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Default TSA Inconsistent With My Egyptian Healing Rods

I use Egyptian Healing Rods in my spiritual work, which are cylinder-shaped rods of copper and zinc filled with crystals that you hold in your right and left hands respectively when doing certain healing and metaphysical exercises, and on about half a dozen occasions while going through TSA airport security they took a closer look at them as they were thinking it may be a weapon, but ultimately let me through to board my flight will bringing the rods in my carry-on luggage. But recently, the TSA supervisor told me that the rods "can be used as a weapon" and I must either surrender them or put them in cargo luggage. I knew the latter option wasn't an option at that point close to departure time, and I wasn't about to give up those rods as they cost almost 400 dollars. I gave the TSA supervisor a stern faced look and said, "Any particular reason why you can't do what the past supervisors did and let me through with the rods?" Rather than change her mind, the supervisor said nothing for 5 seconds and then told me in a more unpleasant tone that I must surrender the rods or put them in checked baggage.

I managed to give them to an employee at the main entrance who dropped them off to the valet company that took my car earlier, and I still managed to catch my flight in mere minutes. But seeing the inconsistency in how TSA handles things that subjectively can be considered weapons like this is absurd. Frankly, I think it's time that more airline flyers wear shirts that say something like "Yo TSA, the only reason you have your job is cuz the US govt staged 9/11 to justify inflicting tyranny" when they go through TSA checkpoints. Perhaps that might inspire more TSA employees to quit their bogus jobs and seek better employment.
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What better employment? lol The job market is insecure and id say the majority of people are happy to just have a job. What is that they say "another mans junk, is someone else gold"? Might seem like a "junk" job to you, but its food, soap, and water for someone else that doesn't have it.

I personally would never even think of bringing an object like that on a plane. lol More power to you, lol. Can't even bring on packets of hot cocoa, let alone that. lol
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TSA; Preferred job of Perverts.
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