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Talking Crime Is Caused By Instrument To Sell Property!!!

The crime occurs because there was instruments that the person submitted to the Social Security Trust and it involves the sale of property. The criminal act is the deed to transfer property that involves the Social Security Trust. There is a tax or obligation to pay for the transfer of property.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME refers to the Social Security Trust. All criminal cases uses the Social Security Number.

The Social Security Card (heart) belongs to the Social Security Administration. It is property. Card is short for cardiac. The heart is the property.

The criminal case is to determine if the person is the one who submitted the instrument. If the court determine the person submitted the instrument, the person will be held guilty.

The instrument to transfer property are traded behind the scene. If the person don't pay for the trading and they are the one that did the trading, they are held liable for the cost. If the cost is not pay, then criminal liability is assessed against the person. That is the commerce.

If the court determine the person didn't submit the instrument and the submission was caused by identity thief, the person is not guilty.

Attorneys behind the scene submit instruments in every criminal case. Attorneys represent the person. Represent means to take on the character of another without their consent or knowledge to gain some advantage.

Attorneys are permitted to use your name to commit trading behind the scene. If you claim that it is your name, you will be held liable for the trading.

The cops are the ones blaming the person (name) for the crime.

The commercial defines what is real property. The real property is the blue diamond.

The diamond is the philosopher stone. It contains the holy doves (animals, birds, goods, dogs). Dog backward is God. The diamond is the container for the holy doves. Commerce is the sale of doves.

Jesus threw the money changer out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father house a house of commerce.

#RealisRare: Wild & Kind

The Nevada Criminal statutes shows that the crimes are cased by instruments that transfer property.

NRS 193.0195 “Owner” defined. “Owner” of any property includes any person who has a general or special property in the whole or any part thereof, or lawful possession thereof, either actual or constructive.
[Part 1911 C&P § 29; RL § 6294; NCL § 9978] — (NRS A 1973, 355; 1983, 815; 1985, 510)

NRS 193.0205 “Person” defined. “Person” includes this State or any other state, government or country which may lawfully own property within this State whenever it is used to designate a party whose property may be the subject of an offense.
[Part 1911 C&P § 29; RL § 6294; NCL § 9978] — (NRS 973, 355; 1983, 815; 1985, 510)

NRS 193.021 “Personal property” defined. “Personal property” includes dogs and all domestic animals and birds, water, gas and electricity, all kinds or descriptions of money, chattels and effects, all instruments or writings completed and ready to be delivered or issued by the maker, whether actually delivered or issued or not, by which any claim, privilege, right, obligation or authority, or any right or title to property, real or personal, is or purports to be, or upon the happening of some future event may be evidenced, created, acknowledged, transferred, increased, diminished, encumbered, defeated, discharged or affected, and every right and interest therein.
[Part 1911 C&P § 29; RL § 6294; NCL § 9978] — (NRS A 1973, 355; 1983, 815; 1985, 510)

NRS 193.0215 “Prison” defined. “Prison” means any place designated by law for the keeping of persons held in custody under process of law, or under lawful arrest.

NRS 193.022 “Prisoner” defined. “Prisoner” includes any person held in custody under process of law, or under lawful arrest.

NRS 193.0225 “Property” defined. “Property” includes both real and personal property.

NRS 193.023 “Railway” or “railroad” defined. “Railway” or “railroad” includes all railways, railroads and street railways, whether operated by steam, electricity or any other motive power.

NRS 193.0235 “Real property” defined. “Real property” includes every estate, interest and right in lands, tenements and hereditaments, corporeal or incorporeal.

NRS 193.024 “Signature” defined. “Signature” includes any memorandum, mark or sign made with intent to authenticate any instrument or writing, or the subscription of any person thereto.

NRS 193.0245 “Writing” defined. “Writing” includes printing.

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Default Court Is An Investment Bank!!

The court system is an investment bank. The state owns the ALL CAPITAL NAME (JOE LOVE JOB) and Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Joe Job).

The person includes the state or government. Since these names are the person's name, the person can use it for trading.

The cop pick up the man or woman to be collateral for the trading. The cop blame the name for the trading. Once you claim the name, you are held liable for the trading that occurred behind the scene.

Attorneys and judges belong to a secret society. They won't tell you that they placed a sale or purchase of property.

Once the trading happens, the person is liable to pay the cost of the trade. If person place an stock purchase with a broker, the person are liable to pay the commission and cost of the stock.

In every court case, there is a penal bill in the judge's or Federal Reserve Bank docket. Only attorneys and judges are allow to view the penal bill.

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now show us the body of law that proves what you are saying.
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