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Lightbulb Person Is Shapeshifting Gemstones!!!

The certificate of birth is the certificate of the blue diamond and rose quartz. The red numbers are the numbers of rose quartz.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME is the blue diamond. The blue diamond has Dove Cameron which is the genie in the bottle. Dove Cameron is the spirit inside the blue diamond. The blueman group is the representation of the blue diamond.

The red letters are of the rose quartz's number. The police probable cause affidavit uses the Upper and Lower (ex. Joe Job).

When you get baptize in the Episcopalian church, you give up the blue diamond. How do I know? In confirmation class, the priest allow me to take the blue diamond home and ask me to bring it back. They want me to give them the blue diamond.

The baptism stone is the white stone. It is what David threw at Goliath

The court has the blue diamond. The court is summoning Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the middleman in commerce.

Blue and red are the hue of the man. It is the human being. The stones will shapeshift to look like a man when subject to certain frequency.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME which is the blue diamond belongs to Rose Quartz. In the Titanic, it belongs to Rose. When Jack was found with the blue diamond, he got arrested. He went with the diamond because it belongs to the state.

The cartoon " Steven Universe - The Trial (Full Episode)" shows you the person clearly. It shapeshift in a hologram to look like man. The judge undo the shapeshifting and it becomes a gemstone.

In the Dr. Who Oriental Express, the stone shapeshifted into a virtual reality mummy when apply with time and rose quartz dusk.

The Doctor vs The Foretold - Mummy On The Orient Express - Doctor Who - BBC

"?“Person” defined.??“Person” includes this State or any other state, government or country which may lawfully own property within this State whenever it is used to designate a party whose property may be the subject of an offense."-NRS?193.0205

The State of Nevada is a person in the criminal statutes. The way the State of Nevada commit a crime is the gemstone shapeshift into human and emit frequency that steal the other gemstone energy (commerce).

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Default Rose Quartz Is The Self!!!

When subject to certain frequency, the self called Rose Quartz appears. Alchemist in the past have created alchemy dream in a flask.s.

The judge ask if you going to represent yourself. In legal language, the singular includes the plural. The selves are the blue diamond and Rose Quartz.

To represent meant to personate. To personate is to take on the character of another without their consent or knowledge.

When you represent yourself in court, you are taking on the character of another without the consent or knowledge.

You didn't ask Rose Quartz and blue diamond if you going to pretend to be their character.

The Steve Universe shows how you can talk to yourself.

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)
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