanner because it tightened Margaret Thatcher’s grip on her subordinates?
Was the ease with which the police obtained search warrants for snuff or underage movies against innocent people part of the threat of dire consequence against Thatcher’s own ministers?
Was the fact that there were 650 members of the House of Commons related to the (over) 640 raids insofar as implying that Thatcher could raid the whole lot if she so wished, and no party or member of the Commons should consider themselves immune from the threat?
Was it called spanner because she had her ministers by the nuts?
Is that really all this case was about?
7 Years of intense police work
Over 100 good men lost/took their lives
Many of the most decent men you would ever find had to sit incarcerated for no good reason in the filthy slum of Wandsworth Prison
A never-ending legal battle still being fought to date
£6,500,000 of public funds squandered (1980's approximation)
Over 640 lives ruined and much much more
Simply to exert pressure on Margaret Thatcher’s wayward gay cabinet ministers in order to keep them in line and afraid of falling foul of her wishes?
Had the Church of England allowed their own Met. police unit to target 640 gay men, not only to punish sex amongst gay men, but also to firmly cement Margaret Thatcher’s power into place; (by instilling fear of possible dire consequences amongst her ministers) because she was a fundamentalist supporter and champion of the Church?
Is this why the police were targeting practices considered to be extreme – because for the (87-90) part of the operation, incarceration was required, (as opposed to the purpose of the first (83-86) part); and “normal” gay sex would not be punishable?

Or was the operation named Spanner because it spanned so many of both Thatcher’s and the General Synod’s problems, through;
A direct attack on gay s/m sex, on behalf of the Synod,
Her ability to issue unconnected search warrants,
Her abilities to have Common Law re-interpreted through the Church of England powers,
A threat against all the members of the House, and especially her own ministers should they not comply with her wishes,
An extensive search for missing or stolen snuff or underage videos or movies,
Her abilities to possibly choose the end fortune of those targeted as suicide or incarceration,
The introduction of a precedent in Common Law that shows that your body belongs to the state and not the individual, (ready for agenda 21 and compulsory vaccinations),
Incarcerations linked to an address that was involved in exposing corruption between Bryn Alyn Children’s Home and Manchester Children’s Services,
The ability to instigate a massive witch-hunt if needed should opposition be forthcoming from a group,
Who could deny to be in awe of her powers?
So if we look at the information in chronological order, we shall have the following summary:
The first part of the operation had been covert intelligence gathering and raids using a unique gay honeytrap contact magazine advertising unlawful and extreme activities from 1983 as a preliminary.
1983-86 -Raids commenced and continued until around 1986 without targeting those who would later be charged (spannermen).
Interest was focussed solely on gay men and their activities.
Second part 1987-90:
After a break of many months, in spring 1987 all 16 defendants were raided and later charged. Most of what followed is well documented.
The three year investigation had been 1983 to 1986, and not as officially stated.
The Spannermen appear to have been singled out from 1983 onwards, and were the last to be raided and charged in spring 1987.
In view of what we now know, and considering that it would appear (at face value) that there had been a massive amount of suicides from the first part of the operation only, involving over 624 raids, but no defendants were forthcoming, until the second part.
The whole matter,in my opinion, should be fully investigated from start to finish.

There is sufficient evidence to show that not only the raids, but both the charges brought, and the changes to the law, (and indeed the whole operation from 1983 on) were intended as punishment against gay men only.

There would appear to be over 60 alleged suicides of raided and accused gay men that definitely warrant further investigation.

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Scallywag Magazine article from 1990's detailing corruption/ child trafficking/ child abuse involving John Allen (Mr."X"), Bryn Alyn, and senior Conservatives:

Ex North Wales victim talks about being trafficked at weekends for parties in Pimlico in "Variety Club Sunshine Coach" (- believed to be the fake Variety Club Sunshine Coach owned by John Allen)

The story of child trafficker and VIP contact Arthur Graham Stephens:

It may also be of interest to note with regard to the Bryn Alyn 50+ acre site, that it still remains under the same ownership since the 1960’s ( John Allen was only leasing the site), as far as I am aware. The landing strip is only visible from the air. There are no records available for the property, and it seems to be classed as “non-existent” by land registry.
John Allen also apparently at the time operated two private aircraft hangared at Shoreham (Brighton City Airport), and in that area, (and others, including London) had a business relationship with Nicholas van Hoogstraten, who then was based in Amsterdam, and who himself owned large sections of the rented accommodation in Brighton, and was believed to have been involved with teenage brothels staffed by Allen, and supply of drugs, among other things.
https:[email protected]../data=!3m1!1e3

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The start date of Operation Spanner is possibly given (wrongly) intentionally as 1987 officially for the following three reasons:

a) To hide the Operation activities from 1983 to 1986 where it certainly would appear (at face value) that all "potential defendants" allegedly committed suicide, if my figures are correct.
b) To distance any connection to the 1983 report on child abuse at Bryn Alyn, and the subsequent 1985 report of corruption amongst senior officials notified to both 10 Downing Street and the House of Commons.
c) To hide any connection to, and possibility of lines being drawn between 1983 corruption then exposed at the highest levels between Manchester Children's Services and John Allen's unlawful activites, and the sudden involvement of Manchester Police in conjunction with 10 Downing Street and Thatcher's Church of England police unit.

There may be others.

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Margaret Thatcher and Michael Hames were both prominent members of the Church of England General Synod, House of Laity at the same time. It was during this period that Hames was (selected, proposed and endorsed by Thatcher) to be suitable as her new Head of Obscene Publications, in order to forefront her new "Christian Family Values" nationwide campaign.
The House of Laity is comprised of lay members, and not clergy.

The House of Laity:

The 1980s saw a new wave of social conservatism as Margaret Thatcher sought to enshrine Judaeo-Christian family values within the fiscal, legal and social fabric of the country. One result of this was Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Section 28 pushed some key Thatcherite buttons — the rights of parents and supposed mismanagement of public funds — while it also conveniently discredited Labour-led local councils in the run-up to the 1987 election.

Family values under the hammer

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By all accounts, it would appear that Michael Hames was certainly at times, - and during Operation Spanner - aggressively homophobic, and possibly that driving and unrestrained compulsion, when given free reign by Margaret Thatcher, perhaps fitted in rather a little too snugly with her misguided visions, - of not only her envisaged and ruthless aspirations, but also by encompassing her thoughts on how best to achieve absolute control of Parliament through highly corrupt and heavily enforced means - relating to both her control system subjects (comprised of many gay ministers and paedophiles, - necessitating a constant and very discreet supply of [ to her, at least,"peasant"] children ), and for the integration of her questionable ideas for "Christian Family Values", with which she hoped to ensnare the electorate (and which had never actually been stated nor outlined to any acceptable degree; and neither had these matters been debated in any depth outside the General Synod, nor before the House of Commons, nor the voters), but nevertheless was meant to be relentlessly implemented - and brought into effect with or without the will of the people - but for their own good; as only she was capable of deciding on such matters, (- the "peasants" could not be expected to make serious decisions over what was actually good for them).

The question then arises (if indeed it occurred on Hames's watch), had Hames been given free reign to raid and harass all or any advertisers and responders from the Manchester police-monitored gay "honeytrap" contact magazine from 1983 onwards whilst searching for John Allen's missing snuff and extreme videos, and copies thereof?

Judging by the figures alone (over 640 raids in total), if you subtract all the spannermen and their contacts, it would certainly appear that perhaps every advertiser and responder from the magazine had certainly perhaps been subjected to the issuance and serving of search warrants (all believed to be seeking "snuff movies" and "child porn"). From the "potential defendants" figure of 82, (from Hames's own book) at first glance the operation would to all intents and purposes appear to have been successful, although the truth is to be found in quite the opposite result and viewpoint; and no success stories were heralded in the media. The "potential defendants", save perhaps for the 16 spannermen, never actually materialised to any degree accountable to the public. What happened to them? They did not appear to have been charged, as no figures or names were released. However, all the above figures stated (save for the alleged suicides and early deaths) did appear at least once in some of the msm, when the charges were finalised and made.

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There may have been many children involved who just simply vanished ( just from Bryn Alyn alone), - we shall never know the truth over just how many, nor who they were.
Most children's records from Bryn Alyn, (quite conveniently for some), were destroyed in a warehouse fire, ( on 24th October 1996) not long after William Hague announced the forthcoming "Waterhouse Inquiry", but before the Inquiry was underway.

John Allen and his Conservative clients must have been devastated.

Spannermen raids and arrests were made in spring 1987, although the initial spannermen videotape that had come into possession of the OPB had been obtained in early 1984.
Apart from the tapes, the linking factor for all the men was the address that had been initially targeted by John Allen's security in November 1983, where an identified intruder had almost been grabbed whilst eavesdropping and looking through windows at around 1am in the morning, and after a small buffet and drinks party had taken place (that had also involved a visiting businessman who became one of the alleged suicides a short while later, sometime between Christmas 1983 to early/ spring 1984).
It was a secluded property, and access could only be gained from the road by traversing a 200+metre long private driveway through two farm gates, terminating in a dead end.

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The North Wales abuse uncovered:



It is not hard to understand how Thatcher would have felt when some of the above information started to become public knowledge from 1985 onwards
It certainly does not appear to represent what most people would consider to be "Christian Family Values".
Hell hath no fury .....

Although neither had the hounding of many hundreds of gay men (1 in 10 to the point of suicide) appeared to be opposed by the state, nor by the Church of England paymasters.

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The fact that the raids and proffered charges against all of the men had been required, instigated and pursued on behalf of the Church of England is demonstrated both by the Church's restriction to Common Law, as the majority of charges originally related to Sections 20 and 47 of the "Offences Against The Person Act" of 1861, (a consolidation Act of amendment) when the men were first raided in 1987, and also by the use of the Church's own "Witchfinder General" (Head of Obscene Publications), personally chosen by Thatcher.

However, two years later, in 1989, criminal charges on behalf of the state were brought to supplement these in order to enable some degree of success, and were mostly related to secondary "aiding and abetting assault upon the self " , when the charges were finalised, prior to the various hearings.

The first initial hearings had been listed at Lambeth Magistrates Court, prior to others, before being listed at the Old Bailey.
As to why initial charges had originated from within the Lambeth area is not currently known.

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child abuse, gay, law, suspicious deaths, westminster paedophiles

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