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Default Conspiracy/Spirituality Inspired Poetry

Poetry has been one of my passions and I started a website a year or so ago and developed a following.

However, I never attempted to monetize it. I somehow managed to gain over 145,000 followers on Tumblr but they seem to be mostly inactive as they rarely respond whenever I post new poetry, although I've been getting consistent sales of my recently released e-book.

Here are some poems for you guys to give you a gist of my style:

this is not chapter 1

and this is not how the story begins. but maybe once you were a beautiful dream with a pure and innocent heart in love with everything

but then you were forced to grow up too quickly and the sharp wound-causing edges of the world severely cut deep into your mind and soul and turned you into a nightmare.

sunbeams no longer feel warm
and you're lost deep in thought
wondering why doesn't the night care

maybe you still remember the summers and sunflowers glowing with an exuberant softness
oh, those summers ... which would never end

that only the youngest of lovers
would ever understand.

do you remember walking through the beautiful garden before you met the snake? what about the foreign installation deep in your mind -- your reptilian brain?*

from dying stars and serpent gods here we are*
nothing more than robots and machines
murdered in slow motion
by the mundaneness of
our materialistic schemes.

but fuck supernovas and the snakes crawling through the garden of eden, what about soul? soul? religions have only steered me away from it and science has systematically told me that the material realm is everything there is to the world.

but it's a beautiful day in hell to explore the source of our pain
maybe because it's pouring rain. and there's more on the way...

i came home down to hell for you, but i don't know if i can save you

i was given the choice to float
above to the eternal bliss but i fell for you
because i can't erase you

i will never forget that kiss
so sacrificed myself for you

they don’t know about those monsters
crawling under your skin

eating you alive

little by little

life is beautiful when the monsters are quiet and
the wind blows. *neutralizing the recurrent fire
attempting to burn the last remaining traces

of our authenticity. **

so for a moment
we can forget about the alien bases
on the dark side of the moon and the
reincarnation machines they’ve built
to keep us locked into this holographic
grid where they farm us for our energy
– because they have no souls.

we’ve met before
many times

traveled galaxies
looking for little cracks in the matrix
where the light still shines through

and the monsters have been hard at work
adding more fuel to the fire and gluing the
cracks and plugging the leaks

but even if they succeed
and no more light shines through
just know that I will still find you.

chaotic chants ripple
into phantom particles

dialing into the dark
priesthood of saturn.

and maybe david is right;
speed of light
is but a wall
of the matrix,

frequencies of divinity
crash against the wall
unable to awaken our
sleeping DNA

under deep satanic trance.

what thoughts cross your mind
staring into the multiverse
pondering from where
we came forth

there is a question mark
hovering over our history

like when we were bare atoms
floating in tubes hacked DNA
codes in alien laboratories

deep under lunar tunnels

syncing with the lower astral frequencies
vibrating through the rings of saturn;

the lord of the rings

but it’s hard to recall how the planet
was taken hostage when the mind
is in the grips of amnesia

waking up in an alien shadow
of the world that we once called home

you’re the colors of those
half-remembered dreams
the echoes of nightmares.

look for me in
forgotten places
wrapped in moonbeams
crawling out of the twilight

let’s paint everything black

and wait for the
shooting stars to falter
and collect our wishes

nocturnal fever
burning with the
nighttime sounds
of the countryside 

& the moon winks
as the aliens on
the dark side
party with

the river carry
mutilated dolls
as monarch butterflies
hover above and flutter by
I created a Patreon yesterday, and for those of you willing to support a starving artist, just the minimum $1/month would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/blackisthenewblack
My website: http://poetry.black
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