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Default How The Elite Extract Energy Through Rituals

How The Elite Extract Energy Through Rituals

Actually I've been thinking...
If we are wired up even via wireless, this will allow the elites to attack people more easily. I am talking from a spiritual perspective of things because as much as we would like to talk about mind control and sonic weapons which are physically based, the aliens/entities need our energy. If you think about people wearing a copper pyramid on their head or pendant of some sort, the metal is a good energy conductor and that's why they wear it. Once you have the implant given by the elites, that connection the elites want is there permanently and your energy can be extracted more efficiently that way than if you didn't have one. Basically, it's a vampirism. You'll feel drained and become a zombie. Then how will you fight back? You'd need to remove that damn implant to sever the connection route. Remember, entities can be sent via an electrical cable (copper) so...

Also, if the earth is bathed and encased with EMF radiation, it would be very difficult for other spirits to make a contact with us but theirs.
At lease, some of us can communicate with other beings to receive wisdom from them for the time being.
So by going to nature to escape from such radiation will not work.

David mentions at about 6 mins mark that FB is launching a satellite to bath Sahara desert with wifi and there is no economical reason to do so. Now, do you know why? Because wise spirits inhabit in those places that are too tough for humans to live.
They don't want humans so they retreat to those isolated places. IF wifi is flooding those places, they will be suppressed too.
Clever eh? This is all part of looking after nature. We must fight for them. In exchange, they will help us.

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